Would Hamilton (or another driver) yield for Alonso in Brazil?

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    I think Massa would. Ferrari in my opinion are a one man team and Alonso is their nunber 1 driver.


    “I just beat the supposed best driver. To be able to push and not make mistakes and to hunt Sebastian down and see him make the mistakes is a great feeling.”

    He’s lovin’ it. He won’t risk being considered [one of] the best by giving Alonso a 3rd title.


    With 3 laps to go in the lead, I’m pretty sure Felipe’s radio will start to malfunction.



    I honestly cannot imagine how this thread went on to be 4 pages long.

    I mean, regarding the topic title, the answer is obviously no, barring Massa.

    If we could say yes to somebody else, we would question that driver’s professionalism.

    I agree with every word.


    @magon4 Did Hamilton really say that? Any source?


    The advantage that Red Bull have over Ferrari is that they own 4 cars on the grid while Ferrari only own 2. However, at the same time it could be argued that Ferrari partially “own” Sauber although that relationship is not as tight as the RBR & STR relationship.


    A few year back Alonso (Renualt) says he would help Massa (Ferrari)

    “‘Yes, without doubt. If I can help, I will help Massa,’



    I don’t think Hamilton remembers, or much cares for that. Hamilton is also not as ’emotional’ or grudge-holdy as Fernando.


    Drivers who will more than likely yield for Vettel:

    Drivers who will more than likely yield for Alonso:

    To suggest that any other driver will yield for either of them is utterly ludicrous. They’re professionals and there to win and if they get a chance to do so, they certainly won’t yield, regardless if Vettel or Alonso is behind them.


    With Hulkenberg’s Sauber move potentially a precursor to a Ferrari move – and with Perez recently being burnt by Ferrari (Ferrari ditching one who was supposedly Ferrari’s “Chosen One” – for him to be picked up by their archrival McLaren) what do you guys think?

    I don’t think Hamilton will move over for Alonso – but I don’t think he will make things easy for Vettel either. Remember that Vettel basically took the title away from Hamilton? Of course Glock gave it back…



    But there are rumblings in the paddock that, although acknowledging Vettel’s advantage, most people in F1 would prefer if Alonso triumphs.
    “I don’t think so,” Force India’s Nico Hulkenberg told Sport1. “Sebastian is very popular.”
    “I think it’s just the psychological games that are always there in a championship fight. Red Bull is a good team with a good driver and a good crew.”

    Frain stermin


    And what is supposed to say in front of the camera…”yes is true we all love Alonso and we want him to win”…he just gave a diplomatic answer that all the driver will do…
    in the two last occasion where drivers were called to vote the best driver in the grid : Alonso won

    But in my opinion every driver that wins the championship deserve the championship.So who ever win will deserve…


    I think that Vettel might yield for Alonso in the last laps of the race. I believe that Seb will deliberately fall back in the last minutes of the Brazilian Grand Prix to make sure that Alonso wins the title.

    Vettel knows that he’s still very young and that he’ll have many opportunities to win more titles. Since everyone talks about Newey and how Seb doesn’t really deserve the championship, he probably doesn’t even want it anymore.

    What is more, if Vettel really is about to join Ferrari in 2014, then his heart is already in Maranello. I’m sure that Ferrari will know to appreciate Seb’s humility as well as his readiness to work for the team and will reward him appropriately.

    EDIT: All of this is, of course, nonsense and I fully agree with @atticus-2 .


    Well, only Massa (as expected) yielded for Alonso.

    However, no-one seems to have predicted Schumacher yielding for Vettel, costing his current employers world championship points and helping against his former employers.

    Bit of a two-finger salute to the two teams that pushed him out of the sport!

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