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F1 2010 PS3 tournament.

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    That sounds like a good idea.

    Electrolite: Don’t worry, you can have the Sauber as someone else has requested the Mercedes. I’ll take the Virgin instead. Easy.

    EDIT – please read: Ok, so we have a clash over the Renault between RIISE and Ned and a three-way clash over the McLaren between damonsmedley, Irishlad and jonnyw360f1.

    We still have the Ferrari, Torro Rosso, Lotus and HRT free with Mouse Nightshirt the only one left to confirm his place and fill the form out. I think that because Ned is going to miss Round 1, RIISE should be allowed to take the Renault (sorry, Ned!). If damonsmedley, Irishlad or jonnyw360f1 would like to choose any of the others while they’re still available, if they could post here and let me know, that would be nice. If not, we could hold a Pole-Position game tomorrow (Sunday, 11:00am GMT) with the fastest guy getting first pick at the McLaren and the second guy the first pick at whatever’s left. I know it’s not ideal but after all, it’s purely a cosmetic thing at the end of the day.

    Thanks for giving me your votes on the calendar. I’m not sure about whether to make it an 8 or 10 race season but, either way, we’ll be running into the 2011 real F1 season if we hold a race once a fortnight – so would anyone have any issues with running certain races ‘back-to-back’ on consecutive Sundays?

    I’ve got a few more ideas about things we could do. One of which is the idea of ‘dropping’ a race before the final race of the year. For example, before the final race, everyone chooses a race to ‘drop’, in which they lose all the points they scored (or didn’t) for that round. So, if I came:

    1) 5th (10 points)

    2) 5th (10 points)

    3) 7th (6 points)

    4) 2nd (18 points)

    5) 10th (1 point)

    6) 6th (8 points)

    7) 5th(10 points)

    8) 3rd (15 points)

    In that scenario, I would ‘drop’ my worst result, Round 5, and go from 78 points total to 77 before the final race. The point of this is that it gives everyone a ‘free’ round, so if you have an absolute shocker, or a major technical problem or just can’t make it one week (like Ned), you’re not put at a major disadvantage to everyone who goes the entire season problem free and it’s not the end of the world. Let me know what you think.

    When everything is finalised, I’ll let you all know and write up an almighty mega-post in the days before Round 1 next Sunday. I may even create a new thread for it.

    In the meanwhile, if anyone fancies some casual, short races tomorrow at 11:00am (GMT), let me know here!


    Put me down for the Ferrari then MAG, and ill probaly be around for the practice tomorrow.

    Great work , thanks


    Okay, well if all the cars are equal I’ll grab the Lotus!


    Ok, Ned, you have a choice between the Torro Rosso and the HRT.


    I’ll do some races tomorrow. What’s your PSN ID? I don’t have a headset at the moment but i’ll pick one up Wednesday with my copy of GT5.


    Hurray! that means ive got Force India


    Someone else can have the McLaren if they want it! I really don’t care that much. In that case, can I have the Toro Rosso?


    See you guys tomorrow at 11am

    Ned Flanders

    Ahh damnation… first RIISE pinched my Renault, then Damon pinched my Toro Rosso. OK, Hispania it is! I’ll be on at 11am tomorow, I need a bit of online practice because I usually race against the computer with flashbacks and session restarts etc


    I’m looking forward to this, fellows.


    Actually, Damon, you may have to stick with the McLaren. It’s a bit of a mess around to have the other two guys choose other cars and then you want to give it up as well! :P

    Unless, Ned really wants to have the McLaren instead, which would be fine in that case.


    OK I didn’t realise the others gave it up too! I will take the McLaren or Toro Rosso, but I don’t care which. So whatever is available – I will use. I like your idea of being able to ‘drop’ a race – but to avoid confusion, I think it’d be best if we use our allocated ‘drop’ before the season finale. That way we can have a nice battle for the championship without it being won by a technicality.

    Stephen Jones

    i’m thinking you guys should have a “pole position” shootout just to up the pressure a bit!


    I’ll host something tonight (this morning if you’re in the UK), I’ll send invites to all of you who happen to be online at 10:55GMT.

    Also, Damon, I think you’ll find that’s what I suggested :). That way we’ll be able to work out any potential championship scenarios before the last race.

    Ned Flanders

    Oh no, there’s no dynamic racing line! I need that otherwise I’ll fly off at every corner!

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