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Ferrari expect to fight for victory at every race with “brave” F1-75 – Binotto

2022 F1 season

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Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto says that the team aim to fight “toe-to-toe” with their rivals at the front of “every grand prix” in 2022.

Ferrari have unveiled their F1-75 car for the new season, showing off the genuine car that demonstrates a striking departure from its rivals in terms of the shape of the car’s upper bodywork.

Having been in the middle of the team’s longest win-drought since the mid-nineties, Binotto said that the team’s new car represented a “brave” new Ferrari.

“I have to tell you that we have definitely put our heart and soul into this car,” Binotto said.

“I am proud of the work that has gone into the design of the F1-75. It called on all our knowhow, our creativity and above all our commitment. This is what I would call a ‘brave’ Ferrari, because we have interpreted the rules thinking out of the box.

Having suffered their worst season in 40 years in 2020 and then recovered to take a distant third place in the constructors’ championship last season, Binotto says that Ferrari are ready to meet the high expectations of the team’s loyal fans this year.

“We know that expectations are high and that, in recent years, the results have not lived up to what is expected of the Ferrari name,” he said. “We went in a new direction back in 2019 and even if there have been some difficult moments along the way, it has delivered a stronger and more unified team and this car is the perfect expression of all our efforts.

“Now is the time to go up against the competition. That’s the best challenge and it’s what makes it more enthralling. I’d like the F1-75 to be up for the fight on track at every grand prix to go toe-to-toe with our rivals, aiming to be the very best. We have a responsibility to our company and to our partners, but most of all I’d like this car to be able to perform in such a way that our fans can once again be proud of Ferrari.”

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2022 F1 season

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30 comments on “Ferrari expect to fight for victory at every race with “brave” F1-75 – Binotto”

  1. Looks absolutely stunning!

    1. reminiscent of the Ferrari 412 T2. back to the 80’s – 90’s classics
      and the black is back :):)

  2. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    17th February 2022, 13:44

    A better look here at those deep channels at the top of the sidepod.

    I wonder what’s happening with the air in those pockets underneath the sidepod intakes, doesn’t seem to be directed anywhere? (Like all armchair racefans I’ve decided I’m somewhat of an aerodynamicist myself this week)

  3. Looks amazing. Fingers crossed for them. Would love to see Ferrari at the head of the pack again.

  4. YAY !!! The black wings are back !! Best looking Fezza in years !!

    1. Yes I get the vibes from the ’86 car.

      1. Definitely or the ’86 Ferrari Indycar.

  5. YES!!! I got a feeling Ferrari is the dark horse, could be Brawn 2009 or Mercedes 2014. That early 90s colour is so good. This will make for a high priced collectable model car, so I’m ordering as soon as they become available

    1. As a Ferrari fan, I’m ordering only if it wins ahahahah don’t get me wrong, but I’d hate to have a model of a beautiful losing car. I bought my F2008 and it still hurts when I look at her (and at least we won the constructor’s).
      Fortunately I didn’t order the F10… otherwise I’ll be sad every day hahahah

  6. Brave? As in this does not look as innovative as the other revealed cars.
    Looks like Ferrari came up with another 92 and 2012 car for 2022. At least it is black and red, shame about santander but back to pay driver days.

    1. What if they came up with a F2002?

    2. @peartree I think it’s time to look again. There are some very unique and defining features.

      1. @mashiat it really does look like the 92 and 93 cars and the 2012. I was recalling ferraris bad years but looks wise there are similarities in the shapes and sidepods. We’ll see.

    3. Well… it has something unique compared to other cars. What’s innovative and what’s not then?
      Before the actual car presentations, some expert wrote and drew to expect two different development philosophies for the car body (sorry don’t know the actual English terms for every aerodynamic part).
      One was the McLaren’s idea of car (and of AT and Williams), one was the Aston Martin’s (and Alfa Romeo’s).

      Ferrari is pretty unique instead, with something different from McL or AM. In the front wing too! We’ll see if it works or not, of course. But it’s quite different from other cars!

      1. Autosport has run an article on the front wing. The nose cone on the car is actually where you see the Mahle sponsors logo rather than traditionally at the Shell logo. Basically they have extended the front crash structure forward allowing the smaller “module” nose cone to be updated without having to have the car re-pass crash tests. So is that front wing design the current philosophy or it will be easier to update in future revisions.

  7. Some very interesting interpretations coming out over the past few days – looking forward to seeing how each works on track.

  8. If they don’t, at least it won’t be for lack of looks :-). What a stunner!

  9. Unless they had flexi floor, I’m not buying it. I looked forward for Aston Martin to beat this car.

  10. Red AGAIN?!?!

    1. Smile :) i expected Orange myself to honour the Dutch or McLaren ………

  11. It is absolutely beautiful. Best looking car on the grid! I might have to buy a scale model of this.

  12. Hate to be pedantic guys but the headline is quite misleading!

    You’re saying that Ferrari “expect to fight for victory at every race”.

    Binotto actually says they’d “like to” do so.

    There’s quite a gulf between the bullishness of your headline and his actual, more circumspect comments!

    1. I don’t think truth and facts are pedantic.

      But do not surprise me at all that F1 Fanatics did this. Yeah i still use the old name.

      1. I also like using the old name of things, and I wouldn’t mind if ferrari was competitive for wins every race, I just don’t trust till I see the first race performance!

  13. Binotto sounds proud and confidence this time, a contrast of previous 2 years downplaying the chance after year 2019, let’s hope this time they really can challenge the fronts making the races interesting.

  14. Interesting car with lots of interpretations of the rules very different to the model car.
    I hope Ferrari is able to put up a good fight and podiums are available.
    With one of the best driver pairing the expectations are high indeed.

  15. Please change those numbers from black to white. And go back to the style used in 2020 (and throughout 1980s/1990s). Black numbers on red doesn’t pop quite as nicely

  16. Hh dear. Heart and soul maketh a fast car, does not! You need to use brains for that!

  17. I’m calling it now, this car will win races! Looks bold, lots of innovative details and it looks great, fair play to Ferrari for not playing it safe ala 2011. I’m off down the bookies to put £20 on Leclerc winning in Bahrain.

  18. You must be really brave when you are bringing a car with a tub/past bowl sidepod to a race weekend. That sidepod does not seem to make sense at all.

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