Alexander Albon, Red Bull, Circuit de Catalunya, 2020

Updated F1 2020 driver rankings sees Albon fall to 17th


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Codemasters have revealed updated driver performance rankings for F1 2020 based on the first six races of the season.

All 20 drivers are given scores out of 100 on four different metrics, plus an overall rating, which determines how they perform in the official Formula 1 game.

The latest rankings have altered all the drivers’ ratings in at least one area, and all bar six have had their overall scores changed.

Alexander Albon has seen the biggest change to his ranking as a result of the adjustments. His overall score has fallen from 79 to 77, which has seen him fall from joint 14th among the 20 drivers to 17th. Lando Norris, Lance Stroll and Kevin Magnussen have moved ahead of him.

Valtteri Bottas, who was previously rated second-highest alongside Max Verstappen, has fallen to third place, matching their current drivers’ championship positions.

The ratings for the two Ferrari drivers has moved closer together, as Charles Leclerc score has increased by one while Sebastian Vettel’s score has dropped.

The updated driver ratings are available for players to apply in the current version of F1 2020 if they choose to.

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F1 2020 driver rankings after the Spanish Grand Prix

Any changes since the pre-season rankings are listed in brackets:

Lewis Hamilton90 (+1)9388 (-7)98 (+2)941
Max Verstappen66 (-2)9485 (+1)98 (+2)91 (+1)2
Valtteri Bottas72 (+1)88 (-1)9991903 (down 1)
Sebastian Vettel89 (+1)88 (-1)8192 (-2)88 (-1)=4
Daniel Ricciardo77 (+1)89 (-1)87 (+1)91 (+1)88 (+1)=4 (up 1)
Charles Leclerc57 (+1)9285 (+3)9387 (+1)6 (up 1)
Kimi Raikkonen99 (+1)8484 (-7)84 (+1)86 (-1)7 (down 2)
Sergio Perez7890 (-1)75 (-5)8684 (-1)8
Carlos Sainz Jnr66 (+1)86 (-2)82 (+1)8482=9
Pierre Gasly55 (+2)84 (-1)90 (+3)84 (+4)82 (+2)=9 (up 1)
Lando Norris54 (+2)90 (+1)84 (+6)81 (+1)81 (+2)11 (up 3)
Romain Grosjean76 (+1)79 (-2)78 (+1)8380=12 (down 2)
Esteban Ocon55 (+1)9081 (+2)81 (-1)80=12 (down 2)
Daniil Kvyat64 (+1)87 (+1)73 (-1)82 (-3)79 (-1)=14 (down 4)
Lance Stroll58 (+1)8674 (+1)8379 (+1)=14 (up 2)
Kevin Magnussen66 (+1)7972 (-1)837816
Alexander Albon54 (+2)89 (+2)72 (-6)80 (-3)77 (-2)17 (down 3)
George Russell54 (+2)69 (-4)84 (+6)82 (+2)76 (+1)18
Antonio Giovinazzi49 (+2)74 (+1)68 (-2)7972 (-1)19
Nicholas Latifi45 (+13)62 (+2)65 (-15)65 (+1)62 (-2)20

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    19 comments on “Updated F1 2020 driver rankings sees Albon fall to 17th”

    1. Interesting. Does this go into the game as an update? Did Verstappen bang his head? How do you earn negative amounts of experience? Even Perez with two races missed apparently has more experience.

      1. I can sort of make a case for their not giving Perez new experience due to missing two races, but yeah, how does the one non-Merc driver that won a race and has five consecutive podiums lose experience?

        I can only assume its done on purpose because they love the press this nonsense gets them, really.

      2. The Experience of Max is also what i didn’t understand. Also Bottas Experience is low and he is in F1 for a while.

    2. I wonder how experience is calculated.
      Latifi at 45 after 6 races just 4pts behind Gio.
      One driver even went backwards.

      1. It shows how much of a mess these rankings were to begin with. And they don’t improve much from this adaptation @coldfly!

    3. How is this even worth a news?

      1. Because there’s people around (like me) who don’t pay much attention to computer games, and the idea that there’s a performance metric in the game given to a driver is something I wasn’t aware of. Presumably there’s also a metric for the car as well, so a player can select the car and the driver independently. They might even have a budget so you can spend more on the car (e.g. Mercedes, Ferrari, etc) and less on the driver (Romain Grosjean, Kimi Raikkonen, etc), or vice versa.
        To be credible the manufacturer needs to make the game at least plausible, so this list needs to also appear plausible. I think Esteban Ocon, George Russell, and Lance Stroll are too low and Sebastian Vettel is a bit high.

      2. GtisBetter (@)
        27th August 2020, 22:06

        Not everything is “news”. There are features, background stories, there was a diary. All kinds of articles. This is just some lighthearted article about the official F1 game on a F1 site.

    4. Bottas, Awareness = 99???!!!
      That’s got to be artificially inflated to stick the other Mercedes driver up the rankings. Unless ‘Awareness’ equates with ‘Doesn’t ever crash because never tries anything remotely ambitious.’

      1. They just mean he became more aware that he will never beat Hamilton to the championship 🤣

      2. Aarava on youtube, if you are familiar with him, did say that Bottas is rated that high in order to ensure that the Mercedes are at least in the top 4 positions. I understand that Codemasters bases off the ratings from real life, but seriously… If Bottas gets 99, Hamilton should be near that or even 100. I don’t care about his crash with Albon and his spin in Silverstone if awareness in the game is measured by car control. Giving Hamilton 11 points lower in awareness than Bottas and 2 lower than Gasly feels like some disrespect there.

        1. @krichelle No I’m not (thanks for the tip off) but I suppose that’s the explanation then. I’m not really any kind of specialist in Codemasters games, but it seems their mechanics are a bit skewed in general if they need to boost Bottas in the game to get him higher. Same applies, I guess, with keeping Russell artificially low. Hamilton (real life version) clearly has the most refined car control and track awareness of any driver on the grid – blindingly evident in wet weather conditions (notwithstanding the spin in Germany last year when he was really too ill to be in the car). Same applies to Verstappen, far too low.

    5. GtisBetter (@)
      27th August 2020, 23:33

      I know this is all fun and games, but Russel should not have such a loe racecraft number.

    6. The experience for Verstappen must be a typo.

    7. He has decent race pace, but over a single lap he is rubbish. He spends the race recovering from his results in practice and qualifying.

    8. Codemasters? Really? How can they be a reference for anything?

    9. Don’t forget this is part of a game. It’s not meant to rate drivers in real life, it’s meant to rate drivers in the game itself, to control their AI behavior when playing and to give their contract a price when playing “My Team”.

      One should see these simply as publicly available game parameters, not votes to one driver or another.

      Here’s a rundown of the parameters:
      > Experience – A higher experience score will help players collect a greater number of ‘Resource Points’, used in the game to buy car upgrades.
      > Racecraft – A higher racecraft score allow the driver to unleash more effective overtakes.
      > Awareness – A higher score here will mean the driver is less likely to lose control of their car when the going gets tough.
      > Pace – Quite simply, the higher the pace score, the more rapid a driver will be throughout a race.

      1. As for the negative experience offset with Max, maybe after the first couple of months on the market they noticed it was unbalanced @ezef1

        All in all, maybe not a strictly F1 related news, but this is the official game and it’s a quite big thing; since F1 is trying to appeal young followers, I understand why we’re hearing about the game in this and other sites.

    10. I doesn’t get any less crappy just because it is translated into numbers🤪

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