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Here’s how to watch the 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix live in the UK and USA:

2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix: Thursday 16 November – Saturday 18 November 2023


DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
FridayLas Vegas Grand Prix first practice liveSky Sports F104:3005:30
FridayLas Vegas Grand Prix second practice liveSky Sports F108:0009:00
SaturdayLas Vegas Grand Prix third practice liveSky Sports F104:3005:30
SaturdayMacau Grand Prix Formula 3 qualifying race liveTBC07:50
SaturdayLas Vegas Grand Prix qualifying liveSky Sports F108:00
SaturdayLas Vegas Grand Prix qualifying highlightsChannel 411:40
SundayLas Vegas Grand Prix liveSky Sports F106:00
SundayMacau Grand Prix Formula 3 race liveTBC07:30
SundayLas Vegas Grand Prix highlightsChannel 412:30

USA (Eastern)

DaySessionChannelSession startsSession ends
ThursdayLas Vegas Grand Prix first practice liveESPN223:3000:30
FridayLas Vegas Grand Prix second practice liveESPN03:0004:00
FridayLas Vegas Grand Prix third practice liveESPNU23:30
SaturdayLas Vegas Grand Prix qualifying liveESPN03:00
SundayLas Vegas Grand Prix liveESPN01:00

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2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

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22 comments on “2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix TV Times”

  1. For an American GP (whether it be North or South) to be held so late that it’s early in the morning in Europe, rather than in the evening, is just an awful arrangement.

    1. No earlier in Europe than for the Australian & Japanese GPs, though.

  2. So a 1am local start?

    That’s got to be the earliest local start time to a Grand Prix EVER?

    1. Nah, the local start time for the race is 10pm.

    2. Dave, Las Vegas is in the western (i.e. Pacific) time zone in the US, whilst the article provides eastern times.
      But yeah, it’s gonna be 1am for the people on the east coast e.g. in New York City.

  3. The time of the race seems bizarre as it doesn’t suit anyone!

    1. Bizarre indeed, although not bad if you live in Australia. As for me, I’m in the eastern US, so I doubt I’ll see it live.

      1. That’s right, it’s the same start time as Melbourne…

    2. I don’t understand why they didn’t do a sunrise start.

      Not only would that be unique, it would also make it a much better viewing experience for everyone time wise. Sunrise in Las Vegas is around 06:15, so start the race at 05:30 local time. That’s 08:30 in New York, 09:30 in Brazil, 14:30 in most of Europe, and still a very feasible 21:30 in China.

      They’d still get the dark start to show off the city lights, and the track layout doesn’t seem to be too problematic in terms of light; it seems only the small straight between T16 and T17 is heading directly east.

      1. At the end of the day, they can’t think only the TV audience: they have to sell tickets also. I’d imagine selling tickets to a race starting at 5:30 am is not easy.

        1. Probably why, yeah. But if ever there was a place to pull it off it’s in the middle of a city basically built as an adult amusement park with giant hotels within walking distance of all the stands.

      2. I’d go to that race!

      3. MichaelN,

        I don’t understand why they didn’t do a sunrise start.

        It’s evident that American corporate culture has taken over FOM. Even individuals with in-depth knowledge of the sport within FOM appear to have minimal influence. If someone of the caliber of Ross Brawn was working against the fundamental essence of the sport, one can only imagine the impact of others…

    3. @sonnycrockett Doesn’t suit anyone? You’re forgetting People in Asia & Oceania, not to mention the start time is the same as for the Australian & Japanese GPs, so decently okay for even Europe.

  4. is the F1 Vegas race going to be televised on the F1 channel? Just looked 11/13/23…no race.

  5. The timings for this are so braindead I’m amazed F1 ever approved of them. Literally suits the west coast & not even the rest of the country where most people live…never mind the rest of the world. Midnight cold desert temperatures for the yanks, middle, upper & downright rich won’t go down well, 10c for them is like -5c for us. I struggle to see how such a huge project is feasible now the luxury demand clearly isn’t present even in it’s 1st year…$600m+ liberty investment & self promoting, this can’t last. Even if they lower prices & pack stands this race was never built on a model of the poor fans who go to austin/montreal, casinos only allowed it in hope of the ‘high rollers’. Throw in vast local resident anger, waste of taxpayers funds & business anger, liberty are gonna swallow huge losses whether they continue or scrap it to save face. In the endit takes away key slot on a calendar form races that do turn a profit.

    1. Comment of the Day, right here .

    2. isthatglock21 Rest of the world? Definitely suits Asia & Oceania, not to mention even Europe, especially more eastwards.

  6. I generally wish all standard weekend format events would have FP1 & 3 sharing a start time, & FP2-QLF-race.
    However, I’m okay with FP2 & QLF starting two hours later than the race, & at least FP1/3 are still sharing a start time, as do the former two, so a decent consistency, not to mention all session occur under entirely dark sky anyway, so all practice sessions will be wholly useful for both competitive sessions.

  7. Can’t wait for Macau. Always a highlight of the year.

  8. 1 AM eastern? I won’t be watching the race live. I’m in New Jersey.

  9. Sunset in Las Vegas is 16:30 currently. So why not start the race at 16:00 local time? A twilight to night race. The rest of the USA could watch it on TV then, and UK time would be 8 hours ahead, so 00:00 start time (midnight). Syndey for example, is 19 hours ahead of Las Vegas, so an 11am start for them.

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