2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic review

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Kovalainen had a race to forget in Interlagos

Interlagos gave us another cracking Brazilian Grand Prix. Here’s F1 Fanatic’s complete coverage of the race weekend which saw Jenson Button and Brawn capture their first world championships.

The race

Webber wins in style as Button races to title (Brazilian Grand Prix race report)

Brazilian Grand Prix – rate the race

Button and Brawn celebrate (Pictures)

Brazilian Grand Prix in pictures

Brazilian Grand Prix result

Championship standings after Brazil


Jenson Button is F1 world champion

Brawn win 2009 F1 constructors’ title

Brazilian Grand Prix stats & facts

How Button, Vettel and Hamilton got to the front (Brazilian Grand Prix analysis)

Brazilian Grand Prix fastest laps analysis

Kobayashi and Sutil spark complaints over driving standards after crashes


Early pit stop could compromise Barrichello (Brazilian GP fuel strategies)

Vitantonio Liuzzi suffers huge crash as qualifying starts in heavy rain (Video)

Barrichello on pole at home as Button slumps to 14th (Brazilian GP qualifying)

Brazilian Grand Prix grid

Brazilian Grand Prix qualifying in pictures

Brawn’s new sponsors in Brazil (pictures)

2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – The F1 Fanatic unofficial race programme

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11 comments on “2009 Brazilian Grand Prix – the complete F1 Fanatic review”

  1. Don’t agree with the captions: Kovy’s race was memorable… I’ll probably tell the fire hose story in 10 years!

  2. Iceman on fire!! Iceman on fire!! A finn setting a fellow finn on fire :P

  3. Kovalainen’s first lap spin produced crazy amounts of tyre smoke. If he had of continued without pitting, I wonder how bad a state his tyres would have been in?

  4. Of course, few point out that the lollipop was raised
    on Kovi so the fuel rig destruction *wasn’t* his fault.

    1. Not implying in anyway it was his fault, just saying that it’s an incident I definitely want to remember of :D (and certainly will)

  5. I would pay good money for that picture of Kovi’s tires smoking in hi-res. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get it.

    Not my favorite driver, but awesome pic.

    1. Go to Gettyimages, you might be able to find something there with money

  6. looks like I need to work on my link making

    click here

  7. What quality and resolution are the “paid for” Getty images, and are they good value for money?

    1. I haven’t found the exact pic I want to buy yet so I don’t know the exact size and price but it looks fairly expensive(possibly $15 USD for a single picture). At that price I assume its a very large size. There is probably a good discount for buying multiple pics though. Which would make sense if you’re posting an album to your website.

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