Force India reveal VJM08 ahead of Friday debut

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Force India has revealed its 2015 F1 car, the VJM08, which will run for the first time on the second day of this week’s test.

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28 comments on “Force India reveal VJM08 ahead of Friday debut”

  1. This is probably my favourite paintjob of all the teams, the second being the Sauber. Its so handsome and the colours flow and aren’t overdone or awkward. Why couldn’t McLaren do something like this with their red, black and silver?

    1. I heard there was a livery change for them

    2. in a blind country, the one-eyed is the king. This is a mediocre paintjob, but it looks better than it is because the dull paintjobs from the other teams…

      1. @matiascasali I don’t agree. Ferrari is red, shocker! merc is silver, also not a shocker! lotus is faux JPS, can’t complain about that. red bull has really colourful pink bluish and yellow, looks kinda neat to me.

        It was only the mclaren, FI, and sauber that I don’t really like… all dark and gloomy last year, but at least sauber looks cool again, the FI in this picture is not my cup o’ tea, too many black cars is boring

        1. I’m sick of the black dominating paintjobs. The lotus is the only exception because of the lovely John Player Special from the 70’s. But as long as they stay away from the Indicar and NASCAR look where it is hopeless to tell the cars apart.
          I’m so happy that the teams cars look the same in F1

          1. @celebmir you can’t tell the cars appart? you mean the shapes?

            Because if we’re talking about liveries, NASCAR beats F1 hands down. All this dull paintjobs get worse and worse every year. Not even the teams at the back of the grid try to stand out from the grid, like Minardi’s bright green or Arrows’ orange in 2000.

        2. @dr-jekyll it’s not only the colours that matter for a good design. Look for the Alfa 179 with marlboro ads. it’s a McLaren? almost. Is as pretty as McLaren? no. As for the Mercedes, take a look at their first year the W01 and then to the W05. They’re almost the same. But for some reason (and not because it was a winning car) it looks prettier the latter. but all the teams are rather dull. I would really love to have a chance to design them, or at least someone hire the old Jordan Ej199 designer!

          1. @matiascasali “it looks better than it is because the dull paintjobs from the other teams”

            I replied to your comment about paintjobs, and that the other teams have dull ones now, and I stated that I think the FI is more dull than most

            I still don’t think they are all dull, Sauber all blue and yellow, the MARTINI livery is back for goodness’ sake! a colourful Red Bull, red Ferraris and Silver Arrows…

            I still think it’s the dark and gloomy cars of Mclaren and this FI that are the dull ones, not the other way around

  2. That is a beautiful car. I like it.

  3. Mashiat Lam Gofran
    25th February 2015, 13:06

    Nice to see the nose changing for the better!

  4. I love some of the little details on this car. The fact they have the name of the car on there on the green stripe, and I love that the number of the turning vane is coloured as well. A properly good looking car. Hopefully it’s also fast!

    1. Exatly, the use of the colors green and orange makes for a nice flow. Gorgeous car.

  5. I love how at first it’s like “oh wow thye have lots of sponsors!” and then you think about it for a second and realise that almost every logo on the car can be traced back to either Vijay Malya or Carlos Slim.

  6. IMO Best paintjob !!
    Though, it looks like that lot of detail hiding in the black color!!
    Also, I presume this is a touched up render of the car instead of the actual car photo.

  7. Sidepods look pretty neat !!

  8. Pretty car (for F1), even if it is just a render.

    They overdid the carbon-fibre texture on the unpainted parts though.

    1. funny how it doesn’t even look like carbon-fibre when close-up. It’s as if the guy responsible for the render was not aware of how to change the scaling of the texture – it’s different on every “carbon-fibre” part.

      1. I agree the CF could have been handled better but I think you’ll find that the scaling of the weaves is more accurate that not. CF comes in all sorts of weaves that dictate strength for different loads. A lot of teams run a very large checkerboard weave on the floor or flat planes for instance. One of my favorite parts of modern f1 cars is actually the diversity of exposed weaves. Red Bull and Ferrari handle this beautifully for instance.

        1. I believe you’re trying to make an excuse for a low quality execution of the render in question. Judging by it, the weave would be at least an inch per thread, which I challenge you to find in a modern F1 car. =))

  9. Nose is changed as expected, the green strip makes it look much better than before, overall a good looking car, hopefully it will beat Mclaren this time in constructors.

  10. Wow, it looks so good!

  11. Interesting. No exhaust on these renders. Single rear wing mounting pilar, and no extra roll-hoop cooling inlets like TR/Lotus. S-duct at the front.

  12. Looks better than the previous livery they unveiled. The green stripe is a nice touch. Good job FI. Hope it runs as good as it looks.

  13. The SFI have looked rather simple with the exception of 2014 and this is pretty much a flowing shape. I think having the protuberant roll hoop inlet was affecting the car on cross winds and that’s pretty much the only area where the aero philosophy changed.

  14. Grey…Black…ehh. At least the green and orange liven it up. Too many dull colors on the grid. I think race cars shouldn’t be earth tones. Racing is exciting…use exciting colors!

  15. If beauty equals performance, this one will be champion.

  16. Why isn’t Mercedes-Benz mentioned anywhere on the car?

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