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2019 Italian Grand Prix championship points

2019 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 drivers championship after the 2019 Italian Grand Prix

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F1 constructors championship after the 2019 Italian Grand Prix

3Red Bull266
6Toro Rosso51
7Racing Point46
8Alfa Romeo34

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2019 Italian Grand Prix

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14 comments on “2019 Italian Grand Prix championship points”

  1. Renault have scored big today cutting the deficit to Mclaren.

  2. Charles hunting down Max in the WDC.

    McLaren looked so comfortable in the WCC before the summer break, suddenly they need to wake up to the threat.

    Doesn’t help that they have Renault-installed engine kill switches in the back of the car (I kid, I kid!)

    1. McLaren have lost 16 points in the last two Grand Prix, it was quite unfortunate slash regrettable for them. But I think they will bounce back in the following races, Renault has been generally strong at the power circuits this season and then was struggling at the more aero-based tracks. The only remaining question is whether McLaren will focus on 2020 from now on or whether they will try to finnish this season in fourth. There were some demands from Sainz that they should fully devote their effort to 2020, so we’ll see.

      1. @pironitheprovocateur – C’mon man. Stop making such balanced comments and start living up to your username.

        Sainz had a strong run of good luck from China until summer, so it’s probably just the odds levelling out a bit. And yes, you make a good point about the 2020 car… although given there aren’t any (major) rule changes, they can develop both cars to an extent. I don’t see them changing the philosophy of the car, seeing as it worked well for them this year at many tracks.

  3. Vettel is only 13 points behind Leclerc. I know Bahrain and all that, but those calling for him to retire need to have a longer memory than 2 races.

    1. Um, it’s not just the points. It’s potential. Leclerc singlehandedly withstood pressure from 1.5 Mercs (Bottas wasn’t all there) with just one small lockup, Vettel made an unforced error and compounded it with an unsafe rejoin, and basically checked out from the battle in the front. And I’m sure that after today, the mood in the Ferrari garage will be quite different as well, with Leclerc being accepted even more fully into the team.

      Vettel might need some time away to sort out his head, but at his age, joining back might not be that easy.

    2. Remember that’s with Ferrari actively favouring Vettel. Imagine if they’d played it even between the 2 from the start of the season.

    3. I vividly recall calling for Vettel’s retirement more than two races ago, @john-h ;)
      I’d like to see Hamilton in the Ferrari next to LeClerc.

    4. Fair enough everyone. Never thought I’d be defending Vettel!

  4. Missed opportunity for Sainz (a F 1.5 driver) to hit P6, a F 1 spot

  5. So Hamilton is 100 points over the first real contender.
    This is already a 4 dnf’s advantage.
    Championship will be math.ly over by Russia-Japan.

  6. Is it normal that there is more text on the link highlights to this page than what is on it? The paragraph is missing on this page. and is only visible here:

    “Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead has been cut to 63 points following the Italian Grand Prix, while Charles Leclerc moved ahead of Sebastian Vettel.”

    1. Yeah Sainz and Gasly are now also out of the championship race ;)

  7. Keith a points progression graph for manufacturers would be a great addition.

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