Going to the Italian Grand Prix at Monza

Going to the 2012 Italian Grand Prix at Monza

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    Emma Brooks

    I can’t wait to attend Monza, We usually attend Melbourne but Monza is my fave race of the year so this year we will be attending our first international race. We will be sitting on the main straight in 26c so we are closer to the podium. We have got an apartment in Milan and I assume from what I’ve read the trains are quite frequent and will take around 30mins then we have have to walk roughly 30mins to get to the track, Im just excited to be there so the walk wont bother us :-)

    I support Mclaren but would not mind at all if Alonso won cos would love to be surrounded by the Tifosi celebrating

    Gethin Williams

    First time to Monza and going General Admission. Anyone with advise on where I will be able to see the race from if I arrive at 8am (when the ticket office opens).

    dawn baker

    I’m a woman travelling to the grand prix at Monza alone. I’m staying near the central station in Milan and would love some company travelling to the track, dinner in the evenings etc. I’m not any trouble lol. I’m a little bit scared doing it alone so would love to make some friends to meet up with.


    @dawn baker we are also staying in Milan, so I guess I do not have any problem if you want to tag along. This is my first F1 race, so any pointers will be welcome. :-)


    Hi Dawn, myself and my 2 friends are also heading to Monza and staying near the central train station in Milan. My friends only want to attend the race so I would love someone to travel with on the Saturday to qualifying. Get in touch if u are planning to go to FP3 and qualy. cheers…so excited :)

    Jane Smith

    Just do NOT put up with the so-called guards on the stands letting all their mates in for free!!!! It didn’t happen in the pit straights but I know it HAS happened before….


    @gw9972 The GA areas are pretty generous at Monza with some seating available, well, I mean metal benches. We used our GA tickets to get to Lesmo and Parabolica.

    Matt Clark

    The missus and I are staying in Milan and heading in to Monza on all 4 days. We are sitting at Ascari for the race and quali although I hope to do heaps of exploring during the practice sessions and support races. See you there :) Go Webber!!

    Matt Clark

    Emma Brooks

    Hi Dawn, Myself and my mother are traveliing from Australia and will be staying in Milan, We will be catching the train to the track on Fri/Sat/Sun if you want company to travel with or eat with afterwards


    Hi everyone.

    I’m going to Monza too, I’ve got tickets for Alta Velocita 6A for the three days. I’m from México and I’ll be staying in Milan, so it would be nice to meeting you!


    Hi All.

    So after years of talking about it, my two brothers and I have finally decided to attend an F1 race.
    I booked tickets for Alta Velocita 6A, hope they are good seats. We are from South Africa, so its going to be a long journey there. Looking forward to a great race.


    Still haven’t received my tickets (booked mid June) from the Ticket Enterprise/ Italiangp.it. Anyone else having the same issue?

    Jacki Warnock

    Emma, Laura and Dawn,

    I am travelling from Australia to work at Spa and Monza, staying in Milan. I will be in the F1 paddock during the day but it would be great to catch up with other travellers at night!



    Just tried ringing The Ticket Enterprise/ italiangp.it for the third time but it says they are “unavailable at this time.” If anyone is planning to buy tickets please do it via the official italian gp website not these ticket agencies. I booked tickets and fanvision through them in May 2012 and I cannot get in contact with them at all. I am leaving for Spa in 3-4 weeks and I really need them by then. Can anyone else tell me if they have ordered through this company and received tickets? If so do you have a working contact number for them?


    Hi guys – just a heads up if you or anyone you know has booked tickets for Spa or Monza via the Ticket Enterprise.


    I have tried calling the ticket enterprise, emailing them.. no response, their FB page hasn’t been updated. They’ve stopped selling tickets for any GP. Looks like they may be going bust/have gone bust.

    I have now booked official tickets through the Monza circuit website, I bought my Spa tickets via the official spa website. Please can you pass the message on to anyone who has booked through this company and haven’t yet received their tickets.

    (Thanks to Steve on twitter for providing me with the link)

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