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Hamilton retracts “disrespectful move” comment about Sirotkin

2018 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Lewis Hamilton has retracted his description of Sergey Sirotkin’s driving as “disrespectful” following the near-miss between the pair of them during yesterday’s qualifying session.

“I woke this morning feeling I should correct some of the words I used yesterday,” Hamilton posted on social media today.

Sirotkin put two wheels on the grass when he overtook Hamilton approaching the end of their out-laps during Q2. Hamilton originally called it a “disrespectful move”.

“I was wrong,” Hamilton posted today, “it wasn’t a disrespectful move by Sergey, it was a misunderstanding and I honestly attempted to get out of his way.

“Didn’t work that well but shit happens and I respect the way he handled it.”

Sirotkin said yesterday he disagreed with the suggestion he acted disrespectfully towards Hamilton.

“I think if you look generally what I am doing at the track there are not many other drivers who pay so much respect, especially to the leading cars, which I know are fighting for the title,” he said. “So I completely disagree, there’s not many people here who respect him as much as I do.”

The Williams driver explained he had to drive as quickly as he could on his out-lap because he had a used set of tyres on and was trying to warm them up.

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20 comments on “Hamilton retracts “disrespectful move” comment about Sirotkin”

  1. Good on him. Good on Sirotkin yesterday as well for simply seeing it for what it was.

    1. Always better when it ends up with hand shaking instead of calling names and throwing eggs at each other…

      1. Especially once you check your social media and find out things arent going your way in the comments.. likes matter

        1. I think you will find that the vast majority on Hamilton’s social media know a little about F1. Unlike yourself. Try watching a few qually sessions and note how the drivers prepare and interact with each other on their out laps. Or maybe note what Ricciardo says on the matter. Maybe be a bit more observant when you watch the AD qually session?

      2. Would be nice to see the same in the comments section as well… ;-) :-)

  2. This was the only thing needed to close the issue. For anyone still in any doubt, Sirotking explained that his tyre temperatures were too low, so he was pushing fast on the out lap, presumably realizing that he would come across drivers going slower. As he approached Hamilton, he assumed he (Hamilton) wouldn’t have time to react and so went off the racing line, But in fact Hamilton did react last second, also ceding the racing line, hence the near collision. Nobody at fault.

    1. @david-br Hamilton is at fault, if you drive slow at an F1 track you should take care to stay out of the way. He didnt impede Sirotkins hotlap but it was dangerous which was always the main issue.

      Also this article should be censored its such a foul language used by Hamilton i cant belive it was let through.

        1. Oh please, Lewis wears his heart on his sleeve, go watch some South Park..

      1. *sigh* Let’s see. Both Sirotkin and Hamilton who are most impacted by this say that it’s an honest misunderstanding and nothing more. And FIA agrees with them. But some people just want blood I guess.

        1. Yeh its an misunderstanding from Hamilton. I dont want blood.

          1. You just want everybody to agree with you… Grow up…!

          2. Yeh sure. Why dont you go somewhere else if you dont want others opinions.

          3. “Yeh sure.” – Are you agreeing with me that ‘You just want everybody to agree with you…’…?
            “Why dont you go somewhere else if you dont want others opinions.”
            Classic childish/playground retort – what I want is intelligent, ‘grown up’ comments/opinions… Is that really too much to ask…? Does it help if I say: Please…?
            I have a feeling you might be one of those arrogant self-righteous people who believe you are entitled to have an opinion, and anyone who doesn’t agree with you has to go “somewhere else”. I know this is how some children behave online… but it doesn’t work in the real world. When I was your age we were taught: ‘It is better to engage brain before opening mouth’…!

    2. @david-br – couldn’t agree more, too many people looking for grief and aggravation where there isn’t any. I’m sure mist sane folk will agree that LH’s original statement was wrong, and the same sane folk will surely agree that he did the right thing in admitting it. No real fault, plenty of hype.

      1. From another point of view, why does the stewards need drivers to point fingers at each other to initiate penalty? I mean this is 100% dangerous driving regardless of whose fault, and in my opinion is the mercedes engineer that failed to inform Lewis about Sirotkin that he is closing in rapidly.

        So in this case why is there no penalty. So what is the message the steward is trying to deliver? As long as both drivers are ok with any incident, we will not take any action. As long as it does not affect the outcome of a qualifying or race, we will not take any action. As long as the drivers are able to take evasive maneuver to avoid an accident, we will not take any action?

        1. why does the stewards need drivers to point fingers at each other to initiate penalty?

          They don’t. They can investigate incidents at their own instigation or when referred by the race director, or when a competitor lodges a process.

        2. “…the mercedes engineer that failed to inform Lewis about Sirotkin that he is closing in rapidly.”
          And should anyone have informed SIR that he was gaining on HAM…?
          I think in most countries it is the driver behind who is responsible for accidents… but maybe you’re right… HAM drove so badly he should have had his pole-time discounted… ;-)
          Or should the engineer have an early bath… :-)

  3. It was just a misunderstanding with no one fully at fault. The haters after Lewis winning the championship last race were and are waiting for Lewis to make a mistake to discredit him.

  4. Good move.

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