TAG-Porsche F1 engine designer Mezger dies

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In the round-up: Hans Megzer, who designed the world championship-winning TAG Porsche engines raced by McLaren in the eighties, has passed away.

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Would you wear an anti-Covid 19 mask sold by an F1 team?

I’d probably wear one of those. Or, I would if I liked Renault. Always nice to add a bit of F1 to my life, I’d trust the quality and the claims of effectiveness, they look decent, and so on.

But it’s F1, so either the product, the postage, or both are mystifyingly expensive. In this case, it’s both… if I wanted five Renault masks, it would cost me £40.50 (£21.96 + £18.54 postage).

Wonder if one of the UK-based teams will produce something a little closer to my budget.
Neil (@neilosjames)

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22 comments on “TAG-Porsche F1 engine designer Mezger dies”

  1. Derek Edwards
    14th June 2020, 0:28

    Regarding the first paragraph, they were raced by McLaren in the eighties, I think. The Porsche engines of the nineties were another matter entirely..

    1. Yes, as you note the TAG-Porsche engines were used from 1983-1987 by McLaren, not the 1990s – the Porsche 3512 that was used in 1991 by Footwork was also a Metzger creation, but one that he probably wasn’t quite so proud of having on his list of achievements…

  2. @bernasaurus – and you thought two ‘Zimkazimka’s was something…

    @mashiat – happy birthday to you you you you!

    1. Congratulations @mashiat @mashiat2 @mashiat3 @mashiat4 @tifoso1989 @drumpf and all other birthday kids.

    2. @phylyp From all four of me, thank you for the birthday wishes! But seriously, I have no idea why it keeps adding the number of times I’m mentioned every year…

      1. I hope you guys have a nice quadruple birthday there @mashiat‘s. maybe it’s a counter, so next year you’ll have another one added to the list ;-)

        1. @bascb Fairly certain last year I had three, so it does appear to be some sort of counter. Look forward to number 5 in 2021.

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes ! Happy birthday to the rest of the guys too. The sad part though is that today is also Donald Trump’s birthday.

    1. @tifoso1989 – happy birthday mate, and look at it this way: nicer people were also born on this day :)

      1. @coldfly, @phylyp
        Thank you all for the birthday wishes !

        nicer people were also born on this day :)

        +1 spot on !

    2. I raise you several orders of magnitude of infamy. My birthday is 20th April…

      1. Same as a certain Adolf, isn’t it?

    3. Happy birthday to you @tifoso1989

      1. @bascb
        Thank you for the birthday wishes !

  4. Happy birthdays!

    1. @ferrox-glideh On behalf of all four of me (still not sure how that happened), thank you.

  5. Regarding the article about the Algarve circuit:
    Should it join the altered final race schedule for this year and have races on both September 27 and October 4 with Mugello on September 13, where would Sochi go in this scenario? And what about the possibility of a re-scheduled Chinese GP, or would neither one of them happen, after all?

    As for the COTD: No, and I’m not planning to get myself one of those either.

    1. @jerejj I think it’s unlikely that a new circuit joins the calendar and immediately they are scheduled to host two races back-to-back. Sochi is already booked for Sep 27 anyway and they seem to have expressed the desire to host two races also. And i think Liberty indicated that any other ‘new’ European race would probably take place in October after Sochi…

      If the Algarve-double does happen (i think it’s unlikely), Sochi could theoreticaly move to Oct 11 with no major problems climate-wise, but it could also mean that Sochi is dropped altogether and the 2 races in Portugal are just to make up the numbers along with possibly Imola or Jerez afterwards…?

      As for China, Mexico’s insistence on hosting the race on Nov 1 makes things more difficult as they would probably want to avoid back-to-back races in China and Mexico. An October date seems dfficult due to the Sochi-Algarve-Imola-Mugello thing and the uncertainty of the US GP… November is more likely, they’ll have a 4-week gap (Nov 1 ► Nov 29) from Mexico to Bahrain#1 and they can schedule China as a standalone in Nov 15.

      1. @black Indeed concerning the part about ‘additional’ European races taking place after Sochi except for maybe Mugello. Sochi is good for all of October when it comes to its climate, so having it on the second half wouldn’t be a problem in this regard. I expect the race days in the scenario of there being two races at Sochi Autodrom to be either September 20 and 27, or 27 and October 4, though. I’d prefer to have the possible re-scheduled Chinese GP on either October 4 or 11 to form a triple-header with the Sochi-races as October is warmer than November, but November is still pretty fine temp-wise, so the middle of the month should be OK for Shanghai.

  6. I’ll just say it, OK?
    Le Grand Rendez-Vous 2020 is pointless awkward crap.
    Its biggest sin is that it’s a giant lost opportunity for everyone involved.

  7. Broccoliface
    14th June 2020, 11:53

    Is there a link between the designers of Iberian circuits? Portimao looks like Estoril, which looks like Catalunya, which looks somewhat like Albacete. Especially the first 3 look almost identikit. Far more than say, comparing them to something like Bahrain.

    1. Gavin Campbell
      15th June 2020, 18:11

      No idea – but the primary motorsport in Spain and Portugal (to a lesser extent) is motorcycle racing not car racing. Thus I’d imagine most circuits are designed with 2 wheels in mind that can also run cars rather than the other way around. (Also I don’t think they run Motorbikes on those middle east circuits listed at all – at least not in a high level commpetitive sense).

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