2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

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The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix didn’t produce the same kind of drama on the team radio were heard in India but there was still plenty going on.

Both Toro Rosso and Caterham chose to rearrange the running order of their drivers during the race for strategic reasons. In Caterham’s case Charles Pic was urged to move aside many laps after Giedo van der Garde first pointed out he was being held up by his team mate, and Pic was given instructions on his driving style on more than one occasion.

There was an abrupt change of tone on Felipe Massa’s radio towards the end of the race. Early on his pace was “perfect” and Rob Smedley had cheered his passing moves on the likes of Lewis Hamilton while updating him on his position relative to team mate Fernando Alonso.

But in the final stint Massa’s switch to medium tyres cost him time and Alonso, who was never heard from all race on the team radio (except by proxy), came out ahead.

At the end of the race Sebastian Vettel’s seventh consecutive win was the cue for more doughnuts and some amusing messages which harked back to the most celebrated team radio moment of 2012.

2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript

PRFrancesco NenciEsteban Gutierrez15 to go.
PRMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergTen minutes to go.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBrake material is now as you had in qualifying. Didn’t look too bad, just replaced it as a precaution. So we’re confident it should be good. We’ve gone up two degrees on the front wing. As you said we’ve got plenty of scope on the diff so make sure you use that. Have a think about your starting torque mode, you dropped it down to torque two on those opening laps. Maybe torque three will be good for the first stint but I’ll let you judge that one.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonIn terms of aero balance, where are we compared to where we were in quali.
PRJock ClearLewis HamiltonSo Lewis compared to where you were at the end of qualifying you will be about half a percent further forwards on aero balance.
PRLewis HamiltonJock ClearOK that’s good.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSo where we are at the moment now Lewis we will definitely come down the two turns on the front wing for the [medium] tyre unless we hear from you. It’s important to give us that feedback middle of the stint whether it’s a front issue or rear issue you’re suffering on the tyres. We are expecting front-right graining. You know that you’ve got to protect it through sector one, particularly turns one and three.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonThat’s blowing hot air. It’s blowing hot air at me.
PRLewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonGuys I just want to say thank you so much for all the hard work getting the car ready. Especially also this morning, you know, I just really appreciate it.
PRSimon RennieMark WebberSwitches are all set for the start: Mixture five, torque one, and we’re in clutch six for this start. After we’ve turned the pit limit off we’ll do the normal procedures. Go KERS 7-8-7 and when we put you on the ground when the blankets come off with 30 seconds to go do two static bite points, remember hard on the brakes for that.
PRMark SladeKimi RaikkonenThere are four other cars on [mediums] in front of us. So Button, Sutil, Gutierrez and Bottas.
PRSimon RennieMark WebberEverybody is on [softs] apart from Button in 12th, Gutierrez, Bottas [in] 15th, 16th and Raikkonen at the back also on [mediums] everybody else on [softs].
PRGianPiero LambiasePaul di Resta30 seconds, Paul.
PRPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonGo into RS modes now please and overtake button on.
FLTony RossNico RosbergCancel RS [distorted].
FLTony RossNico RosbergCancel RS, all gears are learned.
FLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelGearbox is good and engine is on target so we need 20% KERS.
FLTony RossNico RosbergNo boost at the moment and we’re looking for two burn-outs out of turn eight and turn nine and a lift-and-coast into eight please.
FL?Giedo van der GardeGiedo we need to use the seventh gear synchronise so seventh gear and little bit throttle please in two seconds.
FLBernadette CollinsJenson ButtonKeep warming the brakes. Yellow G1.
FLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelGood clutch prep so straight to your box, focus on KERS at the start and KERS 8 when you stop.
FLPaul DavisonJules BianchiMixture two, Jules, two burn-outs and the rolling bite point as you come up to your grid slot.
FLSimon RennieMark WebberThis is a red start. Remember react to the beep quickly, use KERS in gear two.
1Jenson ButtonDave RobsonButton collided with Di Resta on the first lap.
Damage: front wing.
1Dave RobsonJenson ButtonOK Jenson how bad is the damage, how bad is the balance?
1Jenson ButtonDave RobsonQuite a lot of understeer. Can you see it in the data?
1Dave RobsonJenson ButtonOK Jenson we are going to need to box this lap.
1Jenson ButtonDave RobsonTyres are still OK though.
1Dave RobsonJenson ButtonOK Jenson one more lap, stay out one more lap.
2GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaInformation: Button front wing damage and Raikkonen has retired.
2Dave RobsonJenson ButtonConfirming box this lap.
2Jenson ButtonDave RobsonBox this lap.
2Dave RobsonJenson ButtonThis will be front wing and the [soft] tyre.
3Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoButton will box this lap.
3Tony RossNico RosbergTemperatures: fronts are stabilising so you can go forward on brake balance, rearwards 16 as well
3Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonHulkenberg has DRS.
3Mark TempleSergio PerezField is bunched up behind so we think we will go to target lap.
4Guillaume RocquelinSebastian Vettel+3.2 Rosberg. Rosberg 47.7.
4Sergio PerezMark TempleOK, it still OK with the car? I feel really slow in a straight line.
4Mark TempleSergio PerezWe think everything is OK we will look into it.
4GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaMultifunction seven P1 one when you can.
5Gary GannonMax ChiltonMix six, Max, for cooling, both cars.
5Brad JoyceAdrian SutilTrack is clear, front-left tyre is high temperature.
5Simon RennieMark WebberBrake balance one click forwards. Think about the lift in turn three and watch you slip.
5Mark WebberSimon RennieWhat’s wring with the KERS, mate?
5Simon RennieMark WebberKERS 13. It’s a little bit empty at the moment, we’re going to charge it up. No more KERS this lap.
6Giedo van der GardeJuan Pablo RamirezVan der Garde was eventually allowed past Pic (see below)
Charles is holding me up a lot.
6Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeCopy that. Just keep pushing.
6Tony RossNico RosbergGap to Webber two seconds, you’re doing a good job with that.
7Tim WrightCharles PicHow are the tyres?
7Charles PicTim WrightThey are OK for the moment.
7Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelMake sure you can maintain this pace to give us flexibility, OK?
7Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonCar’s OK, a little bit understeery.
7Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonOK Lewis, recommend half a turn rearwards on brake balance may help with the understeer. You also have torque three for more hand brake.
7Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonPush, push, push. Box, box.
7Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’re going to come down one-and-a-half turns for the [medium] tyre. Box, box. Pit confirm.
8Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneGearbox seven. Jev, Dan has converted to his strategy B, for your info. Keep going like you are, see if you can overtake.
8Felipe MassaRob SmedleyLittle a bit of degradation on the tyres, so…
8Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaYeah you should do but we’re in line at the minute in what we think, so we’re still OK.
9Tony RossNico RosbergNico do you think you can do two more laps?
9Nico RosbergTony RossYes.
9Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanBox, Romain, no front wing adjust.
9Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergKill the tyres but stay out for now, stay out this lap.
9Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelWebber is in the pits. You were +10 Webber.
9Mark TempleSergio PerezFive-tenths faster than Alonso last lap.
9Dave RobsonJenson ButtonWe’re going to box this lap.
9Jenson ButtonDave RobsonI’ve got more time, there’s more time in the tyres, just so you know.
9Dave RobsonJenson ButtonIf you can maintain this pace for one more lap then we will do that.
10Nico RosbergTony RossThe rear tyres are starting to drop now.
10Simon RennieMark WebberRosberg stayed out, need to keep pushing.
10Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaWe have completed nine laps, just manage the pace.
10Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaPerfect, that’s good, green first sector. Just keep looking after the tyres, this is perfect.
10Tony RossNico RosbergBox, boost to zero.
11Dave RobsonJenson ButtonCan you do one more lap at this pace?
11Jenson ButtonDave RobsonRoger, yes.
11Dave RobsonJenson ButtonUnderstood, stay out.
11Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonThat front-left is still above target. If we can’t make the pass we need to drop back and look after the tyres, target -2.
11Tony RossNico RosbergThere will be a warm-up slope then after that target +.2 on the delta time. You have Vergne and Di Resta in front on used [medium] tyres.
12Dave RobsonJenson ButtonThat’s a good couple of laps. We are definitely box this lap so everything you can from this set now please.
12Jenson ButtonDave RobsonOK box this lap.
12Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeWe need to improve turn two and turn three, and a bit the last part of the last sector.
12Jules BianchiPaul DavisonHow many laps with these tyres?
12Paul DavisonJules BianchiRecovery three, Jules, we need 19 more laps with these tyres. Mixture eight, it’s the same as mix two just better on exits.
13Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaFernando saying that the front tyres are ‘one’ for him, so very degraded front tyres for Fernando.
13Tony RossNico RosbergOn the [soft] you are rear wear limited. Front temperatures well under control now, even front and rear, go forward on brake balance.
13Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanYour shifting too early from five to six and six to seven.
13GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaWe’ve broken Vergne’s DRS. There’s nothing wrong with this pace, Paul, come on.
14Tim WrightCharles PicGiedo is quicker in turn 18 and 21. You’re braking aggressively and your exit is poor. Rear tyres are at the limit. You can use quick-shift at turn eight and eleven.
14Jenson ButtonDave RobsonWhat times are people doing in these tyres?
14Dave RobsonJenson ButtonCheco last lap 1’48.3
14Mark TempleSergio PerezLet’s go for it, let’s get past Bottas, he’s half a second slower than us.
15Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaWe have completed 13 laps. Gap to Fernando is stable at 3.4 seconds. This is absolutely perfect, just keep going.
15Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonIf we can’t make the move stick then we’ll need to back off. Target traction 1,300.
15Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaVettel is the car in front now. He’s already done his pit stop. Vettel five seconds in front. Tell me about the tyre. We have completed 14 laps.
15Felipe MassaRob SmedleyStart to feel a little bit [distorted]
15Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaUnderstood, let’s see what we can do, we’re still good.
16Tony RossNico RosbergNext car is Di Resta on used [soft] tyres. Gap to Webber is 1.5 seconds.
16Andrea StellaFernando AlonsoFernando box now, use all the KERS.
16Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachWay too much understeer.
16Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe need to try and cool the car right-hand side,
16Tony RossNico RosbergGo diff high-speed nine. Webber has now passed Vergne he is 1.5 seconds behind.
17Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneLine, Jev, line.
18Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYour pace is quite a bit better than other people on [medium]. That’s OK, just open up the gap progressively. We are on plan.
18Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaFernando has pitted, he’s obviously come out. We should have two cars between us when we pit now. So let’s push on this lap.
18GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaRosberg and Webber behind on fresh mediums. They are seven laps old. Let’s reduce pedal crossover, Paul.
18Tony RossNico RosbergYou have [DRS].
18Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaBox at the end of this lap. It is absolutely fine where you’re going to come out.
18GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaI’d like you to push now, start to use up the rubber, push.
19Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezBox. Clutch eight. We go for [soft], front wing for [soft]? They degrade at the rear.
19Esteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciMinus two.
19Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezCopy, minus two.
20Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe do need to cool the car.
20Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaSmedley is pleased with Massa’s track position as he rejoins the pits after his pit stop.
Oh you beauty, right in front of Hulkenberg.
20Paul DavisonJules BianchiCaterham’s lap time is starting to level out, they’re doing low 50s as well, let’s keep it up.
20Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelTarget lap time: 47.0. Rosberg 48.0s.
20Brad JoyceAdrian SutilThat was a good first sector, Adrian, keep pushing to keep the temperature in them now.
20Adrian SutilBrad JoyceYes [distorted] now.
21Dave RobsonJenson ButtonWe are now in the window. Yellow G5. That’s the quickest way to the end.
21GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaNice clean stop, Paul, We will be racing Maldonado, minus one turn.
21Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneRacing Di Resta out of the pits, think about your KERS.
21Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonYou can afford to push, build the gap to Massa, we think he may be on a one-stop.
21Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonTemps look fine now you’re in free air.
21Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re +26 Webber. He obviously stopped before you. I’ll give you his pace.
22Tony RossNico RosbergAt the moment we suggest you keep a two second gap to Webber to look after the tyres. We need to keep an eye on the gap to Grosjean, though.
22Mark TempleSergio PerezButton was also advised to use X22 during practice to turn off the beeps which let him know when to use DRS, because they were too loud.
Use DRS, we need a default X22 to switch tones off.
22Sergio PerezMark Temple[Distorted.]
22Giedo van der GardeJuan Pablo RamirezPic finally told to let Van der Garde through.
He’s holding me up a lot.
22Tim WrightCharles PicCharles, let Giedo past.
22Charles PicTim WrightWhy? We are in different strategy?
22Tim WrightCharles PicGiedo is faster than you. If Giedo does not pull away we will swap back.
23Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re quicker than Mark in sector one. Save your tyres there.
23Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsThese tyres are starting to go
23Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy.
24Tim WrightCharles PicCharles let Giedo past in turn eight.
24Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelOK you’ve got a 14 second gap to next traffic.
24Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoTyre management is good. Looks after rear turn three. Gutierrez behind on [soft].
24Jenson ButtonDave RobsonPeople getting quicker on their set?
24Dave RobsonJenson ButtonMajority of the field are being held up by the early [medium] runners.
25Mark TempleSergio PerezWe’re racing a mixture of one- and two-stoppers. We’re still sticking to plan A so we’ve got good pace in the end and able to attack.
25GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaThe soft tyre appearance was very good considering the stint lengths. Just watch out for traction on this set, especially at the beginning. We expect the guys ahead to pit within seven or eight laps.
25Paul di RestaGianPiero LambiaseI don’t think I can overtake so I’m just looking after them.
25GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaGood info.
26Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelFront wing feedback when you can.
26Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinAt the moment I would keep the front wing.
26Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelUnderstood.
26Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaMassa passes Hamilton.
Oh, sweet. I like that.
26Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoBox now, 20 seconds.
26Pastor MaldonadoAndrew MurdochCopy, box.
26Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonI don’t know what’s wrong with the car, just no grip.
26Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonCopy that Lewis.
26Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasYou’ll be racing Pastor at the pit exit.
27Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoRecovery three Daniel. And torque two, third sector.
27Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachNo chance.
27Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergOK, Nico, come on, keep pushing. I give you more front flap for the high speed and I help you with the tyre pressure for the next set.
27Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachCensored by FOM.
Even low-speed now stability’s all ******.
27Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCopy.
27Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaGood lad. Right, free track in front of us. Go on. Pace management now.
28Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoNeed you to look after this tyre set, we’re taking it to the end. The other car’s on a different strategy to us.
28Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe need to cool the car right-hand side.
28Mark TempleSergio PerezBox this lap, confirm.
28Sergio PerezMark TempleOK.
28Giedo van der GardeJuan Pablo RamirezBalance is quite OK. It’s going to a little bit of oversteer now.
28Dave RobsonJenson ButtonYou will be racing Checo at the pit exit.
28Dave RobsonJenson ButtonCheco and Hulkenberg at the pit exit.
29Sergio PerezMark TempleHulkenberg is released from his pit box in front of Perez.
I nearly crash with the Sauber.
29Tony RossNico RosbergPush hard now to get your pit window.
29Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelVan der Garde is getting blues. Be careful, he might not do the right thing.
30Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeLet him past on the straight.
30Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeBlue flag, Vettel. Let him past now.
30Paul DavisonJules BianchiMax is going to try and reach the end without stopping again. Max is going to try and one-stop only, so no more stops for him.
30Adrian SutilBrad JoyceMaldonado pushed me off the circuit so I had to cut the chicane.
30Brad JoyceAdrian SutilCopy that, Adrian.
31Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoJust keep your head down, just settle down and keep your head down.
31Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’ve got to do 26 laps on these tyres. We need to pull Massa into our pit window. He’s currently 1.9 seconds out of it. Last lap for Massa 47.7.
32Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelThe longer we go, the stronger we are especially with a Safety Car. Don’t abuse the tyres.
32Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoPush the oil button, Daniel.
32Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonRacing for position five. Massa is one second unsafe in our pit window. Last lap 48.0 for Massa.
33Paul DavisonJules BianchiMarussia scrap their plan to one-stop.
Box this lap, Jules. Both cars will stop again. A one-stop will not work, Jules, so box this lap, torque four, clutch six and three red lights. Mixture one, Jules.
33Simon RennieMark WebberEngine 20.
34Tony RossNico RosbergBox, boost to zero.
34Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelWe can see the balance is stable but the tyres are wearing. We’re measuring tyre wear.
34Nico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachHow long for Bottas’s stop? When is he going to the pits?
34Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergWill be around ten laps, Nico.
34Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergnePace is good at the moment. If you feel the tyres are good for our strategy, pace is good.
35Brad JoyceAdrian SutilMost people ahead are on two stops. Perez behind is likely one-stop. So we need to defend that position.
35Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonWhich of the guys in front do I need to catch?
35Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonWe’ve got Vergne and Di Resta, we need to pass them on-track. They are on [medium] tyres, Di Resta 13 lap, Vergne 16 lap. We’ve got 22 laps remaining.
35Valtteri BottasJonathan Eddolls[Distorted.]
35Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy, understood.
36Simon RennieMark WebberYou need to use 80 KERS before the last corner.
36Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re catching up a gaggle of nine cars who are fighting for position from P9 down.
36Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinUnderstood.
36Marco SchupbachNico HulkenbergRicciardo similar tyre age going to the end.
36Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonVettel doing 46.4, you’re 46.8 so the pace is good. 20 laps remaining, so we just need to pass Di Resta and Vergne on-track, we’re catching them in.
37Tony RossNico RosbergTyres temperatures still good, 15 all round.
37Dave RobsonJenson ButtonStarting to lose a little bit of tyre temperature so we can push a little bit through the high speed.
37Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsWilliams leaving race control in no doubt who cost Bottas time.
Blue flag.
37Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy, Chilton holding you up badly.
37Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelBox, torque map one and box.
38Tony RossNico RosbergIf you’re happy with that pace, Nico, and it’s not damaging the tyres, just keep the pace like that. Tyre wear as I say 45% remaining and we’re doing less laps on this stint.
38Mark TempleSergio PerezLet’s use the KERS to get past Sutil. Try different strategies. Points are one place ahead. If we can get past Sutil we’re in the points.
38Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanMassa turn one, Massa and Alonso turn one, use KERS.
38Simon RennieMark WebberTyres will be good to the end, tyres will be OK up till the end.
38Tony RossNico RosbergSuggest you look after the tyres a bit now and then close on Webber for the end of the race. Tyre temperatures all OK.
39Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezThe cars behind are closing the gap. You’re lapping 47.0, Ricciardo 46.7.
39Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonMassa in, he’ll be dropping behind.
39Tim WrightCharles PicGiedo is lapping in the 47s. Blue flag Grosjean then Alonso.
40Brad JoyceAdrian SutilWe need to look after those rears. We need to make sure we can keep those rears. Watch the traction phases and also watch left-rear in the high speed.
40Adrian SutilBrad JoyceOK.
40Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelIt’s all about being smart now, OK. So track limits, focus on braking, clean exits. No mistakes, that’s the plan, no mistakes.
40Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinUnderstood.
41Tim WrightCharles PicCharles you’ve improved in turn 21. 21 is better. But you are losing time in 5, 6 and 18 by going too fast into the corner on the brakes and losing in the mid and exit.
41Rob SmedleyFelipe Massa16 laps to go so you can really push on the tyres now, you need to push on the tyres.
42Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonVettel leading then Webber, Rosberg, Grosjean, Alonso, Di Resta, Vergne, Lewis, Massa, Bottas. Vergne ahead, 23 lap old [medium] tyres.
42Lewis HamiltonPeter BonningtonHamilton’s tone has a hint of frustration.
Thank you.
42Mark TempleSergio PerezSutil has been told to look after his rear tyres, let’s stay on the attack.
42Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonSuggest boost ten out of turn nine, we’re not getting a full lap
43Tony RossNico RosbergTry going rearward on brake balance at turn seven, just for front locking.
43Paul DavisonJules BianchiWe’ve got four laps until a blue flag for Vettel than that should be the last blue flag of the race. Let’s try to build tyre temp, front -5, rear -5.
44Peter BonningtonLewis HamiltonBlack button on.
44Dave RobsonJenson ButtonGreen F4 for state of store. And use the orange E switch.
44Juan Pablo RamirezGiedo van der GardeBlue flag Rosberg and watch out for the front-left.
44Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re the quickest car on track right now.
44Peter BonningtonLewis Hamilton12 laps remaining so you’ve got Di Resta in front of Vergne four seconds, we can get them both.
45GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaHamilton is through on Vergne, he was one second faster. Pick up the pace a little bit, Paul.
45Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasKeep pushing, this is good pace.
46Jenson ButtonDave RobsonNeed information about the tyres. Do I push a little or take it easier?
46Dave RobsonJenson ButtonAll good. Maintain this pace.
47Andrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoWilliams’ assessment proved optimistic.
Ten laps to go, start to close the gap, just manage these tyres until the end. You’re P12, there’ll be points for us today.
47Pastor MaldonadoAndrew MurdochCopy that.
47Tony RossNico RosbergEight laps remaining end of this lap. Gap to Webber 4.8, gap to Grosjean 3.7. All similar lap times.
48Francesco NenciEsteban GutierrezSpecial two till the end, keep pushing. People in front are fighting.
48Rob SmedleyFelipe MassaMassa had expected to be given the faster soft tyres for the medium stint but was put on mediums.
Pay attention now: Fernando has the soft tyre so he’s quick at the moment. Let’s see how they last.
48Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergnePress the oil button. Limit DRS where you can.
49Gary GannonMax ChiltonGap to Jules 2.3 seconds.
49Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelBe patient Sebastian, OK, be patient.
50Mark TempleSergio PerezTyres are good to the end so let’s push, close up, pressure on Sutil.
50Dave RobsonJenson ButtonAs you can see you’re just coming up to Vergne he is really struggling, he’s in the high 1’49s.
50Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelDon’t overheat your tyres behind this guy, OK, just take your time.
50Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasWe need to let Vettel through otherwise we’re going to get a penalty.
50Valtteri BottasJonathan EddollsCopy that. I was pulling away. Doesn’t make any sense.
50Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy that, I agree.
51Ayao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanYou can use overtake button on all straights.
51Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou’re back in the gaggle of cars ahead, all fighting for position.
51Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelAnything can happen, they might have an accident and block the track, so be careful.
52GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaAlonso has passed Hamilton, Alonso behind, he used KERS second straight.
52Phil CharlesJean-Eric VergneNeed to let Daniel go, Jev.
52Jonathan EddollsValtteri BottasThe cars in front will soon get blue flags for Vettel, use it as an opportunity to overtake them. Vergne struggling a lot.
52GianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaHamilton is on the medium tyre, won’t have as good a traction.
53Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelMate you’re +31 Webber, you can just sit back and watch the show ahead, OK?
53Sebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinToo late now I’m in the middle of the pack.
53Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelOK.
53Marco MatassaDaniel RicciardoPush behind Vettel, could be a good opportunity to close on other cars.
53Mark TempleSergio PerezThree laps to go, Sutil struggling in the middle sector, let’s keep the pressure and attack, we can get him.
54Tim WrightCharles PicYou’ll get blue flags for Alonso, he’s 2.5 seconds a lap quicker than you.
54Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelIf it’s too dangerous you can drop all the way back, OK? You can let Bottas and Ricciardo go by.
54Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelBottas is by Ricciardo, you can let him by if you want, it’s up to you. If you’re comfortable where you are, stay there.
55Guillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelLast lap. Careful, the cars ahead are fighting for position. Anything can happen. Last lap.
VLChristian HornerSebastian VettelThat was a world champion’s drive, well done, brilliant job.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinWoohoo! Yes! Guys the car was absolutely wonderful. I don’t know what you’ve done, it was really, really good. Thank you. You don’t get to race cars like this too often. I love you guys. Yes! Yes, we gave everything we had.
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou did your job mate well done.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinHappier now?
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYeah, I’ve counted, that 125,000 dollars.
VLChristian HornerSebastian VettelBy the way, you can pay that one!
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYou do need to bring the car back, OK. Bring the car back into the pit lane.
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelSorry to be on your case but you do need to bring it home, OK? In the garage.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinAh… Let me quote: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah I know what I’m doing’
VLGuillaume RocquelinSebastian VettelYeah. I’ve got the evidence to the contrary. You did pretty good today, though.
VLSebastian VettelGuillaume RocquelinWe were, we were. Thank you guys. Everything we did, we did it together. This year, last year, the year before, the year before, the year before. And the next years! Woo!
VLChristian HornerMark WebberWell done Mark that was a very strong drive, great drive. One-two. Brilliant, well done.
VLSimon RennieMark WebberShame about the start but nice job on Rosberg, very good.
VLTony RossNico RosbergExcellent job Nico so P3, well done.
VLNico RosbergTony RossYeah thanks guys. I mean, sorry with Webber, could have been second today, but anyway…
VLRoss BrawnNico RosbergBrilliant job Nico that was a fabulous drive, well done. That was a really good, sensible, thoughtful drive Well done, great job.
VLNico RosbergRoss BrawnThank you Ross.
VLAyao KomatsuRomain GrosjeanWell done Romain, P4, good drive today, good recovery.
VLRomain GrosjeanAyao KomatsuYeah good job guys.
VLGianPiero LambiasePaul di RestaFantastic, fantastic, an absolute master class. Well done mate, P6. And for info a great team result: Sauber P13, P14. We were the only team to one-stop it. Both you and Adrian one-stopped it.
VLPeter BonningtonLewis HamiltonI’m afraid that’s P7.
VLRoss BrawnLewis HamiltonLewis, good effort, didn’t quite have the car today but that’s some very important points so good effort, well done.
VLRob SmedleyFelipe MassaOK so P8. Lost a position, unfortunately. Vettel won it by 30 seconds to his team mate. Webber second, Rosberg third, Grosjean then Alonso. Di Resta sixth – he did a one-stop, he did almost the same as us – Hamilton, us, Perez, Sutil.
VLMark TempleSergio PerezGreat job getting last Sutil on the last lap, really nicely done.
VLSergio PerezMark TempleOh, what a race, man. Very difficult to get past. The traction was nowhere.
VLMark TempleSergio PerezYeah we can see that from the TV. I think you did a really good job though getting past at the end there. Obviously we’ll have a look and try to understand why traction was so poor.
VLBrad JoyceAdrian SutilYes, we pitted you a little earlier than we would have done due to trying to cover some cars. So that’s why you had to do a longer stint on the soft tyre than predicted. You did a 27-lap stint on those so that was a good job.
VLAndrew MurdochPastor MaldonadoP11 in the end. Good job from your side.
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonJenson such a shame about the start. I think that is a fantastic, truly fantastic stint you just put together there. Great discipline, great tyre management and actually really good pace. Such a shame about the start but a great job.
VLJenson ButtonDave RobsonYeah, cheers. That’s what happens I guess when you’re down on the grid so far. But that’s where we got ourselves. Good to see we had a bit more pace this weekend. Just a pity we couldn’t really shot it in the race.
VLDave RobsonJenson ButtonYeah, absolutely. It’s a shame, I think, given how it panned out as well. The strategy we had and the tyre management plan we had was spot-on. We could have had a really good result. But as you say, that’s what happens when you qualify there.
VLFrancesco NenciEsteban GutierrezSo we are 13.
VLEsteban GutierrezFrancesco NenciCopy. Thank you guys.
VLNico HulkenbergMarco SchupbachCar is not the same as all weekend. Struggling so much, unbelievable. Even in the stability, we’ve been good all, weekend, just disappeared today.
VLMarco SchupbachNico HulkenbergCopy that.
VLJonathan EddollsValtteri BottasGood drive, Valtteri. Remember to pick up rubber. Some good moves there. A drive that deserved a bit more than P15. Pastor was P11 in the end with his alternative strategy. But good job.
VLValtteri BottasJonathan EddollsSorry about the first lap. Just all the guys with [softs] I got passed, couldn’t do much, sorry about that.
VLJonathan EddollsValtteri BottasCopy that. You weren’t the only one to struggle with warm-up on the [medium] at the start.

Lap: Refers to lap message was broadcast on. There may be a delay between messages being said and being broadcast. PR = pre-race; FL = formation lap; VL = victory lap.
Message: Repetitive or irrelevant messages omitted. Notes in italics. Highlights in bold.

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Abu Dhabi Grand Prix data

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25 comments on “2013 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix team radio transcript”

  1. VL – Sebastian Vettel: Ah… Let me quote: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah I know what I’m doing’
    VL – Guilluame Rocquelin: Yeah. I’ve got the evidence to the contrary. You did pretty good today, though.

    They are like brothers: it’s fantastic to listen to at times!

    1. @vettel1 Can’t argue with that. The only other engineer/drive combo as good is Smedley/Massa.

      1. I do like them too, it just frustrates me slightly when you hear team orders being given :/

        Rocky sure does want to get his hands on understatement of the year trophy though, eh? ;)

        1. @vettel1 yeah understatement of the year ,especially after the title on the FLAP .
          But great combo . Rocky – Vettel is a fantastic combo .

      2. Oh you beauty, right in front of Hulkenberg.

        was nice too :D

    2. @vettel1 : Exactly what I thought as well Max. Really heartening to see. They make a fine pair, entertaining and focused.

  2. Rocky sounded nervous when Vettel was in backmarker-traffic. I guess it shows how much they still wanted to win the race, and not risk anything. Also intersting as always to listen to Lewis comments. He really says how he feels, doesn’t he..

    1. Also interesting to note they went out of their way to mention van der Garde. I can’t remember Vettel ever tripping over backmarkers, but in his pursuit of fastest laps and maximising every lap, I understand Red Bull’s concern.

      Great stuff as always, @keithcollantine

      1. @npf1 Maybe there were other occasions that haven’t been informed to the audiences though, seemingly the incident between him and Webber in Montreal was the trigger. From then on we kept hearing similar messages from Rocky.

        I can’t remember Vettel ever tripping over backmarkers

        Malaysia last year was the closest case I can recall.

        1. Besides, the fact that in the last few races they were in the position where they could afford to lose a bit of time in order to avoid any sorts of dangerous situations with backmarkers probably made them more cautious than before.

      2. At Canada, Webber and van der garde collided because VDG was being a bit of an idiot

  3. We were, we were. Thank you guys. Everything we did, we did it together. This year, last year, the year before, the year before, the year before. And the next years! Woo!

    That says a lot from Vettel-Red Bull relationship.

    1. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th November 2013, 13:29

      Haters will hate… but yes, @fer-no65 I agree with you. I know Red Bull hasn’t had really bad times recenty (at least not with Vettel) but it looks like total partnership going into the team. I hope Ricciardo blends in well, better than what Webber has experienced these years. (which of course wasn’t totally bad, as all his F1 victories have been with Red Bull too).

    2. OmarR-Pepper (@)
      9th November 2013, 13:30

      yes, @fer-no65 I agree with you. I know Red Bull hasn’t had really bad times recenty (at least not with Vettel) but it looks like total partnership going into the team. I hope Ricciardo blends in well, better than what Webber has experienced these years. (which of course wasn’t totally bad, as all his F1 victories have been with Red Bull too).

  4. Has ever been a race when Hulk didn’t use bad words on the radio? ;P

  5. FOM’s highlights video has just gone up and includes a clip from Alonso’s radio during the race of him complaining about Vergne, which wasn’t broadcast at the time:


  6. Another race where McLaren’s tyre managers are telling button to take it easy or box, and he’s telling them there’s still pace or time left in them.

    Another example of why mclaren are going down the route of Williams, if they don’t stop the rot it will be difficult to get back. Winning is a habit.

  7. One more time, nothing from Alonso. Really odd.

    1. Illuminati…Keith is hiding the truth!!! Or maybe he just can’t understand Italian. Nail biting moments, Eh?

      1. Nope, there were no messages broadcast from him in English, Italian, Welsh or any other language!

  8. VL Sebastian Vettel Guillaume Rocquelin Ah… Let me quote: ‘yeah, yeah, yeah I know what I’m doing’

    Haha ..He’ll never end without having a say at his FINN’s

  9. Just noticed almost every race we get to hear long and detailed messages about start procedure from Webber’s race engineer. Probably FOM presume people are interested in them due to his tendency to have a bad start. Also there seems to be always more conversations between Mercedes pit wall and their drivers during pre-race and formation lap, though it could be that FOM just pick up theirs more often.

    I hope FOM cut down the number of Rocky’s messages aired on the channel. During a second half of a race like this one pretty much every message from him is telling Seb to bring the car home in the safest manner, which can be a little off putting for fans – obviously Crofty was one of t1hem. Don’t get me wrong, what Rocky’s doing is perfectly fine and some of them are actually quite funny. Still we can live with less of them, can’t we and there has to be more interesting conversations from other camps, I guess.

    1. ‘on the channel’ I mean on the main channel. I imagine it’s less of an issue on the pit lane channel, as we get loads of other messages too.

  10. I really like the Caterham policy of “let him pass, and if he’s not faster, we’ll let you pass him again”. I think that is fair and completely okay in terms of team order.

  11. when i see the team radio, i always see Rocky told Sebastian this and that, but we haven’t see the respond from Seb equally…..hmmm…maybe Seb just want to concentrate his race …..hahaha….

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