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Williams to present new livery for 2019 on Monday

2019 F1 season

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Williams will present its new livery for the 2019 F1 season in an event at its factory on Monday, the team has announced.

The team will have a different look for the new seasn following the signing of PKN Orlen as a major new sponsor. The logos of the Polish petrochemicals company were seen on a Williams show car at a recent event (pictured).

Williams’s five-year title sponsorship deal with Martini also came to an end last season.

The FW42 is expected to debut in time for the start of pre-season testing for the new championship on February 18th.

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2019 F1 season

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6 comments on “Williams to present new livery for 2019 on Monday”

  1. So Williams are now sponsored by a rich energy company?

  2. Judging by Orlen’s corporate colours, they could end up with a bit of a McLaren Marlboro Honda look…..

    Or maybe a Toyota Panasonic Denso esque livery….

    Probably with a lot more red…..

    1. Duncan Snowden
      7th February 2019, 18:16

      Other sources aren’t naming PKN Orlen as the new “title partner”, saying that it’ll be announced at the launch on Monday (which doesn’t mean that it definitely isn’t, of course, but it hasn’t been confirmed). Red liveries don’t exactly have the greatest of histories for Sir Frank. (Although, actually, they were only fifth in the championship in 1999; given their recent past, they’d probably bite your hand off if you offered them that these days.)

      Mind you, we dodged a bullet when Rich Energy switched their attention to Haas. A black-and-gold Williams just wouldn’t be right at all. ;)

      1. So far pkn Orlen has named as team Williams official partner, but they could have a different title sponsor.

      2. @Duncan Snowden Great reference to the Walter Wolf car, however, it is actually a very dark blue, not black. Splitting hairs here I know, but as a model builder having had to find a formula for the paint colour, I couldn’t help mentioning it.;)

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