Peugeot celebrate Le Mans-winning 905 with special livery for centenary race

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Peugeot will replace their regular grey livery with a striking alternative design at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The manufacturer team has revealed a special livery for its two 9X8 cars. It was created by Spanish artist J Demsky and presented at Milan Design Week.

Peugeot design director Matthias Hossann said the new look is styled to celebrate its 905, which won the endurance classic in 1992 and 1993.

“The Peugeot 905 is an icon of the nineties whose energy and creativity we wanted to celebrate,” said Hossann. “J Demsky shares this passion and this inspiration.”

This year’s Le Mans 24 Hours will mark the 100th anniversary of the endurance classic. In addition to its back-to-back wins in the nineties, Peugeot scored a third triumph in 2009 with the 908 HDi FAP. It last contested the race in 2011 when it took second, third and fourth places behind the race-winner Audi.

Peugeot will enter two of its 9X8s for this year’s race. The number 93 car is shared by Jean-Eric Vergne, Paul di Resta and Mikkel Jensen, and the number 94 belongs to Loic Duval, Gustavo Menezes and Nico Mueller. The latter scored their best result of the season so far in Portugal last weekend, finishing fifth.

The 9X8s will appear in their regular colour scheme one more time at the Spa Six Hours later this month before reappearing in their new look.

Philippe Alliot/Mauro Baldi/Jean Pierre Jabouille, Peugeot 905 Evo 1 bis, Le Mans, 1993
Philippe Alliot/Mauro Baldi/Jean Pierre Jabouille, Peugeot 905 Evo 1 bis, Le Mans, 1993

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7 comments on “Peugeot celebrate Le Mans-winning 905 with special livery for centenary race”

  1. What an utterly bad design ;/ Those incompetent artists don’t seem to understand that racing cars are watched and appreciated from a large distance where all the tiny little details get blurred to insignificance. What we are left with in this case is a white car with awfuly random – and even worse yet: asymmetrical – splashes of blue paint with smaller red spots.
    Well, this one is a mess from up close as well.

  2. What a fantastic special livery!


  4. Awful. Asymmetrical, random, messy. Worst possible livery.

  5. Uncomfortable reminders of the Nissan – get the inside right first…

  6. That’s insanely cool! Will look mostly white & blue on track but I’m all for intricate designs, even if only for photo ops like this.

  7. I feel it looks like the kind of design that appears better in renders than it might on the racetrack. But it’s an interesting design at the very least.

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