Antonio Giovinazzi, Alfa Romeo, 2019

Caption Competition 158: Giovinazzi in the kitchen

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Antonio Giovinazzi cooked up his best result of the season so far at his home race last weekend. He also lent a hand with the preparations for Alfa Romeo’s Pasta Party at Monza.

Can you come up with the best caption for this picture? Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below.

A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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  • 36 comments on “Caption Competition 158: Giovinazzi in the kitchen”

    1. Giovinazzi starts his training after hearing from Grosjean about career alternatives.

      1. They tell me that at McLaren Fernando does all the stirring.

    2. Chef “Antonio you need to push now, push push go pasta!”

    3. Lenny (@leonardodicappucino)
      14th September 2019, 9:37

      Antonio tries to ignore the Australian cries of “Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!” from the other kitchen.

      1. As you see here, after 14 hours, the pasta is just carbon fibre

    4. F1 might be cheesy enough with 18″ wheels, reverse grids and Saturday races all on the cards, but this dish is not.

    5. Double, double toil and trouble; Mercedes burn and Renault bubble. Cool it with the Iceman’s blood, Then the Pirelli’s will be firm and good.

    6. Chef: And a dash tyre cheese over the grass, give it a little spin and a whack, and we’ll be ready to crash this party!
      Giovinazzi: What’s this called, again?
      Chef: It’s a German-Italian fusion recipe. Don’t worry about it.

    7. Antonio forgot his hair net so the chef made him wear a cap. Don’t wanna seea no hair innna the pasta.

    8. With Imola and Mugello vying for a return to the calendar, the media was eager to find out Antonio’s favourite Italian course

    9. “Sprinkle some DRS …and VOILÀ”

    10. Not at all what AG was expecting when they said come try out the new 18” rim.

    11. “Now we add the secret ingredient. Romain’s Haas contract! And next year he’s going to be the chef!!”

    12. See Antonio, when cooking SPA ghetti you must keep watching till the last lap, I mean, minute!

    13. “Antonio, the difference between Sauber and Alfa Romeo is the same as the difference between mince and pizza.”

    14. Chef: and we need to be really careful of overstir

    15. Antonio! BOX BOX BOX!

    16. Antonio wants to improve his cooking skills, since his team can’t live from ice-cream only

    17. Giovi: Time for the secret weapon: New Day’s Unicorn Horn.

    18. With his new special sauce, Antonio hopes it will be easier to get pasta McLaren

    19. As Ferrari celebrateted at the streets of Maranello Giovi had more subtle way to party his best result so far. The italian way. Pasta e amici.

    20. “Just keep that pasta spinning like your Alfa did at Spa”

    21. Impressed by his skills, Alfa Romeo had been quick to give Antonio a new contract.

    22. Tastes good, just needs a little dash of performance.

    23. Giovinazzi grimaced when he saw the roach in the pot. But he instantly realized he could not embarrass his sponsor, so he blended the bug in as best he could, dreading the inevitable tasting.

    24. “See, Antonio, our secret ingredient is lots of shredded contracts with the names of drivers who said they’d never apply for a job here.”

    25. Antonio channels his inner grandma as he makes the sauce.

    26. Is that turbo laxative strong enough for keeping Kimi in WC during quali?

    27. Antonio serving a stir-through penalty in the pot-lane.

    28. As his first catering shift gets underway, Giovinazzi laments following Raikkonen’s lead and not reading his Alfa contract

    29. “This is a dish we like to call the ‘Second Seat’. It’s available to take away. Antonio will keep it warm until then.”

    30. Yuck, what’s so funny, I was in the bathroom, you didn’t wash your hands..

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