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“We shall see” whether Kingspan logo remains on my car – Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton has indicated Mercedes may remove the logos of new sponsor Kingspan from its car following criticism of its association with the building company.

Mercedes has already apologised to Grenfell United, the group which represents survivors and bereaved family members of the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster in which a fire killed 72 people. However they have since come under further pressure from the UK government, which has indicated it may revise legislation governing sports sponsorship.

Hamilton stated he was not involved in Mercedes’ deal with Kingspan, which was announced on Wednesday.

“I had nothing to do with the team signing any of the sponsors, apart from probably Tommy [Hilfiger] was the only one that I brought to the team,” said Hamilton. “It was news to me when I heard the things that happened this week.”

Hamilton said he was “very much aware” of the consequences of the Grenfell fire and “watching very closely all the families that were affected by what happened there. We know there’s been a huge outcry and an amazing amount of support from people in the community around there.”

He said Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff “is sorting it.”

“Unfortunately my name is associated with it because it’s put on my car, but whether that remains the same, we shall see,” he added.

Hamilton has previously indicated his sympathy for the victims of Grenfell. In 2020 he marked the third anniversary of the fire on social media.

“Today marks three years since the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London,” he wrote. “Remembering the 72 souls we lost and their loved ones, and everyone affected by this tragedy. #Justiceforgrenfell.”

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