RB launch, Las Vegas, 2024

RB aim to be “a different team” among “uniformist” F1 rivals

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In the round-up: Red Bull’s second Formula 1 team say they want to stand out among the crowd following their latest rebranding.

In brief

RB see “amazing opportunity” to attract new fans

RB CEO Peter Bayer shed more light on the thinking behind the rebranding of the team formerly known as AlphaTauri at their Las Vegas launch event.

“One of our ambitions is to be a different team,” said Bayer. “I think Formula 1 has become a bit uniformist to a certain extent and so we’ve seen we’ve seen an opportunity.

“There is a niche, there’s a lot of new fans coming into the sport through social media, through Netflix series, through all the work which Formula 1 is doing and we believe that reaching out to those fans, engaging with them, inviting them to join us as a team, as a group, is an amazing opportunity.”

Maloney ends F2 test on top

Two former Red Bull Junior Team drivers headed the times as Formula 2’s pre-season testing came to an end in Bahrain.

Zane Maloney, now backed by Sauber and racing for Rodin, produced a best effort of 1’42.468. Jak Crawford, who joined Aston Martin after also leaving Red Bull’s junior programme, was second-quickest for DAMS. Maloney’s Rodin team mate Ritomo Miyata was third-fastest.

Browning quickest in F3 test

While Hitech’s two F2 drivers occupied the bottom places on that time sheet, their Formula 3 racer Luke Browning was quickest one its final day of testing, which also took place in Bahrain. ART’s Nikola Tsolov was second followed by Max Esterson for Jenzer.

Monchaux to FIA

Former Sauber technical director Jan Monchaux has joined the FIA as its new technical director of its single-seater department. He arrives at a crucial time for the governing body of motor sport, as it prepares to define the new chassis rules for the 2026 Formula 1 season, which will accompany the introduction of the next generation of V6 hybrid turbo power units.

“I have worked on the competitors’ side for many years, but now the opportunity to help shape the future of the sport with the governing body is a prospect I relish,” said Monchaux.

WEC confirms round one entry list

The World Endurance Championship has confirmed a 19-car entry for its Hypercar class to its season-opening round at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar next month.

The field will comprise five Porsche 963s, three Ferrari 499Ps, a pair each of Toyota GR010s, BMW M Hybrid V8s, Alpine A424s and Peugeot 9X8s, plus a sole example each of the Cadillac V-Series R, Lamborghini SC63 and Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6-C.

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Comment of the day

@Tifoso1989 has high hopes for Ferrari’s new design:

It’s clear that this car represents a significant departure from last year’s car. With the new chassis and entirely revamped rear end, the aerodynamic philosophy has changed.

The front push-rod geometry has been altered, along with the mounting points of the wishbones. Additionally, the sidepods have undergone a complete redesign, and the crash structure has been repositioned to allow for increased airflow beneath the sidepods. The area behind the Halo also appears to be situated at a higher position.

Great livery by the way, just hope it delivers on track.

Happy birthday!

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26 comments on “RB aim to be “a different team” among “uniformist” F1 rivals”

  1. What do cricket and F1 have in common?…DRS.

    1. How? I don’t get the reference.

      1. In cricket, the Decision Review System (DRS) is a mechanism for players to challenge the decisions of the on-field umpire.

        1. Kinda like dialling up Uncle Masi during a race, you mean?

    2. What is a cricket?

  2. RB aim to be a different team by copying Red Bull? Seems like all the other teams to me.

    1. copying Red Bull (like everyone else) and talking BS marketingtalk like the rest as well. Wholly middle of the pack terrain without any risks nor much to look forward to. Good job there, right.

  3. ‘A fast car is a car that the driver can get the maximum out of. In that sense, we failed, because only one driver, Max in this case, could drive well in the car.’

    Although, Perez did alright with it for the opening events of the season…
    But then, this is the natural conclusion to the ethos of designing your car for and centering your team primarily around “one driver, Max in this case.”

    1. designing your car for speed and performance.. the best drivers is able to use the features of the car.

      1. Teams may well try to simply make an objectively faster car – but if it suits neither of their drivers, it isn’t going to be a faster car. Many teams have tried this, and it just as often results in them going slower.

        Some drivers can be more adaptable than others, sure – but if Verstappen is really as much better than Perez as their relative performances show, then he should have no trouble still beating Perez in a car that Perez is comfortable and confident in, shouldn’t he…
        The proof of the car actually being faster is when both of their drivers are getting the most from it – as per the team’s quote above. The car can’t get faster than taking 1-2’s everywhere – any less isn’t the best the car can be.

    2. There always comes a time when you have to take the training wheels off.

  4. Maybe RB aim to be the “Party Team” like RBR used to be when they first started out after taking over from Jag.

  5. lot of new fans coming into the sport through social media, through Netflix series, through all the work which Formula 1 is doing

    What relation with either Visa or CashApp that are money platform as opposed to free social medias… and Netflix is killing the film industry so not a great platform either.

  6. ‘RB aim to be “a different team”’

    Hahaha, this is such a hilarious statement coming from a team that is a clone of another team.

  7. Thanks Keith for the the COTD ! I know that for neutrality related purposes you’ve chosen to remove the “Let’s go ! ” quote. Don’t worry the folks here at RaceFans are used to me being a biased tifoso !

    1. It was a great comment! Good eye and knowledge.

  8. “We aim to be different”
    They really need to stop this kind of PR talks. Such declarations are beyond ridiculous and this year we’ve had it ad nauseam.

    They don’t say how obviously because there is no how and everybody is aware of that to the point nobody listens to this anymore.

    1. I agree it’s especially ridiculous in this instance. Also I can’t think that any new fan is going to naturally gravitate towards a team with such a boring brand laden name. “Oh I use visa I’ll support this team”… Right.

  9. Coventry Climax
    14th February 2024, 9:42

    Quite an unevenly spread field of contestants in WEC, which makes ‘chances’ of winning (cringe) ‘unfair’.
    Maybe introduce a second type of BoP: Balance of Presence?

    Don’t take me serious here, I don’t take WEC serious anymore either.

  10. Coventry Climax
    14th February 2024, 9:49

    Monchaux to FIA

    Let’s see how long he stays there, before being scooped up again by a team.
    Great way to gain inside information and increase your market value.
    No wonder he relishes the prospect?

    I know it’s all speculation, but people going to and from between teams and the FiA is the source of all that and it’s F1 themselves that can put an end to all such speculation by applying a sensible gardening leave for such moves.

  11. That RB claptrap is absurd corporate doublespeak at its finest

    1. Still gets you the headlines.

  12. I know its just a bunch of marketing drivel from RB.
    But its still funny to hear this from a team as it becomes seemingly more assimilated into its parent team RBR.

    Who themselves [RBR not RB] fashioned their identity as the fresh new face on the block, not like those old established teams that fear change. Until over time, they too became just as much as the established landscape.

    Or maybe this is RBR-Jr’s teenage phase, trying to use brands to fill its yet unformed identity. In a bid to not look like its parent, even though the resemblance will never be broken.

    1. I know its just a bunch of marketing drivel from RB.

      yep, thats why they do a launch. Good eye …

  13. They already are “a different team” by virtue of being the only team owned by another team.

    Which shouldn’t be the case.

    Let a real team take that spot if F1 is so precious about having only 10 teams. The team principals will still get their millions, and F1 gains a proper competitor rather than the meager grid of 18 it has now.

    1. It isn’t owned by another team, Red Bull Racing does not own Racing Bulls.

      They are separate team both owned by the Red Bull central.

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