Marussia could make F1 return at season finale

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In the round-up: Marussia may return to Formula One before the end of the season.

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Abu Dhabi return for Marussia? (Sky)

“I understand they have lodged an entry under Manor Grand Prix Limited for the 2015 World Championship and that they are targeting being in Abu Dhabi if they can get some solid investment in place.”

Boycott averted at United States Grand Prix 90 minutes before race (The Guardian)

“The three teams who were ready to boycott Sunday’s United States Grand Prix, Force India, Sauber and Lotus, waited until 90 minutes before the start of the race before announcing that they would compete after all.”

Hamilton happy to ‘outsmart’ Rosberg (BBC)

“It’s not just about starting from pole. Races like this feel even better; you have to outsmart the guy ahead of you.”

Toto Wolff Q&A: Rosberg was maybe too cautious (F1)

“The double points have the potential to overshadow a season. We know why the double points came in – it made all the sense in the world to make the season spectacular for the audience until the very last race – but now we are in a situation where it might change the outcome.”

Raikkonen hates current situation (Ferrari)

“Obviously I hate the situation the way it is and the way things are going, and I cannot solve it by myself.”

How Verstappen learnt from father’s silent treatment (The Telegraph)

“Jos, furious after investing weeks preparing the kart only for Max to make what he regarded as a rookie’s error, took it to extremes. “I didn’t speak to him for seven days,” he says.”

​Everyone wins when sport remains politically neutral (RT)

“Russia, hosts of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the 2014 Formula One Russian Grand Prix, and now preparing for the 2018 World Cup, has tabled a draft UN General Assembly resolution on ‘Sport as a means to promote education, health, development and peace’.”


Comment of the day

As F1’s revenue structure pushes more team to the brink, Bernie Ecclestone said: “I know what’s wrong, but don’t know how to fix it”. @Kelsier has a different view:

I think he meant to say “I know what’s wrong, but don’t want to fix it.”

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On this day in F1

On this day last year Sebastian Vettel won the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix:

Images © Marussia, Daimler/Hoch Zwei

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28 comments on “Marussia could make F1 return at season finale”

  1. I hope Marussia don’t completely disappear. Several reasons. They need to benefit next year from the prize money they’ve earned this year and maybe take the next step. They may benefit further from this weekend’s politicking, assuming there’s a more equitable distribution of revenues among the teams, CVC et al next year. I hope that this increased income will help them at least keep their team intact such that they can maybe further close the gap to the rest of the field.
    But mostly I hope they stick around to ensure there’s a corporate entity in place to look after Jules Bianchi and his medical and insurance bills. I hope that’s all taken care of, but I haven’t heard anything about it yet.

    1. Racing drivers are normally freelance “hired guns”, so he’s likely to have taken out his own medical insurance.

  2. “The double points have the potential to overshadow a season. We know why the double points came in – it made all the sense in the world to make the season spectacular for the audience until the very last race – but now we are in a situation where it might change the outcome.”

    Wasn’t changing the outcome of the world championship the idea behind double points anyway? keeping a championship “alive” inherently means artificially improving the chances of everyone bar the leader. So it’ll always change the outcome, unless the championship is decided beforehand, which is exactly what they don’t want.

    And anyway, now you realize of that, Toto? I always assumed F1 to be the top of engineering, as in people applying knowledge and ingenuity to develop solutions for problems, but I guess I was mistaken. T

    hank godness it’s your team that’s winning both championships, because I’m not sure what your opinion would be if another team AND another driver snatches both championships from you because of the double points.

    1. “I always assumed F1 to be the top of engineering, as in people applying knowledge and ingenuity to develop solutions for problems.”

      @fer-no65 That is true, except the people that take the decisions are NOT engineers, Bernie, Todt, team bosses, team owners and probably anyone in charge in F1 are very good at persuading others mainly for their own benefit, but they don’t really think like engineers.

      When it comes to solving a problem a good engineer will analyse the situation, come up with different solutions and then choose the best route purely based on possible results, anyone else might pick the easy way and do the first thing that comes to mind, or solve the problem in question based on his own ideas ignoring the facts and could be very stubborn to change his mind.

      1. @mantresx I was being silly, really… :P I mean, it’s not like Toto didn’t know this already

    2. @fer-no65 +1. F1 heads are very bad at drafting rules.

    3. Something like “slower car boost” in videogames…

    4. petebaldwin (@)
      3rd November 2014, 16:30

      @fer-no65 – that’s pretty much what I was going to say. It amazes me some of the absolutely idiotic comments coming out of people quite high up in F1!

      So they came up with a universally hated rule and the main goal for this new rule was for it to have no effect at all. Wow…. F1 gets stupider each day!

  3. I think its funny that Rosberg does the poles and Hamilton is quicker when it matters. it’s the speed vs intelligence battle that as been put right in my view, Lewis is a smart guy. I think there’s no doubt that Lewis is not the greatest speaker but he’s judicious inside the car.

    1. I think its nice to see Hamilton grow into a more rounded driver as well, as shown by his good moves in regards to decisions on strategy and where to pounce etc @peartree.

      1. @bascb I don’t see it as an evolution. I think that’s just Lewis, he feels the car looks at the data and then he nails it.

        1. Yeah, right. Exaclt like he used to do say 2-3 years back, right? Sorry, but that was often one of the things that went wrong at McLaren and at the start of his Mercedes stint as well. Now Lewis clearly thinks a bit more, or acts more upon what he thinks is right compared to the past.

    2. Ted made the point in his notebook show that Nico hasn’t won a race since the new radio rules limiting coaching during the race were introduced in Singapore. Don’t know if it’s that big a factor myself but it’s an interesting coincidence.

      1. Geez, its not like he only won 4 races so far.

  4. Thank you for putin in that link to the proposal to the UN by Russia Keith. Let me say that the first comment below that article sums it up nicely.

    1. Well its Russia Today site so it is inherently pro-Putin and o-sport-is-not-so-political.

  5. I get tired of hearing how messed up F1 is and its Bernie’s and Managements fault. If the fans genuinely wanted to fix F1, they (the fans) would simply boycott F1 until it changed. Don’t subscribe, don’t got to GPs, don’t buy merchandise. when the money is gone, watch the swift U-truns. I’ve never seen a more two faced fan base. Bernie is a business man and will do what-ever he can get away with so long the revenue keeps flowing. He will say whatever the current situation needs to hear. Then he’ll go home and laugh at his fortune and you.

    1. Daniel (@collettdumbletonhall)
      3rd November 2014, 10:45

      Vote with your wallet.

    2. Isn’t the sport’s declining viewing figures at the moment an indication that fans are voting with their feet?

  6. “…Happy to outsmart Rosberg…”

    Hamilton taking a subtle dig at all the ones (Ted Kravitz and alikes) who loves to feed cliches about him at every race.

    Besides Hamilton being a more sofisticated racer when fighting on track, “The smartest” Rosberg even cant save more fuel and tyres than him…

  7. about Kimi, do you guys remember last season?
    He was doing an impressive job on Lotus, then he gave up of the last two races in the season, in order to make a back surgery.
    In my eyes, this is the point.. maybe his problem is physical and not psychological as some people say.

    1. I believe Kimi would have said it if he had back problems. It seems the same problem with the front end has been really toxic for Kimi for the whole season.Only place where i can remember kimi was happy with the handling was singapore qualifying.

      His front end keeps sliding and pushing and that kills tires really fast.That butt ugly nose of Ferrari’s seems to generate poor downforce or maybe the weight distribution is a bit too much on the backside in that car. I would but those extra weights they surely have there as near to the front end as possible to plant that front firmly in the ground and maybe go with high downforce setup with Kimi .Well i am not an engineer so i assume they know better in Ferrari.

      Kimi seems to be happier with super-soft tires so there is a change he will do better in yas marina but in Brazil he is unfortunately screwed. I just hope Kimi does not get fired after this season because it would be just a shame him to end his career like this

    2. Todd (@braketurnaccelerate)
      4th November 2014, 5:50

      Kimi likes a car that is loose, Nando likes a car that plows. This is why Kimi struggled with the long wheelbase E21 last year at Lotus, while RoGro excelled with it. But, Vettel also likes a strong front-end balance, so if they can achieve that in next year’s Ferrari, it will be good for both of the 2015 Ferrari drivers.

      1. well there is Allison in Ferrari now and you would expect him to know what Kimi likes and needs. I sometimes get the feeling that Kimis side of the garage might not be up to the task. At least his race engineer is in his first year in that position.

  8. Well, it’s within Toto’s power to nullify any double-points shenanigans if he cares to. If HAM has a DNF in Abu they can always pull ROS’s car into the garage.

    1. Exactly! If sporting fairness was at the forefront of his mind, but as we have seen in the Team Presser on Friday, they bloke thinks F1 only started seriously when he joined it, and he has quickly forgotten how it was to struggle when he was at Williams.
      How can anyone take a guy seriously who says “if you can’t afford to race, you shouldn’t be in F1”. This is also the man who pleaded with BMW and Audi to let Mercedes update their DTM car even though there was a development freeze in place ,when their car turned out to be pretty s#!t, to which their competitors gave their agreement to allow Merc to gain some parity. Yet in F1 where it is Mercedes with the advantage, they won’t even talk about relaxing the in-season development freeze.
      The words pot and black spring to mind

    2. Nick Jarvis (@)
      3rd November 2014, 14:35

      The teams should completely have a gentleman’s agreeement in place, and disperse the funds as if double dhabi didn’t have double points. Very much doubt Rosberg would abide though. If Rosberg wins WDC through DP, I no longer watch F1.

  9. According to AMuS via Toto has offered to give up a few percent if Red Bull and Ferrari will do the same.


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