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2014 Canadian Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets

2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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Nico Rosberg caused a stir by beating three-times Canadian Grand Prix pole sitter Lewis Hamilton in qualifying. Here’s how it went down on Twitter.

Third practice

Esteban Gutierrez did not take part in qualifying as he was in need of a new chassis after crashing in the final practice session.

Kevin Magnussen also had a spin, but managed to avoid hitting anything.

A new deal for the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to stay on the calendar was announced.


Felipe Massa got ready for what would turn out to be his best grid position of the season. Plenty of drivers were in trouble in Q1.

After the action

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2014 Canadian Grand Prix

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6 comments on “2014 Canadian Grand Prix Saturday in Tweets”

  1. What is this about?

    “Yikes! Vettel and Kobash have both now used 5 Control Electronics units… with the next change they’ll get a grid penalty.”

    Can the previous ones not be re-used? If not, that looks like a grid penalty (was it 10 places?) for every second race probably for Vettel.

    Kobayashi probably doesn’t care much about grid penalties…

    1. It is not looking great for Vettel either on many other components:

      Looking at the rules, he cannot re-use any components except at Abu Double:

      “28.4 g) If a power unit or any of the six components within it are changed in accordance with Article 34.2 the power unit components which were replaced may not be used again during any future qualifying session or race with the exception of the last Event of the Championship.”

      And any further replacement Control Electronics will indeed by 10-place grid drops, but other components used more than 5 times would be 5-place grid drops “only” if the corresponding number of CEs have been used already:

      “28.4 c) Should a driver use more than five of any one of the elements a grid place penalty will be imposed upon him at the first Event during which each additional element is used. Penalties will be applied according to the following table and will be cumulative :
      Replacement of a complete power unit = The driver concerned must start the race from the pit lane.
      The first time a 6th of any of the elements is used = Ten grid place penalty.
      The first time a 6th of any of the remaining elements is used = Five grid place penalty.
      The first time a 7th of any of the elements is used = Ten grid place penalty.
      The first time a 7th of any of the remaining elements is used, and so on = Five grid place penalty.”

      This is really game over for him.

      1. It was game over for everybody since Bahrein.

        1. Yeah, but it is even game over for Vettel to be able to come third in the WDC.

          1. Well, yeah, that’s right too.

          2. Tom (@11mcgratht)
            8th June 2014, 18:04

            Excellent news!

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