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Ferrari officially unveils new-look F1-75 for 2022 F1 season

2022 F1 season

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Ferrari have officially shown off their genuine F1-75 car with which they will contest the 2022 Formula 1 world championship season.

The heavily revised Ferrari – the first built to F1’s extensive technical regulations overhaul for 2022 – features traditional red bodywork and entirely black wings on the front and rear of the car.

The F1-75 also appears to have straighter, flatter sidepods compared to those seen on some of the team’s rivals.

Ferrari will again field a driver line-up of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jnr, who secured third place in last year’s constructors’ championship, for the upcoming season.

Team principal Mattia Binotto said has worked “like never before” on the new car in response to the opportunity offered by the 2022 regulations.

“[We’ve] tackled the task with a new spirit and approach, pushing to the maximum in terms of innovation of every component, every detail, every solution. Striving to be innovative gave us an incredible boost in our daily work, on the way to producing this car.

“I am proud of the work that has gone into designing the F1-75. We know that expectations are high and we are ready to go up against our opponents. That’s the best part of this challenge and it’s what makes our work so fascinating. I would like the F1-75 to be the car that allows our fans to once again be proud of Ferrari.”

Pictures: 2022 Ferrari F1 launch

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69 comments on “Ferrari officially unveils new-look F1-75 for 2022 F1 season”

  1. It definitely looks the part! What a beast, black is good addition.

  2. petebaldwin (@)
    17th February 2022, 13:12

    Put black wings on a Ferrari and it’s a big thumbs up from me! It’s very pointy at the front…. Hard to see too much detail with the angle and lighting but it looks like no undercut on the sidepods at all.

    1. Wide sidepods with a flat side, and massively steeped downward after the initial inlet (with the sides still tall), surely this is some sort of effort to channel air to the beam wing and/or diffuser? Third approach after a massive undercut or a coke bottle shape.

      1. @hahostolze you have been to Scarbs Twitter feed haven’t you…

        1. @pmccarthy_is_a_legend only after tweeting this! Which is why the language of the first sentence is so clunky haha

    2. All Ferrari F1 cars should be scarlet with black wings forevermore!

  3. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
    17th February 2022, 13:12

    I love the flat sidepods very mid-90s

  4. First comment: I love it :)

  5. This color scheme is pornographic.

    Really love the detailed sidepod as well.

  6. Looks good, innovative and aggressive.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Agressive, advanced, innovative. The best looking car so far :)

    2. I don’t like Ferrari as a team, but that car looks good. Although one of those pics looks like someone with a big grin and long droopy nose.

  7. wow nice JOB

  8. It looks good! Let’s see how it races!

  9. Like the Black wings, very retro Ferrari…..interesting sidepods, as others have mentioned, little to no undercut and what they’ve done with the top of them looks very interesting.

    1. @asanator those sidepods reminds me very much Mclaren MP4-26.

  10. Best looking Ferrari in years. Looks menacing.

  11. The bathtubs on the sides will fill up in the rain

  12. This shot (from Tobi Gruener on Twitter) of the sidepods is amazing.

    1. Pat Ruadh (@fullcoursecaution)
      17th February 2022, 13:24


    2. Fantastic Pic! So much for having cookie cutter cars this year. I hope they race as good as they look.

  13. Apart from that nose tip, which is surely very inventive but absolutely hideous, this is by far the most wow car. What a racing car. Those sidepods. Just love it.

    1. I like spikey nosecones, but this one looks like it’s been additionally prolonged as an afterthought. I hope it looks better though from other angles.

      The black wings and the flat sections of the sidepods are great.

    2. I do like that the shape of the hole in the tip of the nose is very remniscent of the ones on the F40. The line from the pointy bit to the rest of the nose is weird, but indeed probably very inventive.

    3. I actually think that this nose it beautiful. Best looking nose (and car) so far. By a mile imho.

  14. Love it it looks like a mad red bird. All the cars look much better this year.

  15. The nose looks strange and unusual compared to the other solutions for this year. Same with the sidepods, being largely flat but having a noticable dip on the top.

    One thing I’ve liked so far is how different they’re all looking. I had worried the ‘restrictive’ rulebook would have led to very similar designs but there’s quite a variety of solutions.

  16. Fantastic car, looks radical and extreme !

  17. It looks freaking brilliant, to be honest. I’m very glad it looks different to the other teams, as these regulations could have ended up making almost spec cars, but this compared to what we’ve seen from Aston Martin, Alpha Tauri and McLaren, they’re all pretty different so that’s good

  18. Wow, just stunning. Loving the disparity between car designs, which thoroughly disproves the fear that they’d all look like spec series machines.

  19. I had already seen the car yesterday, but I didn’t expect black rear & front wings.
    The front wing has been black before, but I expected a white rear wing with Santander like 2010-2017.
    Not even the Santander logo on it.

  20. Bring back beam wings for differing sidepod approaches, clearly!

  21. Pleasing to see so many different approaches to the new rules. Not a spec class at all

  22. Wow, wow, just wow…

    What a beautiful car.

    It’s amazing what a red livery can do, but Ferrari turned those new regulations into a work of art and aesthetics. I hope it is as fast as it is beautiful.

  23. One of the best things I like about these car launches, is that no one is talking about the halo anymore. It had proven it’s worth and does not make a car look uglier. No one is noticing it anymore!

    1. Well, don’t shoot me but I like the halos now.

  24. The sidepods are gonna define this year I think, they are going to do what the bargeboards did before. I wonder if Ferrari has picked up on that as their sidepods look like a heap of study went into it

  25. I loved the livery, looks a lot like the late 80s / early 90s Ferrari! Beautiful car. It looks the Sidepods are similar to Haas (a bit more extreme) which to leads me to think that maybe that’s the best configuration for Ferrari engines, and different from Mercedes PUs. Looks a winner to me. Overall, I’m enjoying all liveries so far (apart from Haas).

  26. Tha car is beautifull and the best looking car so far.
    What i dont understand is how the front wing relies so much high from the floor? is this normal for the new cars?

  27. Darker red, flat sidepods and a nosecone that just keeps on going? Very 1990s Ferrari imo.

    Really like this one

  28. Best looking Ferrari for many a year. Just make the numbers a colour that we can see (that applies to you too, McLaren) and it would be about perfect!

    1. petebaldwin (@)
      17th February 2022, 14:39

      @bullfrog – The McLaren numbers really annoy me from a graphical design point of view… There is nowhere else on the whole car where the blue meets the orange. There is always black in-between. All they had to do was give the numbers a black outline and it’d look great.

  29. I’m loving it. Ferrari seem to have gone with the flatter and longer side-pod approach of Aston Martin. Or at least visually, since the AM launch it’s the car which looks most similar to me. There are definite differences though.

    The car looks sleek, stylish and fast. The design team have certainly done their job. The best looking F1 car for many a year. Let’s hope it can deliver on the track.

    It will be very interesting to see Merc’s design now. Which way will they go?

  30. Looks great.

    Like a dragon that’s about to devour backmarkers!

  31. This is my favorite so far. It looks sleek, futuristic and nostalgic for the 90s at the same time.

  32. I am pleasantly surprised with those black wings! :O
    Not the best car design, but surely the most beautiful livery so far.
    I also loved the sidepod section! Hope it sticks for them, I like when different cars have different characters.

  33. It is a long car. But I like the look of it. Amazing, brilliant job.

  34. Already a iconic car, now please be a championship winning car.

  35. Seeing this car, this is the first time I’m sold out to the new regulations. It looks brilliant but the radical ideas weren’t always the guarantee of success.
    As a McLaren fan, I’m seriously expecting them to step up their game in the upcoming weeks, because compared to Ferrari, they launched a cow.

  36. That’s a good looking car. Pointy nose and really interesting side pods. I love the black on the livery – even the overalls look great! I really want to see Ferrari up there with Mercedes and Red Bull this year – they have two great drivers who both deserve a shot at WDC.

  37. Amazing, and I’m impressed buy the very long row of shark gills on the side pods, similar to the Aston Martin, whereas the others seem to have the side pods completely sealed. There seems to be two different approaches, experimenting with the air being released above the car to go to the rear wing, or tunnelled internally and directed to the diffuser.

  38. For me the best presentation so far, because it felt very natural how they spoke.
    And it was concise.
    And I like the look of the car.
    Let’s hope that the pairing (“Charlos”) remains intact over the season — climate-wise.

  39. Deep red, black too. Nice.

    No UPS logos. Thank goodness – no more phil morris plastering the car and huge payments also.

  40. Lovely looking.

    But those overalls… not so sure

  41. The louvres similar to Aston Martin’s car. AM says the air flow changes for different courses, maybe even blocked at times. Interesting what Ferrari does with theirs.

  42. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    17th February 2022, 16:53

    Wow this is a really nice looking car

  43. Love it. I’m not a Ferrari fan, but that is a fantastic looking car. Proper 90’s vibes with it too.

    Proof is in how they all run on track, but have to say of all the cars revealed, the McLaren (Launch spec) gives me the most concern, it’s looking more and more like they’ve gone a totally different way to everyone and have either found something incredible nobody else (yet at least) has seen, or have got it horrendously wrong and have done a Paddy Lowe Williams….

    Always suspicious with pullrod front suspension, it doesn’t work, or at least seems to be a nightmare to get working. No matter what the experts like to say about how little difference it should make, there’s a reason it’s been tried multiple times and without fail, the car has been disappointing, had handling issues and next season teams have reverted back to pushrod. Going to push on the rear again at odds with everyone else, but it makes sort of sense to increase room for the floor tunnels.

    Their front wing concept in general seems bizarre…only car so far with a lower wing which should be detrimental to the floor tunnels etc…. no semi split floor design like the Aston and Ferrari…. It’s a mystery. Fantastic to see everyone going in different directions though, but seems almost nothing on the McLaren is converging with anything anyone has done….bar maybe the rear bodywork and the Haas.

    The Ferrari and the Aston are both stunning looking things.

  44. Will the Biro nose start a new craze?

  45. Pretty impressed! Getting some real 1989-91 Ferrari vibes. Any chance Nigel Mansell will make another return…? Fingers crossed they’re as competitive as they’re claiming!

  46. This car reminds me a lot of the Barnard F310. And what a stinker that was.

    Cool colour, though. (both)

  47. I’m glad to see at least 2 teams have the vented side pods albeit different designs. I would think this will allow for smaller side pod openings and less drag on the car. I’m hopeful they work as god as they look.

  48. Wow, it’s beautiful, and I didn’t expect to see a beautiful F1 car in the near future (as I haven’t in near past as well). Although, this is the car we could already see yesterday, since Ferrari really can’t control its organization.

  49. But a AGIP logo there somewhere and it’s straight from the 80-90s

  50. That is just such a satisfying thing to look at. I haven’t felt that about an F1 car for a long, long time.

  51. Great livery, it’s nice in the eye. I’m getting Ducati Corse vibes. Let’s make Ferrari great again.

  52. Reminds me of the 641 Prost raced in. Looks really really nice. Well done Ferrari!

  53. Nice to see someone finally trying something different and hopefully it’ll be quick.
    I imagine Adrian Neweys pencil is already in overdrive as will a few others.

  54. I just love this – wow these launches just keep getting better and better! Except the McLaren collage work, everything other car launched was attractive. This F1-75 reminds me the Ferrari 412T2 of 1995! The pointy, flowing nose and the box-like side-pods (though with channels built-in) contribute to creating that look. The colour scheme also reminds me of the F1-87 from 1987, and they have named the car likewise too. I think the red and black were purposely added to invoke nostalgia for the some of the more beautiful F1 cars from Ferrari.

  55. It’s the first time in years that i wait eagerly for a good static model to appear to buy, or RC car.
    I think they won the beauty contest easily this year. Well done Ferrari at least to the aesthetic side and let’s hope that will be fast and we will have a great championship.

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