Renault 2019 F1 livery launch

First pictures: Renault reveals its new livery for 2019

2019 F1 season

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Renault has presented its new livery for the 2019 F1 season at the headquarters of its chassis manufacturing facility in Enstone.

Speaking at the launch Renault Sport Racing president Jerome Stoll said he expects the team to be “real contenders for the podium”.

The car was uncovered by Daniel Ricciardo, the team’s new driver for 2019, Nico Hulkenberg and technical chiefs Nick Chester and Marcin Budkowski.

Renault returned to Formula 1 in 2016 and has climbed towards the front of the grid, ending last year fourth in the constructors’ championship. But it has a long way to go to shrink the gap to the likes of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull. The latter has dropped Renault as its power unit supplier this year, meaning only the factory Renault team and McLaren will use the French manufacturers’ power units.

The team has also published renderings showing how its 2019 car will look. The first RS19 chassis is still being completed at its Enstone base ahead of the start of pre-season testing at the Circuit de Catalunya next week.

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Video: Renault presents its 2019 F1 livery

Pictures: Renault presents its 2019 F1 livery

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2019 F1 season

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  • 12 comments on “First pictures: Renault reveals its new livery for 2019”

    1. Less yellow it seems, sadly. But it’s still a good look.

    2. Probably my favourite colour combo and livery in F1.

    3. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
      12th February 2019, 12:01

      The numbers seems to be the biggest change. looks very similar to last year’s livery

    4. Ricciardo’s number is fast becoming one of the iconic numbers to have on an F1 car! #3

    5. No one showing their cards yet..

      Danny boy looks a million bucks :) onya mate, no guts, no glory! They gave Fernando two championships against the almighty red devils, who knows what they can do over the next 5 years.

      1. They probably need Flavio again for a championship, juist as he did with Alonso.

    6. If it ain’t broke.

    7. After hiring Sean Bull I was hoping for something special with this years livery.. seems they must have assigned him to kitchen duties.

      1. My thoughts exactly, its one of the best livery’s on the grid but you have to wonder why the need to hire Sean when its essentially the same livery.

      2. Fudge Kobayashi (@)
        12th February 2019, 14:28


        He seems quite proud of it on Twitter but honestly it’s nowhere near his concept work. Which is to be expected I guess, he has free reign over that stuff but still.

    8. When I see Hulk and Ricciardo together I really can’t see them getting along or being quiet about their differences.. I just get that feeling they’ll have a big personality clash..Cannot wait!!

    9. We got scarbs, now how about a proper slideshow tool that actually starts on the first picture and ends on the last picture??

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