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2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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Mark Webber says he’ll cherish the memory of setting pole position at Suzuka at his last appearance at the track.

Though admitting it felt “a lit bit hollow” because of his team mate’s KERS problem, Webber said it was a “very nice farewell for me to have pole on my last attempt at Suzuka on a really phenomenal circuit”.

“I’ll never forget the first sector today,” he said. “That’s what us guys strive for, our profession is all about that. It’s a real highlight for, I suppose, a lot of us out there.”

Webber said the changing conditions at the circuit had made qualifying more of a challenge. “We needed to check the car this morning with the different wind conditions,” he said. “I think you’ll see everyone today went a lot quicker so we were factoring that in.”

“The circuit had changed a lot, also it’s a very strange circuit where the… it’s a very ‘out and back’ track, a very narrow circuit, a lot of kilometres but in the a small gulley so that was something we had to take in mind for our preparation today for the wind.

“I think we did what we could, there were some quick guys around but in general we’ve got a good car for the race, head down tomorrow.”

2013 Japanese Grand Prix

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12 comments on “Suzuka pole unforgettable – Webber”

  1. I do hope Mark doesn’t leave F1 with his last season winless. He has the pole, now can he win?

    1. I am sure Vettel will give Webber the win if the Red Bulls are 1st and 2nd.

      1. I think it’s something he’s more likely to do in Brazil for example, but it’s possible! I can’t see it happening if Alonso’s in a position such that Vettel can win the title, though.

      2. I don’t think he will at this race, maybe at the last race of the season. Imagine if he gave Webber the win and then Webber went out and won the next four races on merit (however unlikely that may be). Vettel needs to nail the WDC down first and then wants to keep building on his records.

        1. Vettel only needs to be in front of Alonso for 2 or 3 races to seal the championship. He is over 142 points over Webber with 125 points max so he can safely give mark 7 points. This may be the last chance he can give mark those points.

  2. Yes, true Mark, you guys have got a good car for the race. It would be nice if you can win this race too.

  3. Given that he’s starting from the Front Row, at least he won’t be out of the top 10 by turn 2… I kid, I kid. I hope he does well, he deserves a win, he’s worked hard in his F1 career and it would be nice if he could cherish a win at the Japanese GP

    1. David not Coulthard (@)
      12th October 2013, 9:09

      He started 2nd last year and at the first corner a Toleman not driven by Kimi appeared behind him.

      The next thing we knew was him talking of a nutcase (which seems to have improved since then, so credits to Romain for that).

  4. He would have made a deserving world champion, not being able to achieve that will be very disappointing but when he wins LeMans I’m sure the disappointment will ease.

  5. Good on yeah mate!

  6. Now, concentrate for the start, Mark. Pretty pretty please ! cuz it’s all pointless if you drop like a rock in the first hundred meters…

  7. There is no way Webber will be first tomorrow. In the very first lap he will be overtaken by Vettel, whose car has enormous traction exiting corners. Vettel and only Vettel will win this race.

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