F2 reveals longest-ever 28-race calendar, F3 to race 18 times in 2022

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Formula 2 will hold 28 races in 2022, the most it has held in its current guise or when it was previously known as GP2.

The 14 double-header events will all take place alongside rounds of the Formula 1 world championship. The championship will begin at Bahrain in March and conclude at Abu Dhabi in November. It exceeds the previous maximum of 24 races, held every year since 2018, by four.

The series will visit Zandvoort for the first time. It will also visit Imola, which it previously raced at in 2005 and 2006 in its previous guise.

F2’s 2022 calendar was criticised for featuring long gaps between some events, such as the current two-month gap between its last race at Sochi and the upcoming evening at Jeddah. Its 2022 schedule will be more regular, but still involve a gap of nearly two months between its final pairs of races.

Formula 3 will join F2 and F1 at nine rounds next year. Like F2, it is replacing its triple-header format with two contests per weekend, and will hold a total of 18 races. Its season will also begin in Bahrain but conclude in September.

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2022 Formula 2 and Formula 3 calendars

DateCountryCircuitFormula 2 raceFormula 3 race
19/03/2021BahrainBahrain International Circuit1: Sprint race1: Sprint race
20/03/2021BahrainBahrain International Circuit2: Feature race2: Feature race
26/03/2021Saudi ArabiaJeddah Corniche Circuit3: Sprint race
27/03/2021Saudi ArabiaJeddah Corniche Circuit4: Feature race
23/04/2021ItalyImola5: Sprint race3: Sprint race
24/04/2021ItalyImola6: Feature race4: Feature race
21/05/2021SpainCircuit de Catalunya7: Sprint race5: Sprint race
22/05/2021SpainCircuit de Catalunya8: Feature race6: Feature race
28/05/2021MonacoMonaco9: Sprint race
29/05/2021MonacoMonaco10: Feature race
11/06/2021AzerbaijanBaku City Circuit11: Sprint race
12/06/2021AzerbaijanBaku City Circuit12: Feature race
02/07/2021Great BritainSilverstone13: Sprint race7: Sprint race
03/07/2021Great BritainSilverstone14: Feature race8: Feature race
09/07/2021AustriaRed Bull Ring15: Sprint race9: Sprint race
10/07/2021AustriaRed Bull Ring16: Feature race10: Feature race
30/07/2021HungaryHungaroring17: Sprint race11: Sprint race
31/07/2021HungaryHungaroring18: Feature race12: Feature race
27/08/2021BelgiumSpa-Francorchamps19: Sprint race13: Sprint race
28/08/2021BelgiumSpa-Francorchamps20: Feature race14: Feature race
03/09/2021NetherlandsZandvoort21: Sprint race15: Sprint race
04/09/2021NetherlandsZandvoort22: Feature race16: Feature race
10/09/2021ItalyMonza23: Sprint race17: Sprint race
11/09/2021ItalyMonza24: Feature race18: Feature race
24/09/2021RussiaSochi Autodrom25: Sprint race
25/09/2021RussiaSochi Autodrom26: Feature race
19/11/2021UAEYas Marina27: Sprint race
20/11/2021UAEYas Marina28: Feature race

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Formula 2

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23 comments on “F2 reveals longest-ever 28-race calendar, F3 to race 18 times in 2022”

  1. Is F2 returning to the old weekend format? I hope so.

    1. Yes.

      Formula 3 will join F2 and F1 at nine rounds next year. Like F2, it is replacing its triple-header format with two contests per weekend, and will hold a total of 18 races. 

    2. Is F2 returning to the old weekend format? I hope so.

      Both F2 and F3 will be closer to their prior formats, most obviously in that they’re double-headers again instead of triples. But they’re not exactly the same as in 2019, notably in that the feature event is now on Sundays:


      1. Really not a fan of the feature race being on the Sunday.

        1. @eurobrun +1

          I agree, having the feature on Saturday would highlight it more and stands on it’s own like it use to and without having a reverse sprint (less important) in the way of it. Let the children play up front in a sprint race afterwards on Sunday without effecting the outcome of the competition for the championship. Also not sure if more people will watch the F2 on Sunday as opposed to a feature race on Saturday?

          The 2-1/2 month gap wait to race the last final race of the season seems very odd as well. I really don’t understand that one at all. Talk about cold drivers, sitting on their hands for so long and then showing up, vying for the championship win in one weekend :(

  2. Paul Ricard, instead of YMC, would be better. The same race amount, but without a single unnecessarily long gap.

  3. The 2022 F2 calendar is a clear improvement on 2021, but the two-month gap before the season finale at Yas Marina still makes no sense, particularly now the schedule is so long. If they must have it, make it a separate, non-championship ‘World Cup’-style prestige event instead.

    1. @keithcollantine. I fully agree with that and very odd that they kept the big gap for the season finale which was one of the biggest complaints for this season along with some many inverted starts.
      It’s already seems like its been was a while since we last saw a F2 race (Sochi) and now we still need to wait till Dec to see another F2 race. It’s almost like waiting for the next season to start, not to end. I feel bad for drivers.

    2. If only they could do Macau for that world cup event! I know that’s not possible, but I can dream.

      1. @eurobrun That is an awesome idea. But yeah, probably pipe dream stuff I’m afraid.

    3. Probably holding the event at Yas Marina to allow more F2 pilots to be available for the “young drivers” testing after the last F1 race.

      1. @juan-fanger They’d participate in that test anyway, as happened last season when F2 didn’t race at YMC.

  4. I really don’t get why they keep Abu Dhabi. The F2 season ending all the way back in november (with a 2 month gap..) is just terrible. Both for the rythem of the teams/drivers ánd Super License points. With the season ending so late it’s becoming less and less likely for F2 drivers to make promotion to F1.

    1. @montalvo I agree, would it be that bad to just not do Abu Dhabi and have the season wrapped up earlier? Give the teams a break and the drivers make the best of any opportunities available?

    2. Spot on. It really makes a head ache for drivers hoping to secure a future, but still awaiting confirmation on those super licence points.

  5. So the 3 race format was an attempt at cost saving by reducing travelling. They returned to the 2 race format because “despite savings”, it wasn’t as good to watch. So acknowledging that the 2 race format is more expensive, they increase the number of rounds???

    For my money, F2 and F3 should both finish together at Monza.

    1. @eurobrun I assume the costs are higher, but they’ll also earn more from the additional 2 weekends.

    2. How often do you think of the sponsors’ brands written on race cars throughout the off-season and between events…? Chances are, like most people, you really only think about them when you see them.

      The more rounds they have, the more media presence they have. Media presence = income.

      1. Yeah but how much more income are are teams really getting for those 2 extra rounds vs the extra expenses of attending? Especially if you’re not a top team.

        1. I don’t know. But they sure aren’t going to make any money with their cars sitting in the workshop, are they?
          The cars are effectively just mobile advertising spaces. They are worthless if they aren’t being seen.

    3. @eurobrun Or at Sochi Autodrom.

      1. @jerejj Your opinion is equally valid, but no thanks. Ending at Monza, both junior categories together would be my preference.
        I’d rather not Sochi (even if the junior races there are often more entertaining than F1).

  6. And I thought F3 would be European Races only.

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