Carlos Sainz Jnr, Ferrari, Singapore, 2023

2023 Singapore Grand Prix grid

Formula 1

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Carlos Sainz Jnr has taken pole position for the Singapore Grand Prix for Ferrari ahead of George Russell and Charles Leclerc.

Row 1 1. (55) Carlos Sainz Jnr 1’30.984
Ferrari SF-23
2. (63) George Russell 1’31.056
Mercedes W14
Row 2 3. (16) Charles Leclerc 1’31.063
Ferrari SF-23
4. (4) Lando Norris 1’31.270
McLaren-Mercedes MCL60
Row 3 5. (44) Lewis Hamilton 1’31.485
Mercedes W14
6. (20) Kevin Magnussen 1’31.575
Haas-Ferrari VF-23
Row 4 7. (14) Fernando Alonso 1’31.615
Aston Martin-Mercedes AMR23
8. (31) Esteban Ocon 1’31.673
Alpine-Renault A523
Row 5 9. (27) Nico Hulkenberg 1’31.808
Haas-Ferrari VF-23
10. (40) Liam Lawson 1’32.268
AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT AT04
Row 6 11. (1) Max Verstappen 1’32.173
Red Bull-Honda RBPT RB19
12. (10) Pierre Gasly 1’32.274
Alpine-Renault A523
Row 7 13. (11) Sergio Perez 1’32.310
Red Bull-Honda RBPT RB19
14. (23) Alexander Albon 1’33.719
Williams-Mercedes FW45
Row 8 15. (22) Yuki Tsunoda No time
AlphaTauri-Honda RBPT AT04
16. (77) Valtteri Bottas 1’32.809
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C43
Row 9 17. (81) Oscar Piastri 1’32.902
McLaren-Mercedes MCL60
18. (2) Logan Sargeant 1’33.252
Williams-Mercedes FW45
Row 10 19. (24) Zhou Guanyu 1’33.258
Alfa Romeo-Ferrari C43


Zhou – Pit lane start due to power unit change


Stroll – Not starting due to effects of crash in qualifying

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25 comments on “2023 Singapore Grand Prix grid”

  1. The Aston Martin team motto: “Pointless upgrades, pointless upgrades, pointless upgrades. And a terrible second driver.” This was their last chance to fight for a win (although, I still doubt that anyone but Verstappen can win any race this season).

    Good job by Russell, but the dirty side of the grid is too dirty not to lose any positions at the start. If he manages to stay behind Sainz, it’s a good chance he’s going to win.

    1. I’d expected Verstappen to qualify around 3rd – 5th and somehow go on to win. 11th or worse off the grid? I can’t see it at Singapore.

      1. They are just too, no, three good in the race. In quali, they lost poles this year. But in the race they are so much better than anyone.

        I don’t know. I hope a no-Red Bull podium will happen tomorrow, with Russell winning the race. But Red Bull will simply put on the hard tyres, get into top 10 on track, drive to 50% or 60% distance, then put mediums and drive half a second faster than Ferrari or Mercedes. Plus take into account the safety car, like it happened in Jeddah this year. Verstappen didn’t even have to do anything, he was on podium by simple driving thanks to a timely safety car. The same thing will likely happen tomorrow.

        1. If their front end is even close to how it was in quali, and how it often was over the weeekend, getting up there will be hard fight though. Haas was faster and 8 other cars. Now, Haas probably won’t be the issue though a weak front end and following here probably won’t be a super experience, but they aren’t clearly better today than those just (and it is close) behind them, nor clearly faster than the top 5-6, I’d say. I mean, sure Ferrari can fluke it like noone, and Merc can also be too clever for themselves, so who knows, but I don’t see it as a given.

        2. Sviat @bosyber I can see Verstappen getting up to around 4th or 5th but more and that will need some luck I think – collisions, timely safety car and so on. I really don’t think Red Bull have much of a pace advantage and the poor setup is now locked in for the race.

    2. Agree,so dissapointed in Aston Martin once again.

    3. Nice to see max getting a taste of his own medicine for a change let’s see what grid pentals he gets from the steuwards

  2. Sainz is totally on it, great performance to beat Leclerc (and Russell).
    Looking like a second bad weekend in a row for Hamilton.

  3. What a qualifying.
    Firstly, Stroll’s off, which was difficult to believe even as that was about to happen, & the first-ever crash at the final two corners.
    Most surprisingly, both RBR drivers getting eliminated was shocking, so perhaps both record-winning streaks will finally end, although I don’t rule out a comeback because of high SC probability.
    Lawson & Haas drivers were the session’s positive surprises & overall, a nicely mixed-up field.

  4. Nice grid! If both Mercedes and Ferrari manage to somehow not to win this they might as well pack things up for the remainder and come back next year.

    Sainz has definitely made a step, which is great to see. Hopefully Russell can keep it clean at the start.

    1. Depends how fast red bull is, if it’s anything like it was at monza it’s not unrealistic to imagine a verstappen win, but example last year in singapore they weren’t super fast in the race.

  5. Shame Ham isn’t on it. I’d like to see those 4 lads go at it, or have an interesting strategic battle between Mercedes and Ferrari. I’ll expect Max to come back through the pack a bit but it doesn’t look on for him. Should be a good race🤞

    1. Lewis will have better race pace. Ideally though, he needs to clear Norris at the start.

      I think Sainz will once again struggle with the tyres and cars will bunch up behind him.

    2. What excuses can we make now for HAM?
      Always a few places behind his team-mate, bringing up the rear.
      Slow coach, fast earner.

      1. No need for excuses. Q3 and P5 is quite ok for Merc, I’d say. Maybe the car setup wasn’t ideal, but Lewis often focuses more on race setup.

        I just hope Max has a good race tomorrow. Theres danger of catching some tinitus with that constant beeping of the radio.

        1. Russell is fighting for pole in the same car. But for Lewis p5 is OK, you’d say.

          1. Well its about setup, you know. Sometimes you get it right, sometimes not so much. P5 is quite ok for Merc.

      2. RR, Hamilton’s average qualifying position this season is actually better than Russell’s average starting position, with an average position of 6.27 for Hamilton and 6.93 for Russell.

        1. oh no. wrong stat for the anti fan…

        2. See he didn’t answer any more, not a good look!

  6. Sainz is staking his claim too be top dog at Ferrari. He can’t be denied for much longer.

  7. If people at Aston Martin doesn’t begin to at least pretend they’re considering options for that 2nd car for next season, they cannot be considered a serious organization.

    At Monza Stroll had limited track time because of Drugovich and car glitches. What’s the excuse now?

  8. Okay, that was a bit of a surprise grid for Sunday’s race. Did not expect both Red Bull cars to be knocked out in Q2. That threw the field wide open. Bit disappointed with Leclerc’s performance, but Sainz is on a strong run of form now. Russel has also been on it since the summer break and did a good job. If Ferrari’s tyre trouble continues on Sunday, then he is in the perfect position to capitalise. Finally a line on Aston Martin – they should run Drugovitch for at least a race and see how he matches up to Alonso. That car is clearly capable of Q3 or high Q2 on an off day and it is stuck in Q1 with Stroll.

  9. No grid penalties for Max after all the messes he was involved in?

    1. @daved Sitting at a green light and impeding everyone for 15 seconds (?) seems kind of asking for a penalty.

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