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2018 Singapore Grand Prix championship points

2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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2018 Singapore Grand Prix

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18 comments on “2018 Singapore Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Force India don’t have 91 points. Shouldn’t they be sitting at 32?

    1. Yes I was wondering myself. I think we’ve all forgotten the team has been changed. Confusing situation really. Never happened like this before

  2. The pit looks endless from Vettel’s point of view…

  3. Get in there, Lewis.

  4. Good day for Renault from the POV of the battle for fourth in the WCC.

  5. 40 points! Wow. It’s clear who the better driver is. Even in a faster car Vettel can’t manage to put it all together. Hamilton is craziness.

    1. 40 points is a lot, so how come he lost in 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2016?!?! VET messed up, but that’s not the real difference between. 40 points or so makes VET look like a tier2 driver. Obviously not the case, especially if we compare them via their team mates.

      1. @mg1982 40 points is all down to Vettel/Ferrari

        the 32 point swing in Germany alone is bad enough, but Vettel’s mistakes in Baku and Monza also cost him at least 14 points ( more if you consider the point swing of Hamilton going on to win those races too )

        Without mistakes, Vettel would have a comfy Championship lead. He’s had the car all along to easily compete with and beat Hamilton.

        At this point, you can only blame Vettel/ the strategy team ( although the strategy team didn’t make the worst mistake of the season…)

        1. You see stuff that doesn’t exist. VET should have lead the champ easily?! Wow! This “great” HAM failed to beat ALO in the same car. If he can make up 40 points by himself… then it’s like I said above: he should have won most of the champs he entered! Did not happen, so the most sensible answer for such difference is: the car. And, no, maybe…. maybe besides VER, there’s no other driver on the grid who would have turned things around against HAM with this Ferrari. Some of them had the chance to prove otherwise, yet they failed. See ALO in 2010 being stuck behind Petrov.

          1. Actually @mg1982 Hamilton DID beat Alonso in 2007 in the same car… Please check your facts.

            Considering Alonso was a double WDC and Hamilton in his rookie year, any comparisons between the two always favours Hamilton, so your point doesn’t make any sense at all.

            Vettel was leading and should have won in Germany but he crashed. You did see that right ? Or did you miss that race ? It’s fine if your tears blocked your vision, but Vettel crashed into the gravel all by himself. That alone cost him 25 points right there.

            He locked up in Baku which again cost him points as he dropped from 2nd to 5th.

            He also spun in Monza which cost him an easy win. Kimi would have been moved out of his way so it would have been an easy 1-2.

            Vettels mistakes have cost him a lot of points this season. If you can’t see that then it’s your issue.

          2. @mg1982

            You’ve missed the whole point of my comment. My point was Vettel has thrown away points while Hamilton hasn’t. You’re crying about me saying Hamiltons made a 40 point difference but that’s not even what I’m saying ! I’m saying Vettel has thrown away points… It’s very simple.

            dry your eyes, take off your replica Vettel helmet and then take off the Ferrari tinted glasses and look at the results again. You’ll see a whole new word :)

          3. How desperate one can be to use examples of 11 years ago to discredit Hamilton.
            It only gets funnier how childish some people can be following this sport and watching their chosen one lose.

      2. 40 points is effectively, 1 win, 2 second places and 10th position.

    2. Umm I would be to quick to say that, it was actually Ferrari that scewed Vettel today to be honest if he was on the soft instead of the ultra I think it would be a three way battle it could have gone either way for any of them….. I’m a die hard Seb Fan but I have to admit that Hamilton has won this WDC nothing can stop him now from winning it except Vettel wins the rest of the races minding that Lewis has to finish outside the top 3 at worst and also hope for a DNF which will not happen so my man Vettel screwed himself in Germany and Monza(if he waited a little when Hamilton got passed he would have over taken Hamilton eventually on the Straight and probably get past Kimi) as for Baku well I can’t say anything concerning that one cause he never knew Valtteri will get a puncture so it’s ok I suppose to take the risk bur this title was Vettle’s big chance to claim it oh well that’s just my opinon I love F1 and Ferrari and Seb but Lewis is just the better driver.

  6. @john due Naa I think this one was Ferrari fault on putting him on Ultra instead of Softs during thr race it could have gone to either of the 3 of them max lewis and Vettel if he was on the Softs…. I’m a serious Vettel fan but I have to admit that Lewis has won the WDC this year nothing can turn this around unless he has two DNF or Vettel can win the rest of the races Nad ham finishes outside the top 3 which is very unlikely my driver screwed his WDC it was his at Germany he could have won it at monza if he was patient and wait to pass Lewis on the straight as it was clear there car was faster kimi would he asked to move over probably as for Baku well it could have gone either way so can’t say anything about that but that that

  7. To be honest, although as a fan I’m massively biased, I’m more entertained by the fight between the midfielders than the fight for the championship. Alonso just jumped Magnussen and I’m hoping he can make up the three points to Hulkenberg to snatch the best of the rest spot in that dog of a car…

    Really the primary reason (other than just being a loyal fan) for me watching these races now is just to see Alonso and Raikkonen push it to the limit in their last seasons in competitive cars for the foreseeable future.

  8. The competition for best of the rest, i.e 7th is fierce, this B division championship will go right to the last race.

  9. Stop! Stop! It’s already dead

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