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F1 2010 PS3 tournament.

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    Whoops, of course you did! You guys have a place on the grid then. I’ll need to go through my mountain of messages and check who replied or not but chances are we’ll end up with too many people.

    What we could do is run two or more parallel leagues, that way everyone can join in.

    (Like the ‘Fangio’ league and the ‘Senna’ league, say).


    I’m game. If there’s space for me of course.


    MAG do you know how many players we can have in the tournament?


    12 maximum. One for each constructor.


    So can the people that originally replied be in one league and the others in another league?

    So the original league would be (in no particular order):

    1. Sutil-M

    2. Magnificent Geoffrey

    3. damonsmedley

    4. Mouse-Nightshirt

    5. Dan Thorn

    6. slrmm

    7. jonnyw360f1

    8. Ned Flanders

    9. Irishlad

    10. TrueF1Grit

    11. Mag needs to check his PSN inbox!

    12. ” “

    I am not saying this is final as I am not organising it – just a suggestion. Can you get back to me Mag?


    What game mode are we doing this in and at what time it needs to be at a decent time for smedley to join in from Australia

    and how are we going to do this you get 6 in a private match i think and 6 in a party.


    I agree Damon. We’d do this in a private ‘Custom Grand Prix’ so we could set aids, distance, damage and equal car performance and the host would need to send an invite to the other 11 for them to join. It’s quite simple really. In terms of a race time, I’d suggest doing it at the same time as a typical European GP: about 1:00pm GMT or whatever it is. That’d make it 9:30pm for me in Adelaide and 10:00pm in Tasmania.


    So are there any spaces left? I seem to have been left out.


    @Magnificent Geoffrey – We should probably sort out who has the best internet connection too. But I agree with the start time – everyone should be fine with that. As long as it isn’t in the morning it is fine with me – because I normally sleep from 3am until 12pm during the holidays! I thought the best way to resolve disputes over who gets what car etc. could be resolved by a test session around Catalunya! As for aids, I can have them all off except TC, because the PS3 controller (I don’t have a wheel) doesn’t offer enough ‘travel’ with the triggers to enable delicate throttle application. Can we just keep posting ideas here? When we have finalised it and we all agree on a set of rules, dates, tracks, teams and times, Magnificent Geoffrey should erect a new topic with all the information we need. It’s a real pity we can’t do replays of online races, because it would have been nice to look back and have a laugh at our antics the next day!


    OK, so I checked all my messages and we have a couple of places to fill, which I will do on a first come, first served basis. Which leaves:

    1) Magnificent Geoffrey

    2) Dan Thorn

    3) Mouse Nightshirt

    4) jonnyw360f1

    5) slrmm

    6) damonsmedley

    7) TrueF1Grit

    8) Ned Flanders

    9) Irishlad

    10) Sutil-M

    11) AUS_Steve

    12) shyguy1992

    (RESERVES: RIISE – electrolite)

    Now the reason I pm’d the people who first posted their user IDs in the original thread was because I knew that we’d get loads of people saying ‘yeah, I want to play’ but I needed people who would commit otherwise there’s no point doing a regular league series. So, could the people on the grid please confirm to me somehow that they would be willing to take part if we held the first race on Sunday 28th November at 11:00am? You have one week to respond before I start offering places to the reserves.

    Meanwhile, if anyone’s interested in having a test race or series of races THIS Sunday (21st Nov) at the same time (11:00am), let me know on this thread and we can try some things out before the first actual event.

    Stephen Jones

    i’m guessing 11:00am GMT?


    Correct. That’d make it 10:00pm on the East Coast of Australia and 9:30pm here in SA. I think.

    Stephen Jones

    sweet, all good here.. its just like a normal gp


    11am Sunday morning sounds good to me :)


    Ok. As a reserve I’ll be on standby just incase.

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