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2016 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton takes the lead in the drivers’ championship for the first time this season after beating team mate Nico Rosberg to win the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Drivers’ championship

1Lewis Hamilton192  
2Nico Rosberg186  
3Daniel Ricciardo115  
4Kimi Raikkonen114  
5Sebastian Vettel110  
6Max Verstappen100  
7Valtteri Bottas56  
8Sergio Perez47  
9Felipe Massa38  
10Carlos Sainz30  
11Romain Grosjean28  
12Nico Hulkenberg27  
13Fernando Alonso24  
14Daniil Kvyat23  
15Jenson Button13  
16Kevin Magnussen6  
17Pascal Wehrlein1  
19Esteban Gutierrez0  
20Jolyon Palmer0  
21Marcus Ericsson0  
22Felipe Nasr0  
23Rio Haryanto0  

Constructors’ championship

3Red Bull223  
5Force India74  
6Toro Rosso45  

2016 Hungarian Grand Prix

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23 comments on “2016 Hungarian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Someone just took a sip from that half full glass of Rosbergs.

  2. Nico Bottleberg just bottled the championship lead! Please Nico, can you up your game so that the fight for the lead will be interesting! Please!

    1. Don’t get your hopes up…

    2. The question should be rather: How many races before the last race will the championship be decided?

      1. knowing rosberg, 3 races before the end

  3. Take the Mercs away and you have a superb battle for the lead. 1 point between Red Bull and Ferrari, and all close together too between RIC, VET, VES and RAI

    1. If you’d really do that and move them up the grid in all the past races the differences would be much bigger,…

      1. @fer-no65 @xtwl I used to do that to the field around 2000-2001 when I was a kid.

    2. It would probably be different if you eliminate the Mercedes due to the gap between 1st and 2nd being greater than 3rd and 4th in points handed out

  4. OmarRoncal - Go Seb!!! (@)
    24th July 2016, 15:05

    Rosberg can regain the lead only if that supposedly coming Hamilton penalty is soon. But better for him if he doesn’t take that for granted, as he might also have reliability problems any time soon. So better for him to remember how to win.

  5. Sainz vs. Kvyat though,…

  6. Nico suddenly has a mountain to climb which seems steeper than Lewis trying to close down a 43 point lead.

    That is called the psychological mountain!

  7. Sviatoslav (@)
    24th July 2016, 15:27

    The championship is over. I think that even if Rosberg had 100 points more than Hamilton, he would lose it to the Brit.

    1. Yep. I’m not surprised at all though. After Race 4 or 5, I had predicted that Lewis would take the championship lead by Race 11. I’m also predicting that he will wrap up the season with 2 races still to go.

  8. It’s interesting that despite having a head start in a top-3 team, Kvyat is behind Sainz in points.

  9. Hamilton has so many potential penalties. The championship is still wide open.

    1. Only one race where he will start from the back – likely Spa where you can overtake nicely and Mercedes’ advantage has always been huge.

  10. It’s so funny reading all these “well that’s the championship over” comments. I bet Most are from the same people who said Rosberg had it in the bag when he had a 40+ point lead. There’s still plenty of races left and Rosberg will have a chance to win every one of them. It’s not over until it’s over.

    1. hamilton is so much faster and rosberg gave away his 43 point lead easily, it’s over.
      as long as there are v6 engines, it will be a hamilton borefest

      1. How could a switch to V24 or whatever engine could make Rosberg any faster?

        1. nope, as long as there are v6 engines, no other team will catch up
          = easy wins for hamilton

    2. Nope. I think the people who are saying the championship is over, are people (like myself), who thought that Hamilton will re take the championship lead by the mid point of the season. Now that he’s taken the lead there’s no looking back. Rosberg raced the best he has for the first half of the season, and has been extremely lucky with Lewis’ problems. But, as many of us predicted, it was just a matter of time before Lewis gets dialled in, and then it’s game over for Nico.

      I’ll eat my socks if this championship even goes down to the last race

  11. Haven’t seen the race, but as per usual I’ll spend some of my time off on comparing points between 2015 and 2016.

    Some choice cuts:
    1. Hamilton 192 (-10) same position
    2. Rosberg 186 (+5) same position
    3. Ricciardo 115 (+64) up 5 positions
    4. Raikkonen 114 (+38) up 1 position
    5. Vettel 110 (-50) down 3 positions
    6. Verstappen 100 (+78) up 5 positions

    8. Perez 47 (+32) up 5 positions
    10. Sainz 30 (+21) up 6 positions
    11. Grosjean 28 (+5) down 1 position
    12. Hulkenberg 27 (+3) down 3 positions
    13. Alonso 24 (+13) up 2 positions
    14. Kvyat 23 (-22) down 6 positions

    1. Mercedes 378 (-5) same position
    2. Ferrari 224 (-12) same position
    3. Red Bull 223 (+127) up 1 position
    4. Williams 94 (-57) down 1 position
    5. Force India 74 (+35) same position (has to be sour, scoring double the points for same position)
    6. Toro Rosso 45 (+14) up 1 position
    7. McLaren 38 (+21) up 2 positions
    8. Haas 28 (did not compete in 2015)
    9. Renault 6 (-29) down 3 positions
    10. Manor 1 (+1) same position
    11. Sauber 0 (-22) down 3 positions

    I’m not sure if the championship is over per se, but at the least we have the Ferrari vs Red Bull battle to look ahead to, even if it’s mostly being fought in the standings this season. Secretly I also hope Force India can catch up with Williams, considering their rate of improvement vs. that of Williams.. The gap to 2015 in terms of points at the top is becoming less and less every race, we might yet see Mercedes score more points than in 2015 after all.

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