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2014 F1 season review

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Daniel Ricciardo has won F1 Fanatic’s polls for best driver and best overtaking move of 2014.

Ricciardo, who scored his breakthrough victory this season and took two more wins by the end of the year, took 43.1% of the votes in the Driver of the Year poll.

World champion Lewis Hamilton took the second highest number of votes, following by Fernando Alonso.

Ricciardo had four separate nominations in the poll for Pass of the Year, and came on top for his overtaking move on team mate Sebastian Vettel in the Italian grand Prix:

It was the second year in a row the poll was won by a Red Bull driver for a pass on his team mate. Last year Vettel won for a pass on Mark Webber.

Another pass on Vettel took the second-highest number of votes this year – Alonso’s move on the Red Bull driver at Copse during the British Grand Prix.

2014 F1 season review

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38 comments on “Ricciardo wins Driver and Pass of the Year polls”

  1. Come on Keith, take a break mate! You deserve it. Happy christmas!

    1. A break, for Keith?? Never…

  2. Absolutely Stella performance from Ricciardo this season.
    From setting 11 Laps in Testing, to winning on Sunday Afternoons in June, July, and August. Pass of the Year to go with it too.
    Ricciardo is Australia’s World Champion.

  3. Aussie Aussie Aussie -Oi Oi Oi

    Merry Xmas all here at F1F

    Thanks for a great place to get my F1 fix ,

    Congrats DanRic on a worthy win in both polls ,

    Been an exciting year watching you race

  4. Merry xmas to all

  5. Now why Hamilton beat Ricciardo alot in DOTW but lose out in DOTY ?? I vote Ricciardo but I’m still confused..

    1. Tell me about it mate. Just doesn’t make sense. Skewed me thinks. Happy Christmas, you’all :)

      1. christopheraser
        26th December 2014, 1:23

        Is every pro Ricciardo article on this website going to have people complaining about the DOTY results until the end of time?

        Get over i lads!

      2. @deongunner
        Because Hamilton got some DotW votes which he did not deserve. Austria, for instance.

        1. I think Hamilton DOTW results is overrated, and I’m very agree with you, in USA and Bahrain he did not out-qualified his teammate, and I believe he should’ve been 2nd in Germany and Hungary with that machinery so he maximum 3rd best driver at these weekends. And I have no idea why he got a lot of vote in Austria and beat Rosberg by quite a margin, despite Rosberg out-qualified and out-raced Hamilton. Alonso however, was too underrated in DOTW, he was actually quietly amazing in Austria, Germany and Russia, for me those drives deserve top 3 and perhaps even better

    2. Because there are more anti-Hamilton fans than Hamilton fans. simple :)

  6. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    25th December 2014, 14:52

    TV angle, of the same overtake

    I’m still looking for the heli-cam

  7. I didn’t vote Pass of the Year, since it wasn’t listed. (Bahrain) It was basically Monza on steroids.

    1. @omarr-pepper [OT] your earlier avatar is much more relevant now

  8. OmarR-Pepper (@)
    25th December 2014, 15:04

    Another one… this time it’s a little longer onboard, includes some parallel rear-front angles

    1. yes really good this one, thanks!

  9. Lewis fans would disagree with this poll result

    1. urmmmm I’m a Lewis fan, and I agree….. Merry Christmas.

      1. @addimaf1 You must be one of the few who had to Keith sir’s driver ratings last week, putting RIC at No.1

        1. No, while I agree that Ricardo should be number 1, in my own opinion Hamilton should have been second and Alonso third so I disagreed with him there, but that’s the thing about opinions, there all different.

          1. @addimaf1 I am with you on that one, felt Lewis should have been 2nd. That F14T was built around Alonso, which might have given him a better advantage than Kimi.

    2. I’m a fan of both disagree with the result but who cares.

      Celebrating a world championship for ham and a breakout year for ric

    3. ColdFly F1 (@)
      26th December 2014, 9:04

      It’s a poll; hard to disagree with unless you can prove it is rigged.

      1. No, looking at the backlash Keith sir received on putting Ricciardio at No.1, I expected a similar hue and cry. It beats Lewis fans that how can a WDC not be the DOTY.

  10. On the sky pole this pass was not even in the running and it really annoyed me, glad its won here, it was a hell of a great move. It being against his four time world champion in the same car was the icing on the cake for Ricardo.

    1. And according to Horner, this pass was the straw that broke Vettel’s back and sent him off looking for pastures greener! Fantastic driving from Ricci Bobby.

  11. Merry Christmas!
    I didn’t vote for this pass as it was somewhat DRS related. RIC closed up rapidly behind VET on the front straight in the DRS zone as seen at the start of the clip above. This effectively enabled the pass a couple of chicanes and a curve grande later, so bah humbug from me :-).

  12. And with this we could conclude any discussion on why you selected him as the #1 ranked driver, @keithcollantine
    Or maybe not :-D

    1. @bakano You can take the horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink

  13. I agree mostly with the final results of the Pass of the Year poll, although I feel that Alonso on Vettel at Copse as a better overtake than Hamilton on Vergne in Hungaroring (IMO).

  14. I thought Ricciardo on Alonso at COTA would have also been a worthy entry. For me the overtaking move of the year would have been between this – Ricciardo v Vettel @ Monza or Hamilton v Rosberg @ Suzuka.

  15. Belgium and Hungary were Mercedes “GIFTS” to Riccardo. Lewis is easily Driver of the Everything in 2014

    1. And everything else were Mercedes gifts to Hamilton and Rosberg…

  16. Best overtake of the Season by a lap and a half, Hamiltons overtake on Rosberg on the outide at Suzuka breathtaking. As Coultard said, Bravery off the scale!
    Even without taking the circumstances into account. Coming out blind behind the spray into his qualifying crash corner. Amazing skill and feel.
    Fantastic driving by Ricciardo though, especially the dink to pass the fish at Monza. Very special.

  17. Just another indicator of the stellar season DannyRic had. Let’s see more of it in 2015 – how many sleeps to go?

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