The simple facts of The Silverstone GP

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    This is what some of the people are like on this site and in the media the facts are clear Alonso and Ferrari challenged for a victory because they had pace and yes I admit they were helped by Vettel’s stop going wrong. So just admit the fact that Alonso drove well, Ferrari have developed their car to be more competitive than Mclaren.

    If you still are to arrogant to admit it, the other simple facts are (to you Ferrari/Alonso haters aka British Mclaren fans) Alonso won at the British GP, he won over Red Bull and Mclaren and Prince Harry had to give Alonso the winners trophy and Ferrari sprayed the victory champagne at the British Grand Prix.

    Nothing I have said here is a lie,its all true you have seen the solid evidence today.

    And if some Admin/Moderator, deletes this thread, I will simply understand the fact that they obviously cannot handle the truth and are biased.

    Just stating the truth people, a lot of people here and in the Media beat up on Ferrari. To be honest, Mclaren have gotten away with many things this year such as Button taking out Alonso and Hamilton at Montreal. And Lewis getting away with pushing Massa of the track at Silverstone.

    But its Mclaren so by the media it all gets dusted under the sofa.

    Truth and Fact.


    If this thread gets deleted it’ll be because it’s a pile of gloating rubbish. I find it amusing you think you’re any better than the average McLaren fan Faraz, I’ve never seen any of your posts be remotely impartial


    Hamilton Massa incident was a racing incident, as was the Button vs everyone at Canada otherwise they’d of been penalised.

    if you think Mclaren are favoured perhaps your forgetting Lewis’s and the teams penalty from the Melbourne race in 09? or the countless times Lewis has been to the stewards this year.

    Truth and fact back at you


    I dont really get the point of this thread. From what I can tell all you have said is Alonso won the GP. I havent seen anybody on this site dispute this, not that it would be possible.

    All I can presume is this is just a childish, school boy bitter rub-in-the-face post with no real substane.

    Also I think its a bit insulting to call the moderators biased, not that they have any right to be impartial and it seems that you are the one who cant handle the truth as you seem to have it drilled into your mind that everyone is against alonso/ferrari but if you open your tunnel vision you would see this isnt the case.

    There seems to be a lot of resentment towards this site and its readers in your post and if you dont like it then you’re free to leave because I doubt anyone would miss posts such as this one.

    You need to grow up. Truth and Fact.

    Ned Flanders

    I’m going to bite my tongue and not tell Faraz what I think of his opinion, because petty squabbles of the sort I sometimes get myself embroiled in are bringing this site down. Besides, his intention is merely to provoke us.


    Erm Faraz, not all British fans, or even British Mclaren fans are “Ferrari/Alonso haters” and I’m sure noone would be “too arrogant to admit it” because; 1. Alonso won the race, obviously, and there is no dispute over that because he won it fair and square and; 2. It was a brilliant drive from Fernando and he thoroughly deserves it, so I don’t think many would begrudge the win, regardless of who they support.


    What’s your point Faraz? Alonso won fair and square? Who’s arguing with that?

    As a McLaren fan I have to say Alonso did a mighty fine job today. It could be argued he was gifted the win after Vettel’s poor stop but the fact remains Alonso was right in there and not making it easy for Vettel at all.

    Sounds to me like you’re trying to kick up a fuss for the sake of it.


    What I am saying is that the British Media and many people are not giving Ferrari and Alonso the credit they deserve by saying stuff like the exhaust blown diffuser row is to Ferrari’s advantage and not to the fact that Ferrari have done a good job. You people don’t understand because this is coming from a Ferrari fan who can read between the lines. Just watch Ted Kravitz and read stories about Fernando’s victory in the British press then you will all understand.


    So you’re just mad at the press for questioning Ferrari for taking advantage of the EBD rule change? It’s only a natural thing, and nothing to do with bias.

    I’m guessing that if the focus was on another team, like McLaren or Mercedes, and not Ferrari you wouldn’t be complaining.


    Mate the focus is never on them because the media are hell bent on trying to make Ferrari look bad. Mercedes or Mclaren mess up or their drivers do especially in a some cases Mclarens they are never beaten up on by the British Media but if a Ferrari driver does he is absolutely ridiculed to the bone. I wouldn’t expect you to understand because you are probably one of the folk who believe everything the British media says. Hence you never think they are wrong.


    In all fairness if any team is looking bad today it is Red Bull…


    Mate the focus is never on them because the media are hell bent on trying to make Ferrari look bad.

    Oh god, there’s really no point in talking to you.


    As for this statement:

    Mclarens they are never beaten up on by the British Media

    That’s completely untrue, and here are several articles to prove it:





    If anything it’s the OPPOSITE of what you’re saying these days. Hamilton is getting a lot of criticism, while Alonso is barely getting any and that’s fine because he’s actually kept out of trouble this year.


    That’s Hamilton not Mclaren, Button is the clear media favorite in that team. One of those articles is a driver giving an opinion. Here is one every-time Mclaren or Red Bull win a race the F1 forum is always in their motor-homes or garages celebrating and congratulating the team and its members. But when Ferrari win a race last year and today. They never bother, its like RBR and Mclaren have a higher status.


    Faraz: the reason Button doesn’t get lambasted by the press is because he hardly ever does anything noteworthy. The reason the forum goes to RBR and McLaren (amongst others)is because they’re British teams with mostly British members, I imagine the Italian and Spanish broadcasters are always in Ferrari too. Oh, and they did do quite a long interview with Domenicali today.

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