Kevin Magnussen, Daniel Ricciardo, Interlagos, 2019

Magnussen: “No hard feelings” after Ricciardo apology

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In the round-up: Kevin Magnussen says Daniel Ricciardo apologised to him for their collision in the Brazilian Grand Prix.

What they say

The Haas driver had a disappointing end to the race as he dropped out of the points on the final lap:

It feels pretty bitter. It was a real opportunity at the end with the Safety Car behind me. I just didn’t have any grip on the restarts. Especially in turn 12 where the exit is onto the back straight I had no grip and just got overtaken all the time. So it feels bad.

I think [Ricciardo] just misjudged it a little bit. He said he’s sorry so no hard feelings.

Quotes: Dieter Rencken

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Comment of the day

If anyone’s needed a big result recently, it has to be Pierre Gasly:

Gasly’s celebration over the radio brought a tear in my eye, it was so intense and genuine.

He’s accumulated so much frustration over the season, this must have been such a release for him. We need more midfielders to grab a podium from time to time, it’s such a stark contrast from what the usual suspects have to say over the radio after a top finish.

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Happy birthday to Joao and Matteo!

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  • 14 comments on “Magnussen: “No hard feelings” after Ricciardo apology”

    1. Still cant believe we’ve come off a Honda 1-2! Wouldn’t have dared imagine this 12 months ago.

      To be honest, had Honda and Mclaren stayed together, I doubt they’d have got here.

      1. Red bull are a big team that puts lots of money into f1, they were winning with Renault its pretty obvious they were going to be able to win with honda. But mclaren getting one of the first renault podiums without a red bull gives me hope for renaults future

    2. Unfortunately to get two mid fielders on the podium took 3 separate incidents removing 4 top cars from the front (Albon, Vettel, Leclerc and Bottas) and a penalty for Hamilton, with 2 of those incidents in the last few laps so there was no chance for a comeback. The likelihood of that happening often, or again, is low.

      1. Of the 5 cars that were taken out of equation, there is a high probability of two red cars dropping ball more often than not.

        1. 60% of the time, every time.

          1. That does not make sense Brian.

    3. As a mid-field team, you need to always be on the lookout for opportunities when the leaders make an exploitable mistake. The Ferrari crash was an early Xmas gift to McLaren, Renault and Haas.

      1. @sunnchilde Not really for Haas, though.

    4. I agree with the COTD, but maybe with the budget cap in place, midfielders could achieve top-three finishes more often, from 2022 onwards if not yet in its first year.

    5. there was a big cheer in the media centre in Brazil when the two (Ferraris) collided…

      I am disappointed; I always hoped that the journos could at least pretend to be objective.

      1. Probably as they had fodder to keep the press going for next 2 weeks. Although I am really curious what Italian press that thought of the latest debacle.

      2. are journalists ever truly objective? if that’s all they were then we’d be left with some very dull stuff to read! however, it does seem a bit odd to cheer two cars colliding, regardless of who it is. i was looking forward to seeing leclerc chase down the leaders (I reckon he had the freshest tyres and quickest car at that point) so i was doing the opposite of cheering.

      3. @coldfly They were probably cheering as it pretty much guaranteed them several thousand words worth of reportage in addition to everything else. Xmas bonus, something to carry the off-season etc.

    6. It was Karma for Hungary.

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