2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fans’ video gallery

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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Adrian Sutil’s controversial off-track pass and the Red Bull drivers’ doughnut celebrations were among the videos captured by fans at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Vettel in the garage

Sebastian Vettel bides his time, waiting to go out in qualifying.

Hamilton’s qualifying trouble

This fan seems especially disappointed about Lewis Hamilton’s problems during qualifying.


Once again the Mercedes drivers got away better than the Red Bulls but couldn’t make much use of their advantage.

Kimi Raikkonen brakes a little too late for the first corner and can’t help but touch Giedo van der Garde’s Caterham, ending his race immediately.

Hamilton demotes Nico Hulkenberg while Felipe Massa passes Fernando Alonso on lap one.

Sector two


Drivers crawl through the slow chicane and hairpin early in the race.

Sutil’s controversial pass

The stewards decided not to punish Adrian Sutil for going off the track while overtaking Pastor Maldonado, ruling he “gained no advantage”.

More Red Bull doughnuts

Another view of Vettel and Mark Webber performing doughnuts after Red bull’s latest one-two. Here’s some earlier footage:

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2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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12 comments on “2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fans’ video gallery”

  1. Of course, Sutil did not gain an advantage, he just cheated – as we saw in GP2/3.

    Would it be gravel, he would’ve been stuck.
    Would it be a wall, he would have crashed.

    In bothg wayd, he would have brake.

  2. I still can’t believe that they let Sutil off the hook. Even Alonso’s pass was illegal in my opinion. But at least it seems the stewards were consistently inconsistent that day.

    Btw, who holds the rights of these videos not just this race but in general? isn’t there a fine print on the tickets that all footage belongs to FOM or the FIA?

    1. As I understand only the footages shot by FOM are under copyright.

    2. Now that I notice it, you can’t say that he passed Perez outside track limits, because the Mexican was behind before and after the corner (although there’s no way you can go that wide and still be ahead without gaining an advantage). What we can say is that he passed Maldonado offtrack, because Pastor was ahead before they both ran wide, although he, again, also went wide.

      1. I think the stewards investigated the wrong incident here, and should’ve focused on Perez, not Maldonado.

        1. What the hell did Perez do wrongly?

          1. Nothing, that’s the point.

            They should’ve investigated if Sutil gained an advantage on Perez, instead of Maldonado. Now that I reread my comment I can understand that it was misunderstood though…

          2. @vettel1 Thank you, but if I would’ve just worded it better in the first place there wouldn’t even have been a problem, so you don’t even have to apologise.

  3. I just don’t see what some people are on about. Sutil was ahead going into the corner, Maldonado gave him no room to actually make the corner and even went off track himself, and Sutil comes out ahead of him. Sure, it looks silly to see a driver completely ignore the track limits but that is what happens when both drivers are not willing to give each other enough room to make it a fair fight.

    If Maldonado had left a car’s width on the outside for Sutil, and he still just shot across the track like that then I would be the first calling for a penalty. As it stands though, it’s messy, but I agree with the Stewards.

    1. @xbx-117
      The way I see it is, both drivers braked too late. A game of chicken gone wrong so to say. But while Sutil was slightly ahead before they both went off track, that is rather easy to be if you don’t intend to actually make the turn. While the same could be said about Maldonardo, he actually tried to rejoin the track as quickly as he could instead of just ignoring the race track.
      I think the problem is that it’s unenforceable. Gravel, grass or walls however enforce the track limit rules just fine on their own.
      The drivers respect them, and neither of the drivers would have dared to brake that late if there actually had been gravel. And so they would have made the corner properly, or in case Maldonardo would overshoot it, then Sutil could use a bit of skill and brains to let Maldonardo dive straight into the gravel in front of him. Or they would have crashed and Maldonardo would have been penalized for being an idiot.
      A much better system if you ask me.

    2. +1
      It’s amazing how Martin Brundle calling it wrongly during the race (something he seems to do with increasing regularity, it seems to me) skews the perceptions of so many fans.

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