Sergio Perez, Racing Point, Circuit de Catalunya, 2019

Perez: 2019 already a “massive difference” to last year

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In the round-up: Sergio Perez says the 2019 F1 season is already off to a better start for Racing Point.

What they say

Perez was asked how the beginning of this year’s test compared to the same event 12 months ago, when the team was Force India:

It’s a massive difference. Today it’s better than expected.

When I first run the car everything that we were expecting in terms of grip, performance and so on on simulator was a lot worse than what we had today.

Although it was a very short run, I’m happy with the start, I think we’ve got a good baseline and there is a lot of room to improve, a lot of room to understand and learn from this new car.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Social media

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Comment of the day

Sonny Crockett has a healthy attitude to headline times in testing:

As a McLaren fan I am going to read absolutely zero into Sainz’s lap times today.

It’s the hope that kills you!
Sonny Crockett

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  • 40 comments on “Perez: 2019 already a “massive difference” to last year”

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      19th February 2019, 1:08

      This #betterthanredbull business from Rich Energy really sticks in the craw. Their whole marketing gimmick seems like an inferiority complex.
      With Scarbs now part of the RaceFam and apparently Rich sponsored also, I have genuine a reason to get on board, but I just can’t get past their omnipresent upstart jerkery.
      It’s going to be a conflicted year for me. I want my boy K-Mag to succeed, but Rich Energy to fail miserably.

      1. apparently Rich sponsored also

        @fullcoursecaution – wait, what?

        1. I think it’s Peter Windsor’s channel that is sponsored by Rich, and the tech analysis videos Scarbs has done for it had a Rich logo at the start of it (as well as Pirelli). Not sure how all that works out, but there it is.

          1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
            19th February 2019, 8:03

            Ah yeah so it was @lunaslide @phylyp. Feel a little less conflicted now. At least until RF aquire Pete Windsor on their path to world domination, which at the rate they are going will be next Tuesday

            1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
              19th February 2019, 21:11

              Haha good find @phylyp
              I wasn’t consciously referencing that but maybe it was in the back of my mind! One of those tour de force performances in otherwise terrible movies

      2. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read it as well. Then I remember red bull is actually an energy drink, and this rich supposedly is one too. This doesn’t make it less irritating and ridiculous, though. It’s so unprofessional that it might make sense because of this. Anyway, it’s probably the first and last chance they had to say that, so whatever, it will be soon forgotten.

        1. So a quick search of #betterthanredbull shows that is actually a legit hashtag. You will find coffee pics and other natural energy drinks. I think they are just playing off that.

    2. Ferrari couldn’t have got a more appropriate rear wing sponsor. When Seb is forced to start at the bottom of the grid, all he needs is the DRS to Winnow.

      1. He is not able to win when he is in front of the grid. What can he do at back of the grid..

    3. LOL at the COTD. Although I’m sure its the Williams fans who are hurting more.

      1. I’ve got to say, McLaren looked quite good today. No sign of the fundamental balance problems they had last year. They did a lot of laps with ease and looked stable while doing it. Hoping they have a more enjoyable season this year even if it doesn’t put them all the way up the grid.

        1. I’ve heard people call Vandoorne a lot of things, but “fundamental balance problem” is a first for me

          1. @johnmilk – he was a little too level-headed for the team, so that description sounds on point.

    4. Cars look really sexy in the sun — especially with those shiny latex boots!

    5. With regard to the Times blurb, I’m quite glad they haven’t come in like a bull in a china shop. We’ve had plenty of knee-jerk crap thrown in before under the previous regime (qualifying format, anyone?), so I’m glad it’s a more deliberative process.

      1. Good comment @lunaslide

      2. I’m not sure what the Times expected, but it was apparently completely unrealistic.

        Most revolutions involve people being put up against a wall and shot. I’m more in favor of controlled evolution.

    6. I don’t think it would be possible to come up with a tweet worse than that. I hope Haas keeps doing well in testing, I just want to watch how far RE can go embarassing themselves and the team they sponsor.

    7. Is HAAS running on Rich energy drinks?

    8. Why is Rich Energy bleating on about times? The first days of testing are not about performance, they are about shakedown and reliability. Clearly they know nothing about F1… or don’t care.

      1. Because journalists pick up the story and suddenly you in press getting free exposure… they trying to get there name out there, looks like it went exactly to plan to me….

      2. Just advertising; and it works.

        Soon they’ll be ready to make their products available in store ;)

      3. Maybe… their rich sponsorship money is less rich than hyped…have to make that big first (and last) tweeter-fodder splash.

      4. It is a marketing strategy. They are saying their energy drink is better than red-bullsh.. because their car is faster. Normal marketing propaganda.

    9. Hamilton said this year’s Mercedes feels so different and they are now behind their rivals around bottom of the table. Are they got things incorrect and heading to Williams’ 2018 faith?

      1. papaya, those at the circuit suggested that the way that Mercedes’s car behaved on track pointed more towards the car being on high fuel during most of their runs.

        They also don’t appear to have been using DRS either, and they appear to have spent most of the day on the harder compounds – note that their best times were set on the second hardest compound (the medium tyre), whereas all of the faster times were set on softs or supersofts. It’s similar to how Renault were operating as well – they also mostly used the harder tyres and didn’t bother using DRS either – so it sounds a lot more like they were deliberately running a programme that resulted in slow times.

        1. Thanks anon for providing the insights.

      2. Repeat after me: Testing means nothing to anyone outside the team.

    10. I hope we don’t get more city center tracks. Street circuits are so boring. F1 needs to go to Laguna seca!

    11. I’m guessing over time Rich Energy are going to be pretty annoying.

    12. I have seen several comments around this site about teams not using DRS during yesterday. Where is that information coming from?

    13. At Montmeló yesterday. Cold in the morning, warm the afternoon.
      Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull and Alfa Romeo seemed very fast, especially in last sector.
      The cars look good on track, they look aggressive and you just cant notice their ugly nose at speed.
      Mercedes’ engine is the noisier and the Honda is snoring while off-throttle. On the train to day 2.

      1. Have a good one… Did you want to swap..? :)

      2. The guys from Autosport were mentioning that the Honda cars while on idle sounded terrible (like tractors)

    14. Rich Energy is a curious outfit. I wonder how many staff they have, or who is in charge of social media. I won’t give them the Google indexed referral, but check out their partners and privacy policy pages on their site…

    15. @keithcollantine with that tweet are you asking for the return of the Trulli train?

    16. Haas seems to have fallen on the trap of jumping to definite conclusions based on one day of testing. Just because they’ve achieved a faster lap time than RBR on day one of testing doesn’t mean they’d be faster than them when it actually matters, i.e., when the season starts. Testing is just testing. Race weekends are an entirely different matter altogether.

      The DRS gap indeed does look huge, LOL.

      1. Just Rich Energy stirring the pot… drumming up some publicity. Doubt Haas think anything of the sort.

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