2014 German Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets

2014 German Grand Prix

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The outcome of the German Grand Prix could have been different had race control deployed the Safety Car after Adrian Sutil spun his Sauber to a stop in the middle of the track.

The decision not to, which left the Sauber stranded on track for over a lap, attracted criticism and questions over whether it was safe to have marshals running across a live track to retrieve the car.

Here’s how the German Grand Prix happened on Twitter.



The Safety Car took to the track early on, as Felipe Massa and Kevin Magnussen collided in turn one, the Williams turning upside down.

While overtaking Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton apologised to his former team mate for what had happened on the previous lap.

For the fourth time in five races, Daniil Kvyat’s Toro Rosso failed – this time in spectacular fashion.

After the chequered flag

Drivers react


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2014 German Grand Prix

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11 comments on “2014 German Grand Prix Sunday in Tweets”

  1. Jan (@yancheelaa)
    20th July 2014, 22:56

    Crazy to let marshals on the track like that. Reminded me of south african gp 1977 with that awful accident. Check youtube but beware. Some tough footage. I think guys at race direction should remmember that

    1. Yeah I saw that the other day and my god….. I don’t want to watch that again. Stewards must be careful with their choices next time. A SC should have liven up the race, and not putting the marshall’s life on danger

  2. Jensen Button is a class act.

    1. Janet talbot
      21st July 2014, 5:20

      In what way?

  3. Not suprisingly mostly Brits complaining for no SC.

    1. That does rather trivialise the matter of race control ordering marshals to run across an active circuit on the exit of a corner to retrieve a stricken car, something that normally would be considered as placing the marshals at an unacceptable level of risk.

      1. Yes, they are completely amateurs, that Whiting guy, new to F1.

      2. But they were waving double yellows

    2. I’m not a Brit or Hamilton Fan but I ‘wanted’ a safety car. That was a dangerous situation even before they had marshals run across the track, another car could easily have spun and hit the Sauber.

  4. I was cheering for Bottas and Rosberg, but not bringing the safety car out was unacceptable.

    All it takes is someone to powerslide a bit out of the corner and BOOM, we have a massive crash, Suttil gets killed while getting out of the car, marshals get killed.
    So, they keep the British GP under red flag for that long while the guys fixed the Amco barrier and couldn’t bother to bring the safety car out when there is a car and PEOPLE in the middle of the track? Insane

    1. It was insane to cross the track, yes. As we saw later there were plenty of marshals at the right side of the track.
      Consider that every driver knew were the car was, there were yellow flags waving and it was 18 of the worlds best drivers on track. The risk was close to zero. But again, don’t cross the track.

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