How F1’s first four-way title fight can be won

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This weekend, for the first time in F1 history, four drivers will go into the last race of the season still able to win the championship.

Between them we have a clear favourite, a delicate intra-team battle, and the longest of long shots.

As Fernando Alonso has been fond of saying this year, “we’ll do the maths in Abu Dhabi”.

Now the final race is upon us – so here’s how the numbers that will decide the destiny of the 2010 championship add up.

Fernando Alonso

As Alonso acknowledged in the build-up to the race, if he finishes in first or second place he will win the championship regardless of where anyone else finishes. In that sense, his destiny is in his hands.

But what’s really interesting is what happens if he finishes in third place behind the Red Bulls:

Vettel-Webber-Alonso – precisely the finishing order we saw at Interlagos – would make Alonso champion.

But Webber-Vettel-Alonso would make Webber champion. The question then becomes whether Vettel will act as king-maker if he’s leading the race ahead of Webber and Alonso, and crown his team mate champion by letting him pass.

Mark Webber

Red Bull’s refusal to impose team orders on their drivers even at this late stage in the season must be frustrating for Mark Webber – he certainly dropped hints to that effect at Interlagos.

Had they got behind Webber’s title bid following the World Motor Sport Council’s decision not to strip Alonso of any points after Ferrari’s use of illegal team orders at Hockenheim, he would be going into this race with a nine-point lead instead of an eight-point deficit.

To win the championship this weekend Webber must finish in the top five. Assuming he does that, whether he wins the championship or not depends where Alonso finishes.

Sebastian Vettel

Realistically, to win the championship this weekend Sebastian Vettel not only has to win the race but he needs someone other than his team mate between him and Alonso.

Vettel is guaranteed the championship if he wins and Alonso finishes fifth or lower – regardless of where Webber finishes.

Intriguingly, Vettel first followed by Webber with Alonso fifth puts all three on 256 points – with Vettel winning by dint of having one more fourth-place finish than Alonso.

Thanks to everyone who worked that out on the championship calculator and pointed it out to me!

Lewis Hamilton

Prayers, voodoo dolls, a rain dance – Lewis Hamilton needs to try everything he can think of to win the championship from 24 points down.

If he did it would surely be an even bigger upset than the dramatic final laps of his 2008 championship victory.

Hamilton can only win the championship this weekend if he wins the race. On top of that he needs Vettel to finish no higher than third, Webber no higher than sixth and Alonso outside the top ten.

Better luck next year, then.

Keep an eye on how the championship points look during the race with the Championship Calculator. You can find a handy link to it at the very top-right of the page.

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    115 comments on “How F1’s first four-way title fight can be won”

    1. Prisoner Monkeys
      11th November 2010, 0:48

      How Hamilton will win the championship:

      Vettel leads the race. With ten laps to go, he moves over and lets Webber through. But two laps later, Alonso retires with engine trouble. Helmut Marko gets on the radio, commanding Webber to move over. Webber ignores him. Vettel pushes hard, trying to get past Webber. He makes his move at the final corner of the final lap, but it goes badly. The two Red Bulls clash (again) and are out of the race. McLaren do not tell fourth-placed Hamilton that the Red Bulls wiped out at the final corner. The Red Bull pits becomes an all-in brawl, whilst Ferrari protest the race result on the basis tht they didn’t win. A disbeliving Hamilton claims the race win, and the championship despite being a minute behind the race leaders at the time of the accident.

      1. whilst Ferrari protest the race result on the basis that they didn’t win

        I lol’d at that one.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th November 2010, 1:01

          I needed to make Ferrari look really unlikeable the way Red Bull do in that scenario. It was either protesting because they didn’t win, or a collision with a backmarker whilst running second, and then a sub-plot of Luca demanding that the FIA kick the new teams out (even though the car Alonso hits wasn’t a Virgin, Lotus or Hispania) or else Ferrari will leave the championship. Luca withdraws the team when the FIA ignore them, and Ferrari are then forced to spend most of their 2011 budget buying Toro Rosso’s entry just to get back onto the grid.

          1. Best would be if Alonso crashed with Heidfeld in the Sauber then.
            We could have a follow up scandal, where Luca wants to take their engine supply away and Peter Sauber tells him to take it and shove it where it belongs for the first half of the season, then signs a deal with Renault and Lotus cars to run as Sauber Lotus Renault next year!
            And then have David hunt sue them all for infringement on the rights to Lotus in F1.

          2. Well apart from the Ferrari protest nonsense this is the nightmare scenario that really scares me because it sounds almost plausable.

            Also its probably why Vettel wouldn’t let Webber through until the final lap

        2. Hahahaha!
          I also LOL’d at that, Joey-Poey.
          Great job, Prisoner Monkeys!

      2. I would cry laughing if that happened.

      3. Great scenario!

      4. Very good PM. I think that would go down as the greatest showdown in history if that happened. This actually makes me believe Hamilton could do it actually…

      5. That would certainly be an epic ending. I have a feeling though that if they end up running in that order Vettel will literally wait until the last corner of the last lap to let Webber past in hopes that Alonso’s engine does blow.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th November 2010, 4:04

          If I were Vettel, I’d do it earlier. The reason being that if there was a repeat of Brazil with me twice as far ahead of Webber as Webber is ahead of Alonso, then there’s a very real chance that if I moved over, Alonso could sneak through. No, if I were Vettel, I’d wind my engine down and let Webber reel me in over the course of a few laps, then maybe feign a driver error (like getting late on the power) so that he can pass, and then wind the engine back up once he’s through. I’d do it so that I can consolidate second place and guarantee Webber the title, rather than risk having Alonso steal second place and the title.

          1. Yeah, it would definitely depend on how close Alonso was.

      6. PM you should definitely be a screen writer! LOL oh how I wish this would really happen *sigh*

        If it does you can say you claimed it first :D

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th November 2010, 4:01

          My best mark at uni was actually in screenwriting. I actually had a killer idea for a murder-mystery set in the world of Formula 1 that draws on a couple of the bigger controversies of recent years. Maybe I should get back into my creative writing once my exams are over …

          1. Jarred Walmsley
            11th November 2010, 7:22

            I think you should start your own blog that only contains fictional writings of crime and murder in F1

            1. That is a brilliant idea but you’d need to ignore the slew of cease & desist forms that the killjoys at F1 would send your way and stand your ground.

            2. Prisoner Monkeys
              11th November 2010, 9:55

              Oh, all the teams and drivers would be made up. And to avoid the Wrath of the Dwarf, it wouldn’t be “Formula 1”, but the “Grand Prix World Championship”. But I’d draw on Spygate and Crashgate and a couple of other episodes from F1’s history. I have it all plotted out in my head, but unfortunately … it’s kind of a sequel. There has to be a story that comes before it first.

      7. PM should stick to Mclaren seeking to secure 2nd in the constructors and thereby gaining Webber the win.

        Strategy might make a comeback with overtaking so bad there. Tyre temperatures changing in the onset of the cooler evening and outlap and inlap time variability and the prioritising of one team car over another in a procession. Race alp times for the top teams are closing in on each other and there will be less lapped car interference to spread the top ten out.

        And does anyone anywhere have a good word for Helmut Marko?

        1. I’d say Vettel would have a good word for Helmut Marko.

          1. Doesn’t Helmut Marko remind one of the Gestapo in WWII, in the sense that hangs around the team, with Horner in charge, bur not actually really in charge? Like Hitler (Mateschitz) giving order to the team (Weermaght) and the Gestapo pulling the strings. Poor old Horner, the general not able to make a decision with running it past the Gestapo.

            1. Prisoner Monkeys
              11th November 2010, 9:58

              Absolutely not.

            2. Tend to agree… Mateschitz and all of RB’s racing endeavors are sourced in Thailand. RB energy drinks are a Thai company, and you’d have to live here to understand the ummm… chain of command.

      8. I’ll add an alternative ending:

        After Alonso and the two Red Bulls retire, Hamilton is in fact notified by his engineer about all this, and becomes overcome with emotion…then loses control of his car. Alonso wins!

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th November 2010, 6:35

          Only for the FIA to find that they’ve illegally been using fuel as ballast since Singapore, disqualifying them for the season.

          1. Which would then make Webber champion?

            1. But the FIA could still disqualify RBR all together after a disgruntled engineer spills the beans on how they did fool everyone with the lowering wings, that would all of a sudden bring back the WDC to McLaren.

            2. Only to find Lewis is actually only 14 years old and under-age. The FIA disqualify Mclaren for forging documents and Nico Rosberg is crowned WDC.

            3. Only to find that both Mercedes cars were actually running traction control throughout the year, making Kubica the champion!

            4. Only to find that Petrov crashed not once, but twice in an attempt to help Kubica’s end results. Barichello lays to rest a couple of ghosts of years past (about 5) and wins a championship of his own.

            5. If I place a $1 bet for Nico being World Champion… How much due you think the returns would be?

      9. dream on! hahaha… you know that won’t happen.

        1. Prisoner Monkeys
          11th November 2010, 8:29

          Yeah, I know. After the retirement of Alonso, it starts getting increasingly unrealistic.

      10. excellent stuff PM

      11. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
        11th November 2010, 11:30

        and then the Maccas are DSQ for the whole season on the basis of treachery, cheating, genocide and dandruff and get banned from F1 until the pigs fly. The WDC title goes to Felipe Massa and Ferrari haters may stick it up

      12. Hamilton passes Alonso for 3rd at the start behind Vettel and Webber. This order remains save for Button passing Alonso at the first pit-stops. The Red Bulls are in the lead when Liuzzi crashes with Buemi, and there’s a safety car. They dart into the pits but there are no tyres and Webber is stacked behind Vettel. Hamilton and Alonso also pit but have tyres and are out in second and third behind Button who didn’t stop. As Red Bull feared after the stop Alonso finds a way past Hamilton and into second, while they are down in 5th (Vettel) and 11th (Webber). A few laps later Alonso has a run on Button for the lead. Jenson pushes Alonso wide and the Ferrari hits a barrier and is out with suspension damage. Hamilton passes Button in the chaos, but no safety car is called. Several laps later, close to the end of the race Vettel sense his chance and passes Barichello for third, but clips his rear tyre on the Williams front wing and spins. He hits the barriers hard and veers back across the track into the path of Rosberg. The race is Red flagged and Hamilton is declared the winner, with Vettel 4th and Webber in 6th having been driving very well.

      13. In Abu-Dhabi Vettel-Webber-Alonso scenario plays out. On the penultimate lap Vettel lets Webber past. This way they finish. Celebrations all around, meanwhile Alonso leaves podium with the strange grin on his face. Webber and Vettel are called to stewards, stewards take no further action but refer the case to the WMC.

        On Wednesday, 17 November 2010, FIA announces that WMC will meet in an extraordinary meeting in early December.

        December 2010, Paris. Meeting is presided by Deputy President of FIA. WMC takes a closer look at data, radio comms and decide that since the team orders rule has not been changed or clarified, Red Bull Racing shall be found guilty of manipulating race result. WMC also takes into account that it is second time this year that a team blatantly breaches sporting regulations this way, therefore a more severe punishment shall be applied. Vettel and Webber finish positions are swapped and 10.000.000 Euro fine is given.

        Jean Todt makes no appearance at the meeting.

      14. PM, I think thats a fantasticcly hilarious theory. my ex of 6 and half yrs walked out on my monday night and nothing at all has been able to put a smile on my face apart from your theory its really funny! thanks. ill go back to sulking now.

      15. Lol vettel wont pull over with 10 laps to go. He would want to show that he is the better driver, so would hang on to the win until the last corner of the last lap before letting webber past.

      16. That would be the most amazing thing in the history of the universe! My fingers are crossed for total madness that favours only Lewis!

        If not… go Alonso. Or, hmm, go Webber… since Australia is more or less the same as New Zealand! :P

    2. My gut feeling tells me Hamilton might win this :)

      1. I don’t bet on anything, but I am considering putting a small wager on Hamilton to win. I don’t think his situation is as bad as it seems. Given what’s happened this year, the whole thing is pretty unpredictable, therefore he stands a chance, and some bookies are giving pretty good odds.

    3. fecklessmoron (@)
      11th November 2010, 0:59

      I just have to say thanks for working those scenarios out (especially the comments above).

    4. I found this article to be a bit frustrating because Alonso should not even be in such a good position to begin with. I hope even Alonso fans/apologists can see that if they are true fans of the sport.

      1. Come on man, get over Hockenheim! ‘Alonso doesn’t deserve this… blah blah..tainted championship.. blah blah.”

        Take away his seven points from Hockenheim, and he still leads the WDC with the SECOND fastest car on the grid. He definitely deserves this more than mark does.

        1. Why should we? Look at the rate the race for hock, then tell me it isn’t a big deal.

          Ferrari got away scot free, so even you should be able to see why people are upset.

      2. yes, because hockenheim giften him with a hundred points..oh no wait, it was only seven.

      3. actually alonso didn’t benefit much (if at all) from his teammate…. massa was horrible hockenheim on, he didn’t really steal many points from web/vet/ham/but. alonso would have had benefit more from massa had he finished constantly one place behind him…….

        so all that “alonso not deserving” BS is just that

        1. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
          11th November 2010, 12:12

          …massa was horrible hockenheim on,

          Felipe Massa was doing really bad in the 3 races before Hockenheim, it didn’t start after Hockenheim like everybody seems to believe. And if he wasn’t alerady doing bad, he wouldn’t have been told “he’s faster than you” to begin with.

          I hope ALO gets the WDC by LESS than 7 points so all the BSer’s spit their heart out.

          1. totally agree with you mate i hope so too

    5. I predict an Alonso win and Hamilton DNF, Webber earning a drive through and expending most of his race trying to get past Petrov.

      1. I mean, the Hamilton DNF is pretty easy to get – place Alonso behind him and Ham goes wide. Works like a charm.

        1. Haha! Too true.

          1. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
            11th November 2010, 12:13

            After whimpering about lack of grip and stuff. His morale is really undergriound by now.

        2. If Hamilton has double vision, he might see two Alonsos and run wide enough to hit something, what with this being a Tilkedrome.

      2. If Webber gets a drive through this race he will defenitely win it by half a minute, remember his first race win!

    6. i’ve been playing with the champ calculator for too long now.

      it’s so tense god dammit!

    7. Keith, It’s ONE more 4th. Vettel finished 4th at Bahrain Canada Italy and Alonso 4th at Australia China – 3 to 2.

      1. You are right, I think Keith has obtained these numbers from the championship calculator, which makes it my mistake. I have sent Keith the details he needs to fix the calculator. Thanks for pointing this out!

      2. Thanks for pointing this out – all fixed now.

    8. I’m in the process of making my voodoo dolls. Just need some Alonso, Webber and Vettel hair. Can anybody source these things?

    9. Any wagers on Massa “accidentally” crashing to force a safety car if Alonso is losing touch with the Red Bulls….?

      1. I think Massa would just as soon take Alonso out of the race before doing anything as low and dastardly as Nelson did in Singapore. He’s got way too much class for any such nonsense. Do I think there will be a ton of sneaky little tactics throughout the race by. more than just the teams in contention, yes. Do I think that will have a big influence, no.
        If anyone other than Alonso wins it will take a lot, and will be even more sensational than Brazil in 08

        1. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
          11th November 2010, 12:17

          After Hockenheim Felipe Massa seems to be doing everything in his power NOT to help ALO, simply racing decently and scoring points that finally went to RBR or McL would have helped a lot.

        2. I disagree, If Ferrari can force Massa to move over, they can force him to crash. It’s only a matter of leverage.

          I don’t think they would, not by a long shot.
          But it isn’t exactly impossible is it?

      2. Hahaha, I doubt it would happen but imagine the team radio: “Felipe, Alonso is slower that you. Do you understand?”
        *Massa crashes in a tight section of track*

        1. Too funny! Adam’s right though – Massa is no Piquet.

          1. Piquet was Schumi’s real hero.

            1. Schumacher wouldn’t gain anything by crashing alone, so get ideas of him doing that out of your head.

            2. I seem to remember an incident in Rascasse.

            3. Ok, but Piquet didn’t even crash to gain anything for himself. One couldn’t even paper over it by saying that he had a overly strong will to win. So Piquet Jr. and Schumacher are nothing alike.

    10. red bull needs to sacrifice one toro rosso to take out alonso,and the other torororsso can be on standby. haha just kidding!!!!

      1. Jarred Walmsley
        11th November 2010, 2:51

        While I don’t think that will happen I wouldn’t bet against one or both of the Torro Rosso’s and possibly Hamilton if he’s down low enough (through a crash or bungled pitstop)(as those three drivers want Webber to win over Alonso) accidentally forgetting to let Alonso past. And possibly the Saubers doing the same to the Red Bull’s

        1. Toro Rosso is also supplied by Ferrari. And they are italian. Maybe it is a split descision for them?

          1. Oh, no even more scenarios. Make it Buemi going for the RBR team orders and attack Alonso and Alguersuari heeding the engine suppliers orders and helping his fellow Spaniard by defending him from his own teammate and maybe taking Webber out.
            How crazy can it get?

            1. Have you read PM’s theories?, I think we could make some pretty good conspiracy therories up, indeed I’ve just started a forum thread about conspiracy theories.

              “Other Conspiracy Theories”


            2. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
              11th November 2010, 12:20

              ALG didn’t seem keen on helping ALO at Interlagos. Nor helping HAM either. Maybe it should be the other way around (ALG on RBR TO and BUE helping ALO)

              How crazy can it get?

              Crazy enough if you ask me

      2. Wouldnt put it past them. We saw how they held Alonso back for almost two laps when Alonso was trying to lap him.

    11. Vettel, Webber and Alonso have all had enough failures, mistakes and unpredictable disasters this season – if they all DNF’d, then if you think about it the next guy in line in Hamilton in terms of likeliness to win.

    12. Had they got behind Webber’s title bid following the World Motor Sport Council’s decision not to strip Alonso of any points after Ferrari’s use of illegal team orders at Hockenheim, he would be going into this race with a nine-point lead instead of an eight-point deficit.

      Had they have got behind Webber I’m sure he’d be in front by more than that.
      Switching VET-WEB at Japan and Brazil would give Webber another 14 points easliy, but I’m sure if he went into Korea knowing his team mate was behind him he wouldn’t have been pushing so hard to keep up with him and therefore might not have put it in the wall.

    13. Looking at the comments, with a lot of wishes of crashing – and clashing – for the three leaders to see Lewis win, makes me wonder, because probably the race can be without accidents. Personally I would prefer a starting grid in the opposite order of the current points – I mean, Hamilton on pole, then Vettel, Webber and Alonso fourth. It would be really fun (and please bring more wishes for HRT, Virgin and Lotus DNFs as soon as possible to allow a REAL race)!!!

    14. I contend this more ridiculous and more exciting scenario. Forgive my lack of explosions.

      As all the cars pull up to the grid to start, Kimi lines up in 30th with his rally car. That’s right, he gives himself a 6 car grid penalty. All teams are stunned and look to the stewards who in turn look to Todt. Todt says, “I’ll allow it.” Bernie remarks at the spectacle.

      The race progresses and Kimi slowly starts gaining on the field. Epic passes are seen – the best from him merely driving through the pit lane to gain two positions. In the last laps, he passes Alonso and makes a sick move on Mark. At the final corner, he spins the car for a 180 and pops her in reverse to overtake Vettel for the win.

      Kimi gets out of his car and grabs the WDC trophy, declaring it his. All the teams protest to which he points to a rarely used rule that dictates any rally car that wins a race on snow tires will win the title. Everyone is stunned at the level of awesome the Michelin snow tires provided as he never pitted.

      Interviewers heads explode. The world is stunned. Animals just stop in the wilderness and stare in the direction of Abu Dhabi. Every question for Kimi is returned with the usual hilarious Finn response. FOTA protests as a whole but Bernie yells, “YOU SHALL NOT LEAVE!!!” After everything is done, Kimi hops back in his car and drives off into the desert, looking for his next adventure.

      1. You’re giving PM a run for his money on imagination.

      2. HA HA! The return of Kimi for some interformulae racing action would be too epic. I’d just melt

      3. Surely this is COTD :D

      4. Christopher Vissing
        11th November 2010, 8:44

        dislexicbunny.. that was just fantastic.. have never heard a better story.. this is fantastic.. just fantastic

    15. If Hamilton does then I will ask someone to kick me as hard as possible so that I can wake up & watch the Abu Dhabi GP.

      The interesting thing will be that if Webber leads from Vettel & Alonso, what will Vettel do given the fact that he is faster then his team-mate is close enough to do an overtaking move will he go? Will the Red Bull team stop him?? Will he even listen to the team???

    16. A Mclaren 1-2 (Lewis 1st Button 2nd) with Alonso & Webber going out at the first corner tring to pass Vettel.

      Not entirely impossible?

    17. I posted this elsewhere but…

      A Webber win with Alonso in a dead heat for 2nd would give Webber the win by 1/2 a point.

      That’s bizarre scenario No. 1.

      Half Points Race:

      Bizarre scenario No. 2 involves a 1/2 points race. If Webber wins he needs Alonso to finish 6th or worse. In a half points race only Alonso or Webber could win the title. There aren’t enough points on offer for Vettel or Hamilton.

      1. If Webber finished 2nd in a half points race, he’d need Alonso to finish 10th or worse.

        1. I know it’s not the only way the race could get stopped partway through, but I expect rain is pretty unlikely in Abu Dhabi this weekend!

    18. Check out the food for thought commentary of Sunday’s desert decider there are ways all the drivers could easily be leading the WDC at some point in the title decider.

    19. Could someone calculate how the situation would be now in the old points system? Would it be different?

      1. has it there at the bottom of an interesting (script) commentary.

        Alonso – (99)
        Webber – (96)
        Vettel – (94)
        Hamilton – (92)
        Button – (81)

      2. Alonso
        2010: 246 pts
        2003: 99 pts
        1991: 81 pts

        2010: 238 pts
        2003: 96 pts
        1991: 76 pts

        2010: 231 pts
        2003: 94 pts
        1991: 74 pts

        2010: 222 pts
        2003: 92 pts
        1991: 70 pts

    20. Had they got behind Webber’s title bid following the World Motor Sport Council’s decision not to strip Alonso of any points after Ferrari’s use of illegal team orders at Hockenheim, he would be going into this race with a nine-point lead instead of an eight-point deficit.

      Had Vettel’s engine not exploded he’d be leading the championship by 17 points.

      I’ve always agreed with your stance on this matter but it’s only turned out right in hindsight. There was no way of knowing what would happen after Monza at the time.

    21. Abu Dhabi best priced odds for the win:

      Webber: 7/4
      Vettel: 9/4
      Alonso: 9/2
      Hamilton: 8/1
      Button: 33/1
      Kubica: 50/1

      For the WDC

      Alonso: 103/100
      Webber: 13/8
      Vettel: 8/1
      Hamilton: 100/1

    22. “If he did it would surely be an even bigger upset than the dramatic final laps of his 2008 championship victory.”

      When ppl talk of the “upset” and the “dramatic final” to the 2008 GP, conveniently choose to forget Spa that year. The win that was taken away from Lewis didn’t just put him on the back foot for the Brazilian GP, but it also put Felipe in the position he was in the championship at that race..

      Felipe wouldn’t have been in 2nd palce in the championship and able to race for winning it had he not been awarded a win he didn’t deserve at Spa!

      1. Hamilton was rightly penalised. The FIA and the Stewards don’t always get it right, but they did on that occasion. Stop going on about it as if he was robbed.

        1. Yes – but lets not forget that Kimi got ahead of Lewis on the following lap (both taking avoiding action) Lewis on the grass infact. So technically the place was “given back” its not Lewis’ problem that Kimi decided to spin on the next straight and subsequently smash his car to bits!

          1. The place wasn’t given back, it was taken back. Big difference.

        2. Felipe Baby Stay Cool
          11th November 2010, 12:25

          And after the Suzuka 2005 precedent they DID have to penalize him

          1. No they didn’t. Race control said afterwards Alonso shouldn’t have been told to relinquish the place to Klien.


            1. I don’t know why they cancelled the ‘advice’ to Alonso to give the place back, because in every junior motor racing category Alonso was gaining an unfair advantage there.

              I put advice in inverted commas for a reason. I really don’t think stewards should be telling a driver give a place back or we’ll penalise you. If a driver is adjudged to have broken the rules they should get penalised straight up. You don’t see the referee in football saying, ‘give the ball back to him when he gets back on his feet, or I’ll give you a yellow.’ You just see the yellow card issued.

              If a driver realises a mistake straight away, and gives back the advantage then fair enough. But if the team has to ask ‘was that fair’ I think that’s wrong. What’s happening there is the driver is making a dodgy pass and hoping the stewards tell the team it was just about legal keep on racing. That’s inappropriate.

            2. Well they had already told him and he had already given back the place, and worse yet, they told him to do so when Klien was already way behind, so Alonso lost an enormous amount of time in order to give back the position. It ruined his chances to win the race which arguably he could well had done without the stupid order. So a penalty was efectively given, no matter if they said afterwards it was unwarranted.

              Fernando Alonso was already WDC by then but if that hadn’t been the case and he had lost it with this absurd now-I-give-you-a-penalty-now-I-take-it-back-sorry-too-late, it would have been a huge scandal. It ruined an almost perfect race with the overtake of the century in the 130R included

              An yess of course HAM’s penalty is Spa was absolutely deserved. Too bad it didn’t cost him one more point.

            3. Paragraph one I agree with.

              Paragraph two is hypothetical.

              Paragraph three contradicts paragraph one.

      2. The win that was taken away from Lewis didn’t just put him on the back foot for the Brazilian GP

        To be fair, Hamilton does find it hard to hold onto 7 point leads with 10 points available.

    23. Question: does anyone know the situation with engines? How marginal are Vettel, Webber and Alonso? Are the all on old engines? This may become a factor if the champion elects try to turn the screw on each other. Vettel needs his and Webber’s engines to survive and for Alonso’s to expire for a realistic title chance.

      1. I believe Alonso will have one that was swapped out after only 1 qualifying very early in the season. I don’t know about the others.

    24. Really the what ifs don’t matter. In 4 days Alonso will be champion! I know I asked the toothless 87 year old soothsayer around the corner. She said “se daeng, se daeng, se daeng”.

      Translated: red, red, red… so either she is thinking about a peasant revolution or the F1 WDC. I’m sure it was the latter.

    25. Sad to say that for me probably it will be Vettel-Webber-Alonso with Vettel moving over.

    26. vettel gets pole, webber second hamilton third alonso fourth. webber follows vettel for all the race, on the last lap realising that vettel will not move over and give him the championship webber pulls up besides him, pulls outa calibre 44 and points it to his team mates head, distracted they both crash out, hamilton runs wide and and ends up in the barrier, alonsos engine catches fire and button gets carjacked on the last corner.

      1. LOL. Still, in this case, Alonso would be WDC, I think.

        All this math is making me crazy.

    27. What’s happened to the Hamilton that was at the end of the pit in 2007? The one smashing into kerbs at Monza in 2008?

      He seems to have lost something this year. Alonso on the other hand has really done well this year to galvanise the team from Silverstone onwards.

      I can’t stand Alonso, but if he wins, he has certainly deserved it this year regardless of what his team did in Germany.

    28. It will be just as usual with to RB ahead and Alonso tagging along behind them.

    29. interesting theories and humourous scenarios on possible outcomes, but how about this!

      *Yes Ferrari & Germany (and that 7 points which may become decisive) will be a black mark on this year.

      *This is not Alonso’s fault as has always been a Ferrari trademark to be involved with some controversy and getting away with it.

      *Alonso is still the most complete and best driver out there, followed closely by Hamilton.

      *Championship based on form all year should’ve been between Webber and Hamilton.

      *Alonso and Vettel are coming home strong.

      *Red Bull are still convinced Vettel has half a chance which has frustrated and compromised Webber winning and giving Alonso an easier path to victory, which of all drivers doesn’t need help on winning championships.

      *Webber panciking a little at the end after being in control for most of the year as has 3 previous champions battling him as well as his team and his team mate(rival).

      *possible scenario 1.web 3. alo if sense prevails or… alonso wins by finishing somewhere on the podium cos red bulls still fighting it out and sorting it out on the moment and you have ham, kub and rosb still trying to race a grand prix………….

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