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Charles Leclerc suffered another luckless weekend in Brazil.

Ferrari chose to save a fresh set of tyres for the grand prix, sacrificing their performance in Saturday’s sprint race. But on the formation lap before the main event he suffered a electronic failure which sent him spinning into a barrier, and was unable to get his car working again.

Here he is explaining his latest predicament to a marshal at the Interlagos circuit. Can you come up with the best caption for this picture?

Post your funniest suggestion in the comments below. A selection of the best will feature in a future edition of the RaceFans Round-up.

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38 comments on “Caption Competition 225: Luckless Leclerc”

  1. Marshall: excuse me sir, you can’t park than here, this is a tow away zone.

  2. Mr Leclerc, we’ve been expecting you.
    I’ve prepared Alonso’s camp chair for you.

  3. “Charles, being you and doing the job of a marshall are very similar. We both mainly stay at the side of the track during F1 races”

  4. “Don’t you think I’m a little overqualified to become head strategist?”

    1. I love it. A little too acidic to be selected maybe, but I love it.

  5. The marshal explains something to him in a manner he can’t understand.

  6. “I’m sorry Mr Leclerc but we are strictly forbidden from autographing drivers equipment.”

  7. Sorry Charles we don’t have any deckchairs this year

  8. After getting out from the car the marshall points out to Charles this isn’t what Ferrari meant by a one stop strategy.

    1. I like this one the most

  9. OK, it needs a bit of work. But you can take it off my hands cheap. One careful owner.

  10. Did you try turning it off and on again?

  11. What’s that, you say, you have a dodgy Fiat engine in your car too?

  12. Wanna buy a Ferrari? Only used on weekends…

  13. Wait till that camera’s gone, then you can have your overalls back.

  14. Don’t look behind you, but there are two guys having a drink every time you DNF.

  15. In theory yes, you could still be classified driving around with my scooter but it’s a Honda.

  16. Leclerc be like This is the worst day of my life.

    The Marshall be like, worst day of your life so far.

    At what point does Ferrari as a team take a deeper look to analyze how they can win again? Technical team is in shambles. They haven’t had the best driver drive for them since 2014. And their operations while better now is still not as good as RB.

    I hope future drivers and realistic and understand that winning is more important than driving for the red team. That said I would like to see verstappen at that team just to see how he reacts when nothing changes.

    1. They have the driver it is not a driver issue it is a team and management and operations issue since 2014

  17. Roth Man (@rdotquestionmark)
    11th November 2023, 13:51

    Don’t worry Charles, you’ll still get a 7/10 in Will Wood’s ratings and that’s all that matters.

  18. It’s okay, Charles, you only really need to worry if you’re locked into a long-term contract.

  19. A Formula 1 driver lost in the woods asking for direction to the starting grid to a local organizer.

  20. By any chance do you have someone around who can quickly restart this car and put it back on track? I can fast track your citizenship for Monaco if you help me.

  21. ‘Trust me, it get better,’ the marshal says as he catches Leclerc staring at the passing cars.

    ‘This is just the formation lap.’

  22. “This is my first time being a marshal. I was told the drivers never stop to talk to you, and I didn’t believe it, I thought surely the drivers would take the time to come over after a race and to thank everyone, and here you are!”

  23. When you guys are finally going to fix all these issues? when the season is over?

  24. The “marshal” is really Michael Andretti in disguise.
    Here’s a transcript of what was said during this secret meeting:

    Andretti: “Charles… look natural! Listen – it’s me, Michael Andretti. Posing as a marshal was the only way I could make it past the FIA watchdogs. I also had to keep a low profile so I wouldn’t get caught up in Martin’s grid walk… shudder…

    Leclerc: “Ahhhh, oui, oui monsieur Andretti! Vous êtes déguisé, trés ingenieux! Trés ingenieux!

    Andretti: “Say, Charles, we got a bit of luck – we just landed Hans Heyer as a security advisor for Andretti-Cadillac.

    Leclerc: “Ah oui, monsieur Heyer, Grand Prix de Allemagne en 1977, Team ATS, oui oui!

    Andretti: “With Heyer’s help we can sneak our team into ANY Grand Prix!
    So, if we were to paint the Andretti-Cadillacs red, are you interested?


  25. Sorry Charles, I don’t want it. I’ve already got a dodgy Fiat

  26. Yes, we’ve met before, Mr Leclerc. It was at turn 4. You and you German friend.

  27. It massa be tough to bust your ass for Ferrari year after year just to see Lady Luck felipe you the bird again eh?

  28. Don’t look, but the two guys behind you are bad luck!

  29. “Hey Mate. Do you mind if I copy that for my next special one off helmet design”.

  30. If I leave this here, can you make sure it gets stolen before the trailer arrives, please?

  31. Move your car to the top of Belagio? Sorry I can’t help you beat RedBull!

  32. “Don’t look now sir, but there’s a couple of guys taking pictures of your”……. “oh, hang on, false alarm, they don’t appear to be interested at all”.

  33. “Give me 1100 Euros and its yours!”

  34. “So, your Multipla breaks down as much as my Ferrari?” “No, never”

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