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Rate the Race: 2023 Austrian Grand Prix sprint race

2023 Austrian Grand Prix sprint race

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What did you think of today’s race? Share your verdict on the Austrian Grand Prix sprint race.

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What were the best and worst moments of the race? What was the main thing you’ll remember about it? Rate the race out of ten and leave a comment below:

Rate the 2023 Austrian Grand Prix sprint race out of 10

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39 comments on “Rate the Race: 2023 Austrian Grand Prix sprint race”

  1. Overall, a decent & exciting sprint, even if wet weather conditions contributed.
    Good battles lower than the field.

    1. ‘down’ instead of ‘than’

  2. That was actually pretty good. Sure would have sucked to have skipped it, just on principle….
    8 from me.

    1. Indeed, with this idea of skipping sprints no matter what they’re losing fun events too. I gave it 9 and I noticed a quarter of voters did the same.

  3. Pretty boring…Wonder how much Alonso gets paid to keep Lance happy?Utter joke not going for an easy pass with DRS

    1. Harry (@harrydymond)
      1st July 2023, 16:57

      If you thought that was boring, you’re watching the wrong sport

      1. I am shocked by the amount of 1’s
        I saw a very good race, apart from p1 after 2 corners.
        Overtaking everywhere, good battles. In such a short race: different strategies
        Overtaking with DRS that didn’t succeed, that is what I want to see

        1. @johnever The 1s are just a protest vote against the sprint races. There’s no way someone could watch that race and objectively say it was one of the dullest, most uneventful races in F1 history. In reality, it was better than most full length races, and I say that as someone who’s not a massive fan of this sprint race format.

          1. I find it interesting. If one is so opposed to the sprint race and gets so little enjoyment so as to rate the race a 1, why would they still watch it? Surely people have better things to do with their Saturday afternoon/evening… the fact they still watch highlights to me that it’s still entertaining as much as they wish not to admit it!

    2. Alonso was trying to pass, but it was clear he was only going to make the move if he was absolutely sure he wasn’t going to make contact, which makes it lot a harder. I don’t, for a second, think he was pretending to just to make Stroll look better.

  4. 7, the race for the win was over after the first lap (the Red Bull debrief will be ‘interesting’ with Pérez showing Verstappen some nice grass and Verstappen ‘oversteering’ Pérez off the track). But the racing between 8 and 12 was excellent. Albeit entirely rain assisted. A dry sprint race would have been seriously dull.
    Alonso just pretending to have a little look at passing Stroll on the final lap – who’s he trying to convince?

    1. “Alonso just pretending to have a little look at passing Stroll on the final lap – who’s he trying to convince?”
      Convince of what? What kind of a silly questions is that…

      1. Oh so you think Alonso was actually stuck behind Stroll? For some many laps? With DRS at the end. Okay.

        1. You answer the question first.

          1. Really? You really need this explaining? It’s not difficult. I’m asking: who does he think will be convinced that he really had some intention of passing Stroll. The last time he made no pretence and later said it ‘wasn’t worth risking’ trying to pass Lance. This time he made a ‘speculative’ attempt at passing right at the end of the race. I just don’t get why he bothered, it just looks worse.

          2. @david-br
            You have a problem with something that only exist in your mind.
            Since Alonso tried to overtake Lance, it means he wanted to overtake Lance.
            If he didn’t want to overtake him, he wouldn’t have tried it. Everything else is in your head.

          3. Politely, I’ll say we have a difference of opinion.

    2. It felt like Alonso could get the overtake done. He was clearly faster but thought better. If that fight was for a podium place, perhaps the challenge could have been a bit more sharper.

  5. That’s as much racing as you could possibly pack into 24 laps, very fun.

    Also the 10% of users who are obliged to hate everything have kind of exposed themselves in the poll result!

  6. They keep calling it a Norris battle with Charles Alex at the closing stages when it was Oscar, to be fair ,so much was happening.

  7. Not a big fan of sprint racing and the format per se. But assuming this as a truncated standalone race, I liked it. 7/10 from my side. There was a lot going on behind the top three and so it was quite an engaging race. Another question that I keep thinking about is whether Charles is still the lead driver at Ferrari. It seems that Carlos, while not having the outright speed, has a better understanding of the car at the moment. The dynamics at Mercedes is also interesting with Russell making the more bold calls.

    1. @pinakghosh
      Wanted to chime in on the Carlos comment. I agree. And you can add to that that he reads the race better and directs the pitwall better when needed. Demonstrated in Q again. He’s only just a bit too slow. If only they could fuse Carlos and Charles

    2. Leclerc was never the lead driver at Ferrari, just the faster one. As much as I appreciate his style and his huge potential, he’s hasn’t really grown into the role and isn’t asserting himself. Why does he still have this race engineer for starters?

  8. A drying track’s always fun, and if tomorrow’s race is bone-dry I’ll be glad I watched this. Well done Hulk – smart on lap 1 and the stoppers had to get on with it to avoid running out of laps. Oscar was punchy, one day soon he’ll nab a proper result. Not so good were Leclerc and Perez…

    1. Well, ocon already got some good results for the car he has, such as a podium this year or a win fairly recently.

  9. Pretty good, best sprint race so far and I’ve watched them all. Wet of course helps, even better with changing conditions!!

    8 and could have been much better had the dry line shown up a few laps before. As it was, switching to slicks was for the last few points. With earlier dry conditions, it would have been for the podium positions. Alas, not for the win, Max was too imperious

    1. Indeed, was very interesting to see in the closing stages everyone on intermediates in the points and everyone else on slicks chasing them and gaining 4-5 sec per lap, and eventually only the podium spots made it with intermediates.

  10. So – judging by the scores and responses here, shouldn’t we just scrap the race on Sunday and have three sprint races across the weekend?

    Let’s face it, no one actually likes F1 … what we want is a half hour of excitement.
    Then we can go look for the next 30 minute fix.

    1. @nullapax I don’t want sprint races. But the start was ‘eventful’ in terms of Red Bull politics and the midfield racing was good in the wet, the transition inters from slicks was intriguing as always, plus there were other talking points relevant to the season generally, like what Alonso was or wasn’t trying to do, Sainz driving well, Russell making a good call – I felt there was no point pretending otherwise and giving it a low score.

    2. I think what helped was that this wasn’t deciding the race grid so it felt more like a genuine race with drivers seeing more to gain than to lose. A sprint Saturday is the perfect day to take your family with young kids to the race track. Bite-sized qualy and a race which makes more sense than trying to integrate it with the GP which was dreadfully confusing for all involved! Enjoying a shorter race doesn’t exclude people from preferring a traditional grand prix length race. I can get on board with this format. It doesn’t detract from what I love about F1 but makes it more accessible to more people. I’d just swap the sprint proceedings to the Friday so Saturday and Sunday are a more conventional weekend.

  11. Really good for a sprint race indeed, rain being what helped, some fights were pretty damn interesting, like leclerc vs ocon vs albon vs bottas vs hamilton, at one point even multiple overtakes in the same corner between them, there was also an overtake by hamilton that took several turns, reminded me of the fight against verstappen in austin 2018, and ofc good to see some rain, and the intrigue about swapping to slicks and having the pack on slicks chase the intermediate leaders gaining 4-5 sec per lap.

    I thought hulkenberg had made a terrible choice pitting, but he was at least able to get back to where he was before, though it was close.

    I gave it 9 and I noticed it was the most popular vote today, with 3\4 of people voting 7 or higher, despite the 20% of sprint protesters who voted 4 or less.

  12. I know that by definition this is an ‘opinion’ poll so I am loath to criticize said opinions, but 1’s and 2’s…. really.

    C’mon people. It’s okay to be against sprint races in principle, but still acknowledge some entertainment when you see it. Otherwise it comes across like the stubbornness a kid refusing to eat their vegetables.

    1. Just a further thought.

      Perhaps an additional option of Abstain/Anti-Sprint Race can be added? I wouldn’t make as much difference here, but as it is the waters are muddied when it is a lowly rated sprint.

  13. A thoroughly entertaining race. If only it was 3 times longer! I get the feeling we’ll see a pretty decent GP too!

    1. Nikos (@exeviolthor)
      2nd July 2023, 5:22


      I don’t see that happening if it is a dry race.

  14. once again drs somewhat ruining an otherwise brillian and hectic piece of racing

    1. Nikos (@exeviolthor)
      2nd July 2023, 5:23


      I couldn’t agree more!!

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