Top ten pictures from the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix

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Ten of the best pictures which tell the story of the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

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5 comments on “Top ten pictures from the 2018 Monaco Grand Prix”

  1. That is some great shooting – I love how the angel allowed the view into the bottle. Was that 1 person moving around to get all of the different shots or multiple people shooting from different locations?

  2. That pool image, though.

  3. I have seen a ton of the shots from the pool scene and that pool was fighting something nasty as the water was so cloudy you could barely see the Redbull logos.. wouldn’t catch me it. But I guess still somewhat cleaner than drinking from a shoe;)

  4. Free Willy, Horner!

  5. Lol “traditional” when it’s only been done once before.

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