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Ferrari’s Mission Winnow logos will return at Bahrain GP

2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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Ferrari will restore its Mission Winnow branding for the second race of the 2019 F1 season after removing it for the Australian Grand Prix.

As RaceFans revealed yesterday, Ferrari will not run the logos of Philip Morris International’s Mission Winnow programme at next week’s season-opening race in Melbourne. The brand has also been dropped from the team’s official name on the FIA entry list.

However PMI’s director of global communications Tommaso Di Giovanni told RaceFans the change will be a one-off for the first race only.

“Mission Winnow will remain the title sponsor of Scuderia Ferrari in 2019,” said Di Giovanni. “However, our activation will be different in Australia than in other countries. We will announce additional details in the lead up to the race in Melbourne.”

The programme has been under scrutiny in Australia following concerns about a possible connection to PMI’s tobacco products, the promotion of which could contravene laws banning tobacco advertising.

“Although we acknowledge the position of the State of Victoria, we continue to believe that Mission Winnow complies with relevant laws related to our activities around the world,” Di Giovanni explained. “Mission Winnow does not and will not advertise or promote any PMI-branded tobacco or e-cigarette products.”

Ferrari could reinstate the Mission Winnow brand to its official name in the period between the two races, as the FIA requires seven days’ notice for such changes.

Ferrari is one of two F1 teams which is sponsored by a tobacco firm. McLaren, whose car features British American Tobacco’s slogan ‘A Better Tomorrow’, said in response to a request from RaceFans they will confirm their branding arrangements for the first race of the season in due course.

Video: Why Ferrari is removing Mission Winnow from its car

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2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

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    26 comments on “Ferrari’s Mission Winnow logos will return at Bahrain GP”

    1. ColdFly (@)
      6th March 2019, 7:42

      Initially I was disappointed that Ferrari decided to put these logos, and a bit annoyed when they changed their name.

      Now I’m utterly frustrated with them. I don’t even care if my frustration is reasonable or not, but I hope they will not win either title this year.

      Don’t expect me to buy a Ferrari this year either ;)

      1. @coldfly: Solidarity. The 812 was on my must-buy list, but not happening until Ferrari stop taking millions from the Merchants of Death. And offer better terms on their 600 month leases.

        1. ColdFly (@)
          6th March 2019, 12:12

          Beware when considering the lease option; floor mats are not included.

          1. Yeah, we know that, Massa’s not been with them for years :)

            1. ColdFly (@)
              6th March 2019, 13:18


    2. Just remove that stupid logo for the rest of the season. The 2018 car looked better without them, and I bet this one would be cleaner as well.

      1. indeed. And this mess is just too stark a reminder of the time when we had non-tobacco ads races and tobacco livery races @okeptl. The car indeed looks far better without it.

    3. Win-win situation for Ferrari’s head of communication. Medias and outlets deal with it every other day.

      Each time a country allows tobacco advertising Ferrari will display the logo and each time it isn’t allowed Farrari will not.

      So I predict another dozen of article on the mater this year

    4. doesn’t this make a mockery of the rules regarding tobacco advertising? if australia and the EU see a problem with it then the problem is still going to be there if the sport is broadcast into those regions. they obviously do see a problem with it, which is why ferrari are changing their logos for albert park. it’s laughable.

      1. I suppose that in some countries (france comes to mind, not sure about the UK or NLD or Germany) will have to add in boxes covering the logos in that case? Like in the “good times” when tobacco advertising was still used openly in some races @frood19

    5. BlackJackFan
      6th March 2019, 9:38

      On/Off/On/Off… and PMI are absolutely loving it… “All publicity is good publicity”… and, this way, they get more publicity than if they just kept quiet…
      It’s the way the world rotates…

    6. The FIA are to blame for all this nonsense. If they took a stand and just said no to any form of tobacco company sponsorship, and let’s face it, the world and it’s dog knows what winnow is all about, they would force Ferrari to take legal measures to prove they’re right or wrong.
      And is all this changing the teams name depending on where they’re racing within the rules?. I’m sure Force India / Racing Point might have a view on that.

      1. There seems to be a lot of confusion about team and chassis name changes. To clarify: Team names (in other words the name the team enters under) can be changed at any time provided:

        The FIA is given 7 days’ written notice before the change takes effect, and
        No words considered to be in any way offensive are included in the name.

        The team chassis name change is far more complicated, as outlined here:

        However, in simplified terms a chassis name change requires F1 Commission and commercial rights holder approval, plus the chassis name must also be included in the team name in addition to the team building the chassis themselves or holding the intellectual rights to the design.

        1. Thanks for the clarification, Dieter.

          It is a bit surprising to see that rule – I’d have thought that the chassis name is a more “technical” name that can change as needed, but the team name is the “public name” of the team, and should have a better process around it.

          1. Team (or entry) names change according to commercial considerations, whereas the chassis provides continuity. Think of the original Lotus: at times they raced as JPS.

            1. Good point, Dieter.

        2. Agree, frogster. The FIA is an enabler in the game of death merchants – won’t help Ferrari kick the habit. Don’t appear to care about the smoke in McLaren’s eyes either.

          And yet the FIA could snuff out this big tobacco bug with a simple 500 page ruling.

    7. georgeboole (@)
      6th March 2019, 10:03

      Guess I was right then, at least for the communication part. I predicted they would be back when the races return to Europe but it will be done earlier.Still people are talking about PM and their logo more than they should.So they won that game

    8. Michael Hoang
      6th March 2019, 10:38

      Annoyingly in Melbourne its impossible to purchase any new 2019 Ferrari team replica kit due to the Mission Winnow branding, and 2018 stuff is still full price by stores knowing this fact.

    9. Cristiano Ferreira
      6th March 2019, 11:05

      So much controversy because some tobacco advertising. Just let the damn thing on or off the car. In the end it doesnt matter.

      McLaren, Lotuts etc with all their Tobacco liveries were VERY VERY popular here in Brazil because of Senna (and others like Piquet and Fittipaldi). As a kid i had many toys or clothes featuring the Marlboro colour or name and I NEVER smoked or felt influenced to because of that. And i have never met anybody that started smoke because of F1.

      I dont believe anyone make important life choices like driking, smoking, betting etc based on some adverts. Sorry but i dont believe at all.

      And i find this crusade against tobacco advert a bit silly in my opinion.

      One more thing…before someone says that i dont have relatives that died because of tobacco, yes i have some relatives that died because of tobacco, because of drinking problems and that led a difficulty life because gambling addiction.

      So yeah i dont hold any grudges against the said companies, but i have grudges against the said relatives because they turned their life and the life of thouse around them miserable at the time.

    10. Banning tobacco advertising is the biggest gift to tobacco companies. They all save billions on ads, not having to outspend each other anymore.

      And now in cases like the one above, the press articles and tons of comments make it even more visible. Its like banning a film or a book. You can guarantee that it will go viral.

      This is a perfect storm for PM and other tobacco companies. They will make even more money.

      1. I suspect advertising is a tax deductible expense.

    11. Well that didn’t take long…

    12. “Mission Winnow does not and will not advertise or promote any PMI-branded tobacco or e-cigarette products.”

      By saying that you just did, you sly rascals.

    13. MaliceCooper
      6th March 2019, 20:39

      Bahrain already promotes camels?

    14. Ohhh. What a surprise that is. NOT. Expect it’ll be around in China too, say…….

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