2013 Korean Grand Prix championship points

2013 Korean Grand Prix

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2013 Korean Grand Prix

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    26 comments on “2013 Korean Grand Prix championship points”

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      6th October 2013, 8:52

      kimi ounces back to 3rd

    2. Vettel has been a beast this year. Consistent, superb, virtually flawless. The same goes to RBR. 77 points, very well deserved.

      1. RBR were far from perfect because they have two cars and two pilots. Not 1.

    3. Championship battle becomes more and more exciting. I mean Championship for the 2nd place, you know.

      1. If Lotus keep this up (and Mercedes keep messing up), they are joining the battle for 2nd.

    4. Hope Hulkenberg can beat Di Resta and Toro Rosso in the standings.

      1. The way hulk’s performing.. He WILL beat PDR and Toro Rosso

      2. Sauber already beats Toro Rosso ^^

        But yeah, he can finish in the top 10 of the driver rankings without problem if he keeps doing races like this :)

        1. I really hope he gets a good car for next year.. Got pole in his rookie year, beat his self-proclaimed championship material team mate last year, is the only point scoring driver for Sauber this year.. If this is not enough, then i dont know what’s required more of him to impress the top teams..

    5. So Vettel could win it in Japan, with four races left. Considering their race pace in Australia, that’s a brilliant season performance.

      1. @vettel1 you mean when they out qualified the field by a huge margin? Since the tyres were changed to suit RB (not necessarily intentionally) they’ve had it pretty easy. It’s a shame as I think Merc have managed to build a car that is aerodynamically just as good as the RB. Unfortunately though their traction is very poor, hence all their rear tyre issues, and highlighted again this weekend by their poor pace in the first sector.

        I think it bodes well for next year though that a team are capable of matching RB for downforce. Hopefully Merc will do a better job on traction next year and we’ll have a real fight for the championship.

        1. @jleigh I wouldn’t say it was a huge margin. Qualifying was wet for the first two rounds, and after that Mercedes were easily the quickest in qualifying near every round until Italy.

          Since the tyres were changed to suit RB

          That is terribly worded. It has nothing to do with RBR, which is exactly what that implies (changed to suit).

          For the start if the season though, I’d certainly argue Mercedes were quickest in qualifying and Ferrari were quickest in the races. Red Bull had a good balance between the two, however.

        2. @jleigh I disagree, Mercedes has been the benefactor of it’s developments in active suspension. They are fast because of mechanical grip; it’s the aero where they are deficient.

          But this bodes well for Mercedes next year, when having a mechanical advantage will make a much bigger difference, since all of the cars will be unoptimized in many areas.

      2. I think Vettel will secure the title in India most likely – Alonso, Raikkonen and Hamilton should all score decent points at Suzuka.

    6. Wow, Did anyone notice the amount of championship points McLaren had? And people(including myself) were saying / thinking it’s a bad choice for Hamilton to leave mclaren to join mercedes. Lol

    7. If you’re like me and feel like you’re losing interest in the drivers’ championship battle, I just realized something that makes it look way more exciting. As Vettel secures 1st place more (and well done to him), just start looking at the battle for 2nd place. It’s a really close fight with Alonso vs. Kimi vs. Hamilton (even Webber and Rosberg if they stopped having such miserable luck), you can’t really ask for a more exciting battle than that.

      1. Also, as @npf1 stated, we’ve got Hulkenberg rapidly catching Di Resta, and we might even see Grosjean catching Massa!

    8. Michael Brown (@)
      6th October 2013, 9:19

      By my calculations, Vettel can win the championship if he out scores Alonso by 23 points.

      The battle for second in the constructors is going to be the best part for me. I’m also looking to see how Sauber will do against STR.

      1. Yep, so Alonso has to finish 9th or 10th if Vettel wins :)

        1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
          6th October 2013, 18:46

          @paeschl I know people learn from their mistakes, but if Alonso takes himself out again, it’s over (That would be great, I mean, to have Seb champion in Suzuka)

    9. Important points for Lotus, now there’s a slight chance they’ll still challenge Ferrari and Mercedes for P2 in WCC.

      1. They still need to take 45 points from Ferrari (an average of 9 per race) but it’s doable – they outscored them by 33 to 10, and 33 to 16 for Mercedes. Of course these were exceptional circumstances, but it’s doable.

        I think Lotus are in a very strong position currently. They have a car that’s very good at managing it’s tyres and it has great race pace. In the hands of Romain Grosjean, it also has decent qualifying pace. I can see Suzuka being a good circuit for them: even though the car isn’t the best in terms of overall downforce levels, it has a very good front end – the car responds well to inputs and it doesn’t understeer too much. I think they might be Vettel’s biggest challenger for the victory, not Mercedes.

        India is also quite similar to Korea in terms of layout and Austin has a fair few directional changes too, so they might be consistent front runners for the remaining rounds.

    10. I think Lewis needs to up his race game ( MERCEDES MOSTLY !!!) if he want to go to the gala this year.

    11. Red Bull dominance is absurd.
      They have every little aspect of their team well balanced.
      In contrast, two of their main rivals have been misleaded for the last couple of years.

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