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Ganassi confirms Rosenqvist deal for 2019 IndyCar season


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IndyCar team Ganassi has confirmed it has signed Felix Rosenqvist for the 2019 season, as RaceFans revealed last month.

Rosenqvist will replace Ed Jones alongside Scott Dixon in the team’s line-up.

“To say I’m thrilled or excited to be making this step in my career would be an understatement,” said Rosenqvist.

“Coming to IndyCar and driving for Chip [Ganassi] is just a dream come true. I’ve followed the team for as long as I can remember, and it’s the kind of team and owner any driver would want to race for.

“Scott has had another tremendous season with three wins and a fifth title, so you absolutely couldn’t ask for anything more in a team mate.”

Ganassi owner Chip Ganassi said the team were “impressed by his ability”. Rosenqvist tested for Ganassi in 2016 and 2017.

“The time was right to get him in the number 10 car and I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that we are confident about what he can do behind the wheel next season.

“In addition, we are extremely proud to announce that NTT DATA has renewed with us as part of a multi-year deal. They have been a fantastic partner of the team and big advocates for the sport for a number of years and we are pleased to see it move into the future.”

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9 comments on “Ganassi confirms Rosenqvist deal for 2019 IndyCar season”

  1. Will he stay in Formula E alongside IndyCar?

    1. @f1mre Some web sites are saying that he’ll drive in the Formula E races that don’t conflict with Indycar and that Nick Heidfeld would drive in the other races.

  2. Excellent! He will be a force to be reckoned with

  3. Great news. This brings me another step closer to start following IndyCar regularly.

  4. Love it, there’s been an influx of good drivers into Indycar lately and the field is looking really strong!

    I hope Ed Jones can find another seat, I thought he was a decent driver.

    1. I really hope we see Wickens back in the mix too. He was a breath of fresh air this year

  5. José Lopes da Silva
    28th September 2018, 22:55

    “Great news. This brings me another step closer to start following IndyCar regularly.”
    This said it all. Rosenqvist should have had a solid F1 career.

  6. Nice to know, Indycar is upping their rosters for 2019 :)

  7. He better win. It seems like ages ago Dixie had a teammate (Dario) who could win at any given track.

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