Masi explains why Deledda was allowed to race despite failing to qualify

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FIA race director Michael Masi has shed some light on why Alessio Deledda was allowed to start last weekend’s Formula 2 races despite failing to qualify for them.

The HWA driver did not meet the requirement to lap within 107% of the quickest time during his qualifying session. However after meeting with team manage Nicola Palarchi, the stewards declared Deledda would be allowed to take part in all three of the weekends’ races.

Masi said the stewards had taken into account Deledda’s performance in the previous round of the championship and problems he experienced with his car in Monaco.

“The stewards, having spoken with them, had a look,” explained Masi. “[It] had two parts: They obviously summons the team and the team [explained] to them that they have been having mechanical issues with that car throughout the weekend.

“In addition to that, they had a look at the participation of the previous event, which he fulfilled all the criteria. And on that basis, they allowed him to start at the back of the grid, which is within the discretion that they have the stewards.”

Deledda had not lapped any quicker during the practice session ahead of qualifying. He did qualify for the season-opening round in Bahrain, over one-and-a-half seconds slower than any other driver, but comfortably within 107% of the fastest time.

No justification for the decision to allow Deledda into the race was given in the stewards’ ruling on Thursday.

“Why they did or didn’t put in the reason, I wasn’t in the stewards room and understood so I can’t expand on that,” said Masi.

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  • 11 comments on “Masi explains why Deledda was allowed to race despite failing to qualify”

    1. Kyle (@hammerheadgb)
      24th May 2021, 7:34

      Only really makes sense if they got assurances the mechanical issues were resolved/would definitely be resolved for the races, otherwise it remains as much a safety issue, whatever combination of the car and driver is at fault.

      1. But then his pace in the race wasn’t any better so the stewards were definitely shown for fools then @hammerheadgb

        1. @boysber I can imagine the team representative up in the stewards’ office:

          “He has, err…. MECHANICAL issues, yes that’s it, mechanical issues, and– what? Yes, we will fix the MECHANICAL issues he has, I mean the car has, don’t you worry about that for a second.”

    2. Masi spends a lot of his time “clarifying” things.

      1. @bradders sometimes I actually feel sorry for him, in the same way I pity the poor infomercial / QVC hosts trying to think on their feet selling a salad spinner or something.

      2. Right, stewards should explain their actions themselves. Not hiding behind Masi.

      3. The media spend a lot of time asking him things that he had no impact on or input into.
        He’s the race director, not a steward – and stewards don’t talk to the media.

        Besides, let’s face it – the regulations are over-complex and require clarification.

    3. Mechanical problem between the seat and steering wheel.

      1. I have an opinion
        24th May 2021, 14:35

        Specifically, the nut holding the steering wheel.

    4. I still don’t trust Masi.

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