Rate the race: 2021 Turkish Grand Prix

2021 Turkish Grand Prix

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Turkish Grand Prix.

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58 comments on “Rate the race: 2021 Turkish Grand Prix”

  1. Good but not great. Didn’t live up to its potential. But nevertheless a good race.

  2. petebaldwin (@)
    10th October 2021, 14:39

    Bit of a strange race but good for the Championship and happy Bottas managed to get a win. Good to see Checo have a solid race as well.

    1. Yeah, we got a pretty good result with some nice driving from several drivers – Sainz early on, as well as Tsunoda defending from Lewis, and a really good race from Perez. I also liked that we got Bottas actually overtaking someone on the way to that win @petebaldwin

      1. Technically yes, he did overtake the driver who was P1 at the time. However that driver was a sitting duck.

  3. Boring for a wet race

    1. It wasn’t a wet race it was something in between so my score is also in between just a 5 as not much happened tyres who went the whole way.

    2. It’s true that it was a slow burner, but I was on the edge of my seat to know how they would go with the tyres, but the action never really ignited.
      Given that Mercedes had Bottas’ used intermediates in the garage, I can only assume they were really concerned they would give up before the end on Hamilton’s car.
      Hat’s off for the drivers for so few incidents and no safety car in those conditions.
      Very happy for Bottas!

  4. As unremarkable as it gets. Literally not a single moment worth rewatching. 3.5/10.

    1. I disagree. There was a single moment worth rewatching.
      Which sounds sad. So apart from Perez and Hamilton I’ll also rewatch Vettel on slicks for the laughs…

      1. That medium tyre was miserable indeed.

  5. 4.
    So much potential, so little delivery.

    1. Agreed. I went 4. Given the conditions and the grid positions, it had the potential to be great – but somehow nothing really happened.

  6. A decent race, but not a classic.

  7. It was okay. I’ll give it 7.

    1. If average is a 5, how is okay a 7?

      1. 5 is a subpar race, not sufficient.

  8. Decent enough race, gave it a 7. Was always something happening, whether that was Sainz going through the pack in the first half of the race, or seeing if Lewis would stay on the same set of tyres for the whole race.

    1. Which I feel he could’ve done, his laptimes were far closer to verstappen, he didn’t seem to be as in trouble as leclerc, he often has good management on inters.

  9. Not what one expected from a wet race. Average at best.
    Good points haul for Red Bull and Ferrari.

  10. Was expecting more uncertainty in a wet race. Positions didn’t really change much. 6/10

  11. Glad they didn’t enable DRS as I don’t think we’d have got some of the great bits of racing we did into the final corners & down through the 1st sector if they had enabled it.

    That little battle between Lewis & Perez for instance likely wouldn’t have happened if Lewis had got DRS & Lewis probably would have been well ahead into the braking zone given how powerful DRS has been here the past 2 races it’s been used on this track.

  12. Quite an uneventful race today,i expected a bit more strategic options but the surface didn’t help in that. I would give it a lower score but there was some stuff going on at the final laps so it gets a 5/10

  13. Too much management going on. Understandable but not exciting to watch.
    Would be better if Vettels gamble actually worked, or even better: if the inters would hold on to the end just a bit better

  14. Leclerc on P1 with Bottas catching up on him, trying to figure out if he needs to pit to get a podium: “If I keep this pace what will be my position??”
    Ferrari-pit: “Then it will be P1, P1”
    Hahaha hilarious

  15. 6/10 it was alright but could have been so much more if the conditions shifted at some point of the race, especially towards the end, like in Sochi

  16. I gave it 8/10 as I really enjoyed it.

    I thought we saw some good bits of racing at times & the uncertainly around the track drying, not knowing if drivers would pit & for which tyres & then if the new sets of inters would grain up or not & for how long helped keep the tension up until fairly late on.

    I also liked that despite some drivers asking for DRS to be turned on that it was decided to keep it off as I think not having DRS helped create some good racing & made drivers have to look at other places to try & pull moves off such as Lewis around the outside of turn 3.

    1. My only complaint with the race actually was the penalty for Gasly for the contact with Alonso at T1 which I thought was really harsh.

  17. 6 – It had the ingredients to be promising but in the end pretty much nothing extra ordinary happened.

  18. It was ok. Interesting enough but it kind of felt like it was building towards a thrilling twist that just never came.

  19. The Perez defense saves it from a 1 to a 3

  20. It was a good race in terms, maybe shy of a proper late showdown. I feel generous giving it a 6 but, as I agree with @roger-ayles above, the lack of DRS and its consequences earned a 0.5 bump at the very least.

  21. It looked like we might be in for some chaos but the race ended up being a bit uneventful. A 7.

  22. On a separate note, does anyone know why Martin Brundle was not commentating again? Not a fan of JB..

    1. I dunno, I thought JB did really well. He was the only one who cottoned on early about the new inters going through a graining phase after a couple of laps when Perez caught Leclerc…and we saw it in action again with Lewis. I thought it was an invaluable insight for the race.

      1. Did not catch that. If that’s the case then I agree, that was fairly crucial for understanding the race from a fan’s point of view. He does have an occasional good insight from time to time.

    2. Martin’s racing:

  23. I have a 8. Decent amount of overtakings and wheel to wheel battles without the artificial DRS.

  24. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    10th October 2021, 16:22

    Fairly dull. Perez and Gasly did their best to make things intresting, but otherwise it wasn’t very exciting. Gasly penalty was unneccesary, Vettel got relegated to comic relief

  25. Poor for a wet race but overall good so gave it an 8 – too much grip and too consistent conditions to make for a classic.

    1. Yes, same reasoning as me and 8 is probably right.

  26. The least exciting wet race in years!

  27. Cant remember a race that “boring” – still good stuff so 6/10 for me!

    1. Wet race of course :D

      1. last year’s race. it was dramatic but stale. there have been plenty dull wet races, especially in the last 4 years.

  28. 5 + 1 for Perez & Hamilton battle.

    1. Yes, that was the highlight of the race.

  29. Why does it have to rain on this nice track? Could have been great, but was only ok

  30. I give an 8 but mostly because it’s a great track in every way, and had some proper wheel to wheel battling.

    But the race was still interesting with small gaps and the tension of a weather / track change was hanging in the air.

    A Ferrari win looked on for a while which has been a while and was nice to see. No silly safety cars or red flags either. Also nice to see a Alpha Tauri up there on real pace for a change, so the track and conditions equalized a lot which is of course what we want.

  31. Gave it 9 but seems I was wrong, 8 was more appropriate, a wet race is always good, but for a wet race one could’ve expected some more action.

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  32. playstation361
    10th October 2021, 20:25

    Star won.

  33. Really uneventful for a wet race. I think it would have been more entertaining if it was dry since so many were starting out of position (never thought I would say that). Usually wet races make for great entertainment due to the lack of traction. The problem was the track was too grippy. It just wasn’t slippy enough for the skill of the truly great wet drivers to show.

  34. 6/10 for me. There was not much racing action or movements up and down the field other than Hamilton and Sainz.

    It was quite unusual for a wet race which are usually quite action pact. The strategy calls kept it moderately interesting to the end though. 6/10 was the highest it was going to get by my assessment.

  35. I found it quite impressive that everyone showed solid driving, with little clumsy manouvers outside of the first lap, given the conditions

  36. 6/10
    A dry line never appeared throughout the race. 20 cars running for over 50 laps and not a single dry line without much of visible rainfall. How much performance was kept back is visible from the FP1 timing and fastest lap of the race.

  37. No match for last year.

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