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Stroll: ‘Not enough space for two cars’ in Norris crash

2019 Spanish Grand Prix

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Lance Stroll says there was no way for him to avoid the collision with Lando Norris which put both of them out of the race.

The pair tangled in turn two as Norris was trying to overtake the Racing Point driver on his inside.

“I braked on the inside while he was on the outside and then I had to turn in to make the left hand corner,” Stroll explained. “Unfortunately there is not enough space for two cars and there was not much I could do. I felt contact on my rear and I was sent into the gravel.”

However Norris accused his rival of failing to leave enough room for him.

“I was on the outside in turn one, he knew I was there, he defended into turn one,” said the McLaren driver. “After that – I don’t know if he saw me after going into turn two but I was still on the inside of turn two and he just turned in, didn’t leave me enough space basically, and he kind of pushed the front of my car and he put himself out of the race and me out of the race as well.

“I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t get to finish my fifth grand prix. But in the the end of the day we weren’t in the points so it didn’t cost us as much as what it could have done.”

The stewards spoke to both drivers and ruled the collision was a racing incident.

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11 comments on “Stroll: ‘Not enough space for two cars’ in Norris crash”

  1. Stroll could’ve left more room. He was going to keep the position anyway into turn 3. I think Lando had reasons to stay inside turn 2, he was almost alongside. It was a racing incident anyway, nothing that deserves a penalty.

    1. Doesn’t look like Stroll is the best candidate to learn from his mistakes. This was a reaching incident but still he could have left more space and still keep the position. Not sure he has the best space awareness, not the first time he is involved in similar incident.

    2. I tend to agree. There is plenty of room for two cars in that section. Stroll made no attempt at all to give any space and took the racing line despite having a car alongside him. I do think Norris should have expected that from Stroll though and therefore should have backed off slightly.

  2. 120% Norris’ mistake.

    As per earlier stewarts ruling in F1 races, you must be at least half way alongside the car you are trying to overtake, to win right to space in the following turn. Norris was nowhere near that, and more experienced drivers would have falling in behind to place a later attack at the right moment.

    Stroll has taken a lot of crap, but in this case it was all Norris’ fault.

    1. 100% is all there is …

      100% Stroll’s mistake.
      Norris was 100% alongside him on the outside of turn 1, which immediately becomes the inside of turn 2, so Stroll knew 100% that he was there, but chose to try run him off the track instead of giving him space.

      100% spoiled entitled brat behaviour that has become common in his generation.
      They no longer know how to overtake – or how to drive when being overtaken – in the corners.
      Consequence of too much DRS.

    2. What you claim is not even true. The only need to be past the rear wheel. Norris did nothing wrong.

  3. Initially from the overhead view I wondered if Norris should have conceded as he didn’t look ‘alongside’ to me, but from his in-car shot you can’t blame him at all. Racing incident IMO

  4. All in all, it’s nice to see you back to your natural habitat. Nothing personal, your story is not that different from the (most of) other drivers; but unlike them you’re lacking skill and talent. I’ve never seen someone’s father buying a team and firing one of the brightest talents just to hire his son, not on such a high level at least. Though I must admit it’s nice to have a “villain” of the story, at least something interesting this year.

  5. Not enough space for side-by-side driving at T2, LOL? THere’s plenty of space actually. The track there is wide enough for even three car-widths. This incident is mostly reminiscent of the Hamilton-Massa one in the inaugural 2011 Indian GP.

  6. You can’t buy maturity.

  7. Another ridiculous decision. Stroll deserves a grid penalty.

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