Perez completes quarantine, can return this weekend if he tests negative for Covid-19

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Sergio Perez could return to drive for for Racing Point this weekend if he tests negative for Covid-19.

Racing Point had sought a clarification from Public Health England over whether Perez was subject to a seven or 10-day quarantine period following his test, as the restrictions were changed last week. The team confirmed today PHE has advised them Perez has completed his quarantine period.

Perez is undergoing a test for Covid-19 today. If that confirms he is no longer carrying the virus, he will be able to enter the paddock.

Nico Hulkenberg was drafted in to replace Perez last weekend but was unable to race as his power unit failed before the start. Racing Point say it will announce tomorrow who will partner Lance Stroll in this weekend’s race.

“Public Health England have confirmed that Sergio Perez’s period of quarantine has been completed,” said Racing Point in a statement.

“In line with the FIA Code Of Conduct, Sergio requires a verified negative test result for COVID-19 before he can enter the paddock. The testing process is taking place today.

“The team expects to make a decision on who is driving alongside Lance later today or first thing tomorrow morning.”

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42 comments on “Perez completes quarantine, can return this weekend if he tests negative for Covid-19”

  1. How has he completed the UK’s 10 day requirement when he got the positive test 7 days ago?

    1. Because the first test he took was before they changed the 7 day requirement to 10 days. So his quarantine period of 7 days ended today and he took a test which will show whether he is still infected @hugh11.

      To me it doesn’t make sense either, but then again, I guess the most important part is that test and whether it will be negative to allow him to get back in the paddock.

    2. Quarantine period was 7 days when he tested positive for the first time. Wich was 7 days ago

      1. But the official quarantine period was 10 days when he tested positive the subsequent day. @joac21
        If PHE were to take this seriously, and follow its own recommendations, then Checo should quarantine at least 10 days from that 2nd test.

      2. It was 10 days on the 30th July, the day he tested positive.

        If I was in the racing point garage, I’m not entirely sure I’d be happy even if he tests negative.

    3. Why only 10 days? It should be minimum of 14 + at least 2 tests after. And better to be 21 days.

      1. honest question, why would it matter how long it’s been if the test is negative? If he doesn’t have it, he doesn’t have it.

        1. Perhaps it’s how the virus develops, before and after symptoms (if they even present anyway). Here in Australia, a mate of mine went interstate for work and had to quarantine for 14 days, with a test on arrival and then a second test on day 10, with the second test needing to be negative before being allowed to leave quarantine.

  2. This sounds like a ludicrously stupid move.

    Even if there is a small % risk…..he could bring down his team if they get this wrong.

    Better to miss this weekend and be far more confident for the next one.

    1. Gavin Campbell
      6th August 2020, 15:13

      Actually the test is the main thing not the quarantine – The quarantine requirements are for the general public who wouldn’t normally recieve a test post this period. You simply quarantine for a minimum time (7 days – recently extended to 10) and can leave your isolation if you no longer have symptoms.

      If you test negative after 7 days that should be far more effective than any x number of days extra of quarantine.

      The recent upgrade to 10 days is a belt and braces approach to try and keep virus numbers down as most things are open again in England (pubs, restaurants, gyms, all retail)

  3. Can’t believe people who are so clever can be so stupid.

    1. Indeed. It’s one race, just be safe. He could still infect one of the team members even if he tests negative. What are they playing at?

  4. Pretty big IF that!

  5. Would be a bit pity for Hulk even though he only ever was there substituting for a regular driver that is Checo, but oh well, nothing to be done with that.

    1. But Perez has proven that he is a better driver than Hulk.

  6. It’s Jimmie Johnson all over again..

  7. Ridiculous!
    British tourists coming back from Spain have to self-isolate for 2 weeks even if tested negative, whereas an individual who went to Mexico and tested positive for the virus is let back into the bubble of the sport claiming to set the global example.

    1. @coldfly +1 Driven by team pressure. This is where FIA need to show some courage and act rationally. Not that they have a good track record on such.

    2. I can’t understand why some people in F1 have this idea this virus isn’t contagious. Can you get sand on your clothes when you play in a sandpit? Of course! So why do you expect to travel around the world and not get infected? And why is it teams allow people who go “extra-bubble” to return without some sort of quarantine expectation? They say it typically takes 5 days for the infection to develop in a person, but it can take as long as 14 days, so at a minimum a person who goes extra-bubble should sit out 5 days.
      F1 goes to the expense of holding races at their own cost in an attempt to keep their billion dollar industry afloat, and then supposedly irreplaceable people think no one will mind if they go extra-bubble. The FIA said it was 10 days, so that’s the minimum that Sergio should sit out. Maybe F1 needs to implement some “user pays”, as in teams making donations to a suitable charity if someone “needs” to go extra-bubble.

  8. Sorry, this is a bad idea. Much better to err on the side of caution and make him wait another week. It’s one driver only. The risk is spreading the virus through the paddock and scuppering the season for the team or others. Arguing whether 7 or 10 days enough is bureaucratic thinking not science. Nobody really knows how long it takes to become non-contagious, and Perez we know caught it recently.

    1. Jack (@jackisthestig)
      6th August 2020, 20:35

      It looks bad too. When the sport is going to such lengths to keep the virus out of the paddock and essentially justify its return, Perez turning up and racing just a week after testing positive makes a mockery of the effort everyone is making.

    2. You know Racing Point can’t run the risk of Hulk actually beating Stroll after being away from racing for so long, especially since they are going to release Perez for Vettel next year.

      Just keep a watch on how the rest of this season plays out for Stroll/Perez. They want appearances that see Stroll not being as bad as he really is…

  9. Racing Point must be really keen to get Perez back so they can announce he’s being replaced by Vettel…

    1. This plus pressure from the team sponsors for Perez to race? 🤔

    2. Why would Racing Point replace a good driver who never crashes by a driver who oftnmen crashes into his teammate?

      1. @jacquesnotvilleneuve I don’t know! That was the report (OK pit gossip) I read though, RP had been due to announce Perez’s departure and Vettel’s signing, but postponed because it wouldn’t ‘look good’ to make the announcement with him in quarantine and not racing. Who knows.

  10. I hope they do a dual test and not only a single one to SP. Risks are quite big and I want to watch this 2020 F1 season.

  11. Good luck to Perez. Has he been asymptomatic the whole time?

    1. Looks like it, but then most people are.

      1. Think you need a source for that claim Fred. Percentage of asymptomatic people in case studies varies wildly between different methodologies. Hard to get a true figure because the criteria for testing people and availability of testing varies so much from country to country.

        1. Or it might even be far off the truth, @keithedin.
          The latest meta-analysis study I checked had a asymptomatic percentage of 15.6% (roughly one in six), of which roughly half were pre-symptomatic (symptoms appeared later).
          The bit I didn’t check though is how they selected the cohorts.

  12. If someone only clears the bar on a technicality (by a few hours, it seems), I wouldn’t risk them in F1’s very closed bubble. The guidance changed to 10 days for a reason – because seven was deemed insufficient. Of course, Perez has the luxury of having as many private tests thrown at him as they need to, and an ordinary member of the public doesn’t, but I’d prefer to see caution exercised.

    I know it’s being taken extremely seriously, so I’m surprised F1 hadn’t created their own hyper-cautious, extended limit… 14 days, maybe.

    1. Racing Point needs Perez to get podiums.

  13. It should be remembered that Pérez already had symptoms of headache and dizziness in Hungary, so before his visit to Mexico, it is probable that Checo had traveled to Mexico already carrying the Covid-19 virus.

  14. Racing Point’s enthusiasm to get Perez back in the car suggests just how much Lance Stroll underperformed last weekend…

    1. @marcusbreese There’s that too, setting up the car particularly.

    2. @marcusbreese to me, the conspiracy theorist, it means they don’t want to give Hulk the chance of beating Stroll after having been gone for so long. It would look bad to keep Stroll alongside Vettel next year.

  15. Confirming that the UK quarantine measures are arbitrary at best.

    1. *England, not the UK.

    2. the quarantine measures are arbitrary everywhere, it’s no exact science you know. of course they are. they are for the general public who can’t test as often as F1 drivers can…

  16. Can’t Perez do the decent thing and just pull out of this race himself? I have to admit that’s what I would do. I wouldn’t want to be responsible if one of my team members gets Covid from me because I came back too early.

    It’s just so dumb.

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