First pictures: Alpine reveal two liveries for 2022 F1 season

2022 F1 season

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Alpine has presented its new livery for the 2022 Formula 1 season.

The team revealed a car bearing its new blue and pink livery at an event in Paris. The team has landed sponsorship from BWT, which previously sponsored Aston Martin and Racing Point, for the 2022 season.

However the team will start the season using a different, ‘flipped’ colour scheme. It will run a predominantly pink colour scheme over the opening two races, highlighting its new sponsorship deal.

Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon remain the team’s drivers for the new season. However the team’s senior management has had a shake-up, with Otmar Szafnauer arriving from Aston Martin to take over as team principal following the departure of former executive director Marcin Budkowski.

“I’ve had the displeasure, I would say, of racing against these formidable competitors,” said Szafnauer. “I remember too well the win in Hungary where they didn’t put a foot wrong and I congratulate them that they are such competitors, a group of racers and I look forward to joining them and helping them not just beat the Aston Martins of this world but everybody else on track.”

Pictures: 2022 Alpine F1 launch

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2022 F1 season

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55 comments on “First pictures: Alpine reveal two liveries for 2022 F1 season”

  1. I actually really like it. That blue is beautiful and the pink contrasts really nicely. Going to look very nice under the lights at a night race.

  2. I know I am in the minority here, but I would love teams running different liveries all season. Alpine just flipping and reversing from one to the other all season would be a start.

    1. Pink car at Bahrein and Saudi? Now I get it…

    2. Nah, I’d like to know who’s who. I also never preferred crisis of identity of any kind. Occasional change why not, but changing liveries all the time doesn’t make any sense. The point of livery is to know which car is which, and I struggle with that with American series; they don’t care about liveries at all.

      1. The point of modern liveries is to be eye-catching and get the sponsor’s name out there; liveries for the purpose of identification went out the window as soon as Gold Leaf showed up on a Lotus for the first time. The reason things change so much in the states is because teams rarely have full-season sponsors any more, so change is a necessity to be able to race a full season.

  3. Not bad even with the pink

  4. What a disappointment. Was it even officially announced that they would not be not showing their new car, but only the livery on the generic FIA model?

    Wow, the picture here shows a different car than what I just saw in their live stream from the lanuch. I’m confused now.

    1. The one on the live stream is the generic FIA model, the posted pics are of the actual car

      1. That’s my conclusion too. Thanks ;)

        1. Or at least a version of the car, maybe at an older iteration of developments I’d think, recalling the big differences between renders and real cars so far this season @xenn1, but indeed, you said it well.

          Given this team has very often in the past shown a mock-up, or old chassis with new bits on it to represent their ‘new’ car of the season, them being open and honest about what we are (not) seeing is actually pretty refreshing. I like the blue livery; the pink one I’d prefer with a bit more ‘definition’ around the halo as the big amount of matte-pink makes it seem amorphous

          (just like the McLaren on track seemed plasticky from the images that I saw, that matte orange also could use some stripes or something ;)

          Anyway, let’s see what the surprising details are when we see the real thing (positive: yeah, tomorrow we’ll see new bits on it! ;), and after that starting compilation the show was conveniently brisk to me, so well done as a show really.

  5. I also really like the sidepod arrangement here, and the way the colour scheme highlights it.

    1. Yup, they did well everything that McLaren livery designers failed at.

  6. Ah man that BWT pink doesn’t look good on anything does it? Maybe black?

    1. I love the pink!

      1. I find it makes everything look like strawberry bubblegum

        1. I think the sheen it has works better than when RP was running the flat finish (I think). It works better as a non-dominant color and thankfully the primary pink scheme is only temporary.

    2. Yeah agree. All they had to do was go a nice deep hot pink and it would look just that much better. It’s always too light (was putrid on the Racing Point).

    3. Oh no was my first impression. Even if it is a winning car it might be one of the ugliest.

    4. Yup, hate the pink. I think pink color in motor racing is one of the stupidest things ever. Unless it’s on a female drivers car that knows how to own it. Then maybe.

  7. Didn’t expect they’d be able to make the blue and pink go together well, but credit to the designer… actually looks really good.

  8. The best livery.

    1. I like the pink one even more despite a huge FI/RP resemblance.

  9. Castrol and MAPFREE look like someone just put a sticker on the car

  10. I quite like the “main” livery for the season, but I’m not a fan of the one for the first two races. There’s nothing that says Alpine in it (ok there’s a tiny bit of blue but that’s not much). I think the pink worked on the Force Indias and especially the Racing Points mainly because they (Racing Point in particular) didn’t have any other “brand”. But I loved the blue Alpine last year, and none of the early season one excites me in the same way. The one for the rest of the season is alright though.

    1. Last year’s livery was much better, this one is messy, if was only needed to mix BWT with Alpine colours wouldn’t be that bad, but they also needed to cope with the red Mapfre logo. Not my favourite, but at least the car looks well developed with interesting design.

  11. I was expecting some Miami vice coolness…

    What a hot mess, Crockett would be furious.

    1. And Tubbs too…

  12. Dutchguy (@justarandomdutchguy)
    21st February 2022, 18:15

    As I expected the pink and blue actually work together. The red on the other hand…. The Mapfre logo – and the castrol logo on the alt. livery – looks really out of place…..

  13. Nicest looking car so far in my book

  14. I’m guessing they will keep the pink livery beyond race 2 and only switch to the blue one for the French GP.

    1. @proesterchen They’ll use the pink only for the first two events, nothing intended.

      1. And by race 3 the fans will have spoken (almost exclusively positively, of course), BWT’s coffers might have opened a bit more, and Renault’s success will have been limited enough to warrant a make-good and boom: staying pink for the rest of the year, except when celebrating Renault’s home GP.

        Stranger things have happened, especially in F1. 😉

  15. We might see a lot of unintended “Racing Points” coming from commentators’ mouths for the first two races.

  16. Esteban Oxon must be getting PTSD flashbacks.

  17. I like the one with proportionally more blue. That is quite good. Although the other one is cool here and there as well.

  18. Barry Bens (@barryfromdownunder)
    21st February 2022, 18:39

    The ‘more blue and less pink’ is actually my favorite, but still: very nice! Then again, I also liked the previous Renault-liveries (not the Alpine one), so at least they have someone doing that job right. Maybe Red Bull can hire that bloke for a day, or the one from Aston….

  19. I am glad the pink panthers are back! Pink is a lovely distinct color to have.

  20. So, this is all part of ‘El Plan’ is it?

    Doesn’t look like the car of a team that’s on an upward trajectory.

    1. @sonnycrockett

      Agree. Most people here are focused on the livery.. but if this is the design of the actual car for the upcoming season, it’s a massive disappointment. Nothing innovative going on and they have a rather chubby mid to rear section of the car that will be housing the most uncompetitive power unit on the grid.

      If they’ve been focusing a lot of their efforts on the 2022 car, and this is what they’ve come up with, then they’ve failed already.

      1. @todfod I really do hope you’re wrong. I was very annoyed by scarbsF1’s first twitter reaction, with a platonic “The most conventional car yet?”.

        Still so many unknowns, I’m hoping that they are sandbagging somehow, whether it is on the real layout, or the new engine, and that El Plan is still to come in full play. Fingers crossed, we’ll know on the 20th of march.

        1. @spoutnik

          Unfortunately, with the Enstone squad they haven’t been able to pull anything out of the bag since they had Allison in 2012. With Alpine, it’s more likely to fail miserably than sandbag. I saw their ridiculously bulbous car last year and knew there was no way they would be fighting for P3 in the WCC.

          The lack of innovation on this team is almost comparable to Haas.

  21. I like them both but I prefer the mainly blue/less pink version of the livery. Alpine have done a good job with the way they have designed and packaged the car. The side-pod and air-vent arrangement is neat. Certainly one of the better looking cars we have seen design wise. Let’s hope it delivers.

  22. What I honestly don’t understand is why they have too much black in their livery. They could have painted the sides of the nose blue to ensure the French Alpine identity even if there is pink everywhere else. Why paint the sides of the nose black?

  23. I’m impressed. A great livery, the blue is stunning and goes nicely with the pink, which lets face it shouldn’t really belong on an F1 car. The reverse livery is very Racing Point and some of the other logos clash, but hey thats the price to pay for having sponsors.

    I’m just glad to see sponsors returning to so many card this year, its a nice change from years gone by when F1 has struggled to bring in partners save for the big three.

    The shaping of the rear bodywork looks interesting and overall its encouraging I would say from first impressions.

  24. I mean… I like the car’s shape but that livery is just a mess. Too much pink.

  25. Anyone know the software teams use for their renderings? This seems to be the most realistic render I’ve seen.

  26. Now that’s a good looking car, but will it be fast? Knowing renault, unlikely, we’ll see.

  27. I’m definitely in the minority here… But I think I like this livery the best.
    Had it not been for the red Mapfre logo, I’d have zero complaints!

  28. More Alpine louvres than Aston Martin or Ferrari have.

  29. This and the Ferrari are my favourites so far

  30. I still cannot believe that Sean Bull did this

  31. Diffuser blacked out in photos, maybe something fancy being hidden

  32. The livery looks a bit of a mess. The contrasting blue and pink just could have been mated better together to produce a more consistent look.
    I like the front wing, and the all pink rear wing looks nice too, but the way the pink on the sidepod is made to stand out is ugly. Sidepod intakes look like they have pink lipstick on. Also the rendered images look alot more like a finished car, and somehow quite aggressive, I hope they are every bit as competitive as last season.

    I don’t understand why some in this thread hate the pink. The F1 grid never looked better than in 2019, when we had the Silver of the Mercedes, Red of Ferrari, Papaya of McLaren, Pink of RP, and the stunning blue silver of the Toro Rosso.

    I actually prefer the pink Alpine over the blue one, for me it just looks like it has better balance, and I would not miss the blue version if they raced in pink all season long. The blue would work very well as an accent color: the numbers, sponsors, and perhaps the underside of the rear wing in addition to the rear portion of the engine cover.

  33. It looks like some kind of futuristic leg shaver

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