Lance Stroll, Williams, Shanghai International Circuit, 2017

Stroll’s Q3 appearance was “phenomenal” – Williams

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In the round-up: Williams claim Lance Stroll has answered his critics by qualifying inside the top ten in China.

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Comment of the day

An excellent point on Jenson Button’s one-off comeback:

Who wants to end their career with suspension failure at Abu Dhabi?

End it at Monte Carlo instead. Pleased for him.

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Nico Rosberg became a grand prix winner on this day five years ago.

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  • 55 comments on “Stroll’s Q3 appearance was “phenomenal” – Williams”

    1. He didn’t crash and his dad gave me a lot of cash so please don’t bash.

    2. I wonder if that ‘bigger picture’ could include a WEC and/or proper IndyCar team?

      Seeing Alonso, in a McLaren prototype in Le Mans would be amazing!!!

      1. This gave me a thought that maybe Mclaren are looking to set up a team in another top flight series such as WEC or IndyCar as you suggest and will let Alonso race in those teams until the Mclaren gets good.

        It would be an odd strategy to keep him on but maybe allowing him to challenge for the triple crown through a Mclaren-run/affiliated team will be the best way to keep him with the aim of finally slot him back into F1 until the Mclaren is strong enough to challenge for the world championship. I believe he will still be a very strong driver in 2-3 years and so he may take a ‘sabbatical from F1’ next year for the reason above. The only gamble is that if Vandoorne by that point is really strong and can beat Alonso, also the driver being replaced by Alonso would have to accept it, even if it is last minute at the beginning of the season/pre-season when the car is actually looking really competitive and will have to settle for reserve driver status.

        1. *slotting him back into F1 WHEN the Mclaren…..’

        2. I don’t think McLaren have the budget to run a WEC LMP1 team (and let’s face it, Alonso would only want to race in LMP1 at this stage), so I doubt that’s the ‘bigger picture’.

          Alonso taking part in the 500 is a marketing exercise for Mclaren and Honda that they’ll hope will deliver some good media coverage to balance out the F1 nightmare they’re enduring.

          I doubt it’ll sweeten Alonso enough to sign on for another year though. He’s got aspirations outside of F1 and doesn’t need Mclaren to achieve them. If a competitive drive (Mercedes) opens up for 2018 he might be around next year, but otherwise I think he’ll be heading off to the WEC.

          1. I do wonder about Honda running a WEC team though with McLaren consulting – the Acura / HPD P2 programme was pretty successful, and P1 seems to be better balanced now than it has been historically. Combine that with their turbo/hybrid/AWD NSX flagship, and going racing with similar tech is good PR.

      2. The ‘bigger picture’ has ALO miss AU and GB, to partake in the Tour de Franco ;)

        1. *A (for Austria) & *Tour de France

    3. COTD; At Monaco with suspension failure also ? Hope not.

      1. Or, at this rate, more likely an engine failure

      2. The COTD is right but, let’s be honest, Button didn’t retire in consequence of a suspension failure, Jenson clubbed the kerb and broke the suspension. I’m sure Monaco is a better place to retire but he has an huge challenge ahead.

    4. Bernie where he’s happiest, hobnobbing with dictators, still the same old odious shytestirring doublecrossing charmer he’s always been. But the link to “motorsport” is either corrupted or been pulled.

    5. Dont worry Claire, people are letting his talent speak for himself. Only by Williams driver standards can you call Strolls performance “phenomenal”.

      1. Yup, 7 thenths slower than teammate Felippe Massa, who was on average 4 thenths slower than teammate Bottas last year (losing the quali battle 17-4 to Bottas)….You did a phenomenal job Lance!

        1. @jeffreyj remember that lance only got 1 run in q3 while felipe got 2 & on that 1 run he got he locked up & ran wide which cost him a chunk of time.
          through the other 2 qualifying segments he was a lot closer & even faster than felipe in q1.

          but then i guess people are going to throw criticism at lance regardless of how well he does because many have already decided that he’s a useless pay driver who has no business in f1. they will ignore his many race wins in the junior categories & his f3 championship last year.

          with hardly any track time on a track he’s never driven on in the past i think his performance through saturday practice/qualifying in the chinese gp was very impressive.

          1. @RogerA I don’t take his F3 championship serious.

            His dad bought the F3 Prema Power team (already the top team in the series), had it run in the windtunnel for many hours (F3 doesn’t use windtunnels at all normally), he was the #1 driver in the team which means his teamates were forced to share their setup info etc and weren’t allowed to ovetake him.

            Subsequently, I don’t take his F1 career serious as his dad failed to buy the Sauber F1 team and so then bought his son seat at williams with $35m (excl. extra payments). Then he paid for a test crew of 20 williams employees and 5 mercedes employees to test at various circuits (privately renting the tracks for his son).

            There’s more out there if you want to search, but if you don’t want to read anything else read this article: Auto Motor Und Sport

      2. The same with Paddy Lowe:
        “Lance’s race ended very quickly after being hit from behind at Turn 10, which was a shame after his strong qualifying result yesterday.”

    6. Just a note on the predictions, basically everyone has put the Hamilton or Vettel down for the pole, and the Mercedes, Ferraris, and one Red Bull for the top five. I hope this season isn’t going to become rountinely predictable. It’s still very early yet, of course.

      1. @strontium
        If you want anything but Merc, ferrari or red bull in top 3 you have very high odds for that happening.

      2. I think it will get increasingly predictable. This year’s new rules put the focus on the development race.

        Development costs a lot of money. Ferrari, Mercedes and RedBull all have 500+ budgets whilst Williams, McLaren and Renault around half that witt Toro Rosso, Force India and Haas and Sauber on even less.

        So yeah, the gap between the top 3 teams and the rest of the field will continue to widen and effectively create a 2 tier championship.

      3. Why are you people moaning that there looks to be 2 teams capable of winning the championship, 3 teams capable of winning races. How is that not exciting. Get a grip.

        1. @kanan I wasn’t complaining really. Just saying it’s a logical result from teambudgets and changing the rules.

          To me 2 teams fighting for the championship with a possible third one of winning races later on in the year is massively exciting.

    7. I have no time for egotistical clowns..sorry, nando. You’re a spiteful waster. No respect. Quitter. Retire.

      1. Derek Edwards
        15th April 2017, 9:56

        To be fair, Nando does have a clown car whose bits keep falling off in an amusing fashion, but calling him a quitter and then exhorting him to quit is the bit that has really made me chuckle…

      2. I’m pretty sure Fernando appreciates you taking time of your busy schedule to write that comment.

    8. For an F1 driver with the career longevity like Jenson, retiring from your last GP because of suspension failure at Abu Dhabi of all circuits is shamefully ignominious. No F1 driver should have to suffer such a shameful and low end to their career. Please Jenson- come back for Monaco and end your career on a higher note- not on one of the bottom 3 of all current F1 circuits.

      1. Me like satire. Anyway, I guess he’s also helping the team as well as himself. Let’s see what he can do.

      2. Honestly! It wasn’t a suspension failure, he broke it, didn’t you watch the race. Why do we have to lie about that fact, it isn’t that important but the truth is.

        1. @peartree He did take too much kerb but that happens a lot with all drivers. His suspension shoudln’t have failed from that, so in that sense it was a bit unlucky albeit still his own fault.

          1. @jeffreyj Jenson had a pretty good career, we don’t need to gloss it any further. I know he was disappointed in the aftermath anyway it does not detract from his career to speak a little harmless truth.

    9. I am not sure of the ‘big picture’ with Alonso that McLaren has in mind. Sure, it makes sense for McLaren and Honda to give Alonso this opportunity (indy 500) as there is nothing to lose for them in F1. It also makes sense for Alonso to do Indy 500 as there is nothing to lose.

      But I doubt Alonso wants anything more (‘big picture’) than doing this one-off indy 500. He hasn’t suddenly decided that he wants the Triple instead of the third world title. This is just Alonso making the best out of a bad situation. Bad situation being the sorry state of McLaren-Honda and that Alonso can’t exit it. Come end of 2017, while McLaren may offer Alonso a whole lot of money + a lemans + indy, Alonso would still be looking for the fastest F1 car.

      1. Yeah, he will go for the Mercedes, if there is an option.

      2. “while McLaren may offer Alonso a whole lot of money + a lemans…”

        Bit they’ve already given him a lemon…

    10. I want someone who covers for me like Williams for Stroll. Must be so nice.

    11. Bernie seems bitter and craving for some attention. :D

    12. Keith, can’t believe you left out the biggest news story yesterday?

      The one where Bernie is calling for lower fees for race promoters….

      Or did you leave it off because you thought it was still April’s fools day?

      1. Haven’t seen that but I can imagine it. Now that Liberty has taken over there is no longer a mandate to only do that which will maximize profit in the short term even if it’s bad for the sport. Without CVC, F1 can now be run better with a more long term philosophy of sustainability and health, which could include lower fees to promoters. I’m guessing BE is claiming he would have lowered fees if he could have but that was not something he could do for greedy CVC.

    13. I hope David Coulthard didn’t get paid for that article, reads like it was written by a child!

      1. @harrisf1 You are absolutely right. The article does read as a children’s book. @robbie That Bernie news was yesterday.

    14. Is Claire’s comment about Stroll the senior? Too late if you ask me….

    15. I don’t know whether Brawn was cheating or not, but I’m not aware of him being dragged before the courts for any reason. Maybe one day Brawn will give his version of how this conversation went.

      1. BE is referring to the Benetton days with Briatore and Brawn and yes they cheated a lot, and they did get caught but I suppose what BE means by not getting caught is that they still got away with the Championships. Once they left Benetton en masse to form MS/Ferrari the accusations of cheating continued.

    16. Couldhard on Palmer:
      “Jolyon Palmer has had a difficult start to the season, but I believe he is a talent and a personality waiting to erupt.

      It is always difficult being in the middle of the grid but I really believe in him and the journey he is on. He just needs to get that result to enable the wider public to see the individual.”

      I find it hilarious how many times he is talked up in British press. There have been many boring drivers who contributed nothing more than the occasional crash, and in my book Palmer is the king of them.

    17. “I said to Ross the other day, ‘At least they’ve got the right guy, you’re the biggest cheat in F1, so you’re the right guy to do the job. Sorry, the biggest cheat without being caught!'”

      at the times of Brabham, I had a significant advantage. We were the masters of cheating and never got caught. Thats not possible nowadays! The older statement doesn’t entirely contradict what Bernie recently said, but it does heavily negate it in my opinion.

      1. Actually reading the article I’m pretty sure that was Bernie’s point!

    18. F1’s biggest cheats
      1ºRon Dennis
      2ºFlavio Briatore
      3ºRoss Brawn
      4ºChristian Horner
      5ºToto Wolf So quick to get here.
      I reckon this is pretty accurate

      1. Andre Furtado
        15th April 2017, 14:47

        I think it’s only technically cheating if you get caught. Otherwise you are just being creative when interpreting the rules. Remember the spirit of the rules and the technical aspect of it are two different things.

        1. Nope, breaking the rules is cheating wether you get caught or not.

          To take a very simple rule as an example, you’re saying it’s not cheating to run 100kg underweight as long as scrutineering forget to weigh your car.

      2. @peartree

        at the times of Brabham, I had a significant advantage. We were the masters of cheating and never got caught. Thats not possible nowadays! :)

        1. I didn’t mention the headmaster did I.

      3. “Rules are for the interperation of wise men and obedience of Fools” from the biggest cheat of all Colin Chapman

    19. Phenomenal is the last thing I would call Lance Stroll.

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