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2019 French Grand Prix championship points

2019 French Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 French Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 French Grand Prix

Team Total
1 Mercedes 338
2 Ferrari 198
3 Red Bull 137
4 McLaren 40
5 Renault 32
6 Racing Point 19
6 Alfa Romeo 19
8 Toro Rosso 17
9 Haas 16
10 Williams 0

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2019 French Grand Prix

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5 comments on “2019 French Grand Prix championship points”

  1. So, at this pace, both Verstappen and Leclerc will end up ahead of Vettel before the end of they year (but, not ultimately likely Vettel starts only 7th all that often).

    1. Well. LEC would be now without the team orders.
      It would be funny to see where he wouldve been with the victory in bahrein, not team order and a better quali in monaco.
      But these are a lot of asterisks,

  2. DAllein (@)
    23rd June 2019, 16:37

    Lewis alone being only 11 points “behind” the combined Ferrari drivers.
    And Mercedes being ahead of combined Ferrari and RBR.

    I know it is not good to feel somewhat good about some woes of competitors, but I can’t say I am not satisfied with Haas being where they are.
    I don’t like the way they have entered F1 and continue to build their car, so I feel some vindication with the fact, that looks like it has started to backfire for them.

    1. I agree there.
      As they outsource everything, they simply can’t try and fix its gremlins with the tyres as others can, their only weapon is to ask for the 2018 spec ones in which they were hands down the 4th fastest team last year.

  3. Both Mclaren and Renault are moving ahead of the chasing pack. And Gasly and Giovinazzi are useless drivers who need to be booted for their lackluster performances.

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