Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Albert Park, 2015

2015 Australian Grand Prix championship points

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Albert Park, 2015

2015 Australian Grand Prix

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13 comments on “2015 Australian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Would Sauber have thought they’d be 3rd in Constructors Championship after 1st race!!

    1. Very probably… NO! But it’s enough time to drop to 5th, 6th ’til the end of the year.

      1. Even so, will be a result that was unthinkable one month ago.

  2. Jenson, Jenson…only 11 cars finished still he couldn’t get a point. What a shame.

  3. Great job Hamilton be hard to win 5 in a row but would like to see it, afterall Ros never had a huge defecit. A Ros retirement would really show what he is made of

  4. McLaren vs Force India: round 3

  5. Button and Alonso might set an F1 record for largest ratio of talent of drivers to quality of car

    1. It is as if Minardi has hired two World Champions back in the old days:-) But I’m sure we won’t laugh at McLaren after the summer break. I think I’ll wear my McLaren T-shirt tomorrow just to say laugh while You can.

    2. @chaddy they quite probably have. That is seriously disappointing for them.

  6. Sainz 1 – Verstappen 0

    This has got to be the most ridiculous race I have ever seen. Cars falling left and right. Out goes Kimi, Max, BOTH Lotus, I mean seriously, I kept hearing the Benny Hill theme song in my mind while watching this.

    Amazing race by Nasr albeit there weren´t many cars to make it more dificult for him. It is a darn shame McHonda could not score 1 point but the good thing is that they must have gotten bucket loads of information and maybe they will keep from repeating the Magnussen bit.

    Now can somebody please tell me if that engine counts as one of Alonso´s engines??? Would Alonso now have 3 engines for the entire season just as Ricciardo?

    1. Yes, it counts as one of Alonso’s engines.

  7. Mercedes already with more points than the next 3 teams combined.

  8. Amazing drive by Nasr!

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