Webber and Alguersuari take to streets of Turin

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In today’s round-up: Mark Webber and Jaime Alguersuari take part in a demo run in front of 40,000 spectators.


Top F1 links from the past 24 hours:

Webber’s Italian Job In Turin (Red Bull)

"In the second weekend of our spring break Showcar spectacular, Mark was joined by Toro Rosso’s Jaime Alguersuari on the streets of Turin.

"More than 40,000 spectators watched the Italian show which, as well as the Formula One runs, included a series of two-wheel tricks by world stunt riding champion Chris Pfeiffer."

Williams look to overturn worst-ever F1 start at Turkish Grand Prix (The Guardian)

"[Sam] Michael is in danger of being made the scapegoat for a wider and deeper malaise. But his optimism before next Sunday’s race borders on rhetoric. ‘I feel we can turn around our season over the next three or four races, through Turkey, Barcelona, Monaco and Canada,’ he said. ‘Istanbul is a very good track, a drivers’ track, and we are going there with a new front wing, a new rear wing and a new rear brake duct and with a lot more to come. There is no shortage of ideas and there will be a big difference in the coming weeks.

"’Some of the gaps between the teams look very big. But I think they will close over the next few races, as the teams gravitate towards the best designs.’"

Superbike team lorries ‘found to contain drugs’ (The Telegraph)

"Lorries belonging to a team taking part in the Superbike World Championship were detained at Dover last month after arriving by road and ferry from Italy.

"On board the Kawasaki Racing Team trucks, officers allegedly discovered 18lbs (8kg) of cocaine, 157lbs (71kg) of amphetamine tablets and more than 220lbs (100kg) of cannabis – as well as a handgun and 35 rounds of ammunition, left lying on a table ins ide one vehicle."

Ecclestone: No chance of NewsCorp buying F1 (The Independent)

"Formula One (F1) boss Bernie Ecclestone says News Corporation would effectively be blocked from buying his racing series due to an agreement he has made with the European Commission (EC)."

Bruno Senna (via Twitter)

"Thanks for all the good wishes! The most important thing is to keep the best Ayrton left for us always!! His best memories are what I keep."

Nico Rosberg (via Twitter)

"Just leaving DTM race. Spengler in Merc leading. Cool weekend and great race series. Especially next year with BMW joining."

Major crashes for V8 Supercars and Porsche Carrera Cup (YouTube)

Two major crashes today: the first in the V8 Supercar race in Perth, the second in the Porsche Carrera Cup Italia 2011 at Imola. The drivers involved were all unhurt.

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Comment of the day

Are you going to the Turkish Grand Prix? Jon S has some last minute questions:

If I buy tickets at the circuit do they accept cards or only cash? I am too late to order online as I catch my flight on Tuesday at 06.30.

Also does anyone know how long the bus takes from Istanbul to the circuit and how much it costs. The timetable says the cost is 3 tickets but that doesn’t help much. Thanks!
Jon S

Chat with other F1 fans who are going to the race here: 2011 Turkish Grand Prix discussion

From the forum

17 Years Ago but Never Forgotten

Happy birthday!

No F1 Fanatic birthdays today. If you want a birthday shout-out tell us when yours is by emailling me, using Twitter or adding to the list here.

On this day in F1

James Hunt won the Spanish Grand Prix at Jarama 35 years ago today.

His McLaren was initially disqualified for having a rear wing that was deemed too wide, but was later reinstated on appeal.

Niki Lauda finished second for Ferrari in front of Gunnar Nilsson’s Lotus.

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58 comments on “Webber and Alguersuari take to streets of Turin”

  1. See it’s Jaime Red Bull choose to do the demo’s, not Buemi. I still think Buemi is getting replaced at the end of this season.

    1. does this mean Vettel’s off as well?

      1. I’m not going to answer that correctly.

        1. I just don’t think you can read into it like you have. For me, if anything it suggests Jaime will be the one to go so they’re giving Buemi the time back at the factory in the Sim etc. ? Although that wouldn’t make much sense to me…so as I say, you can’t read into it.

          1. Well there has been much talk about Ricciardo replacing one of them, I just think Jaime is the sort of guy they want for publicity and events such as these.

            Buemi is the silent racer I reckon the team doesn’t really want.

          2. @Riise- yeah but Buemi is a better driver overall, looking at their results from the last year or so.

          3. But that is less and less true, Buemi is good, but Jaime seems to be improving quicker.

    2. bananarama
      2nd May 2011, 1:30

      I don’t think thats a real basis for that kind of conclusion. After all they used Webber instead of their golden boy. Still I guess you are right about them keeping Alguersuari, last year he really looked very good, he is still so young and he is very marketable.

    3. Buemi test drove in Canada on the snow, and many more tests before that. Time for Jaime to enjoy himself before he leaves?

  2. After all that has happened over the years at Imola, why on earth remove a chicane?

    1. There is a bend in the main straight that keeps causing accidents, better to sort it out now, before a death occurs on it, because it’s a well known accident black spot.

  3. Why Sam Michael thinks Turkey being a driver’s track is going to play to their strengths is beyond me.

    The oil money hasn’t worked. Time to get a new engine, new people and dare I say it new management.

    1. Maybe it’s because of that incredibly promising young driver they has a similar junior formula record to Hamilton and claimed a pole position in his first season with an inferior car… oh, wait…

      1. *they have who has*

        1. bring back the hulk!

          1. Poor Nico! He deserves much more!

    2. Why Sam Michael thinks Turkey being a driver’s track is going to play to their strengths is beyond me.

      LOL. Gotta agree. I think Williams has one of the weakest driver lineups on the grid, and definitely the weakest of the midfield teams.

      1. Maybe he wants to say, that the defenitely not that quick car will be off less influence at least for Rubens? Maldonado will be going for a race finish at most.

        I must say, I hope Williams can make something out of the season still. If the basics are fine, then bringing new parts might help. But they are defenitely not looking good at all.

        1. Yeh it seems like a bit of a internal-political statement to me. If it still bombs, it’s not his fault, it’s the drivers.

    3. VW to enter with V6 turbo regs in 2013, slung in the back of a Williams and watch the team rise again!

      German factory money is needed again, in a partnership similar to the Williams-BMW and pre 2010 Mclaren-Mercedes days, a succesful combination and good business platform!

    4. Pretty shocking stuff from Williams isn’t it? To sort your season out over the next 3-4 races is just plain old stupid for a team of Williams’ standing.

  4. On board the Kawasaki Racing Team trucks, officers allegedly discovered 18lbs (8kg) of cocaine, 157lbs (71kg) of amphetamine tablets and more than 220lbs (100kg) of cannabis – as well as a handgun and 35 rounds of ammunition, left lying on a table ins ide one vehicle.

    Holy hell! :O!!!!

    1. I know it’s quite shocking.

    2. so is kawasakis next public statement going to be that they hired tony soprano as a truck driver?

      1. Maybe Tony Soprano & Tony Montana :)
        What a drug haul

        1. Makes our local newspaper headline look weak:
          ‘100k Heroin haul in Dundee’ :P

      2. Maybe even Flavio…

    3. bananarama
      2nd May 2011, 1:27

      They were preparing for a big win or what .. I mean come on, thats the amount you’d usually only see at a world championship party …

      Or do racing teams lately run so low on cash that they have to earn a bit on the side. Or maybe someone just tried to use them, hoping customs would let a team through without inspection. Everything is possibe, I’m sure it will be found out somehow.

    4. theres the chance, that someone has planted it to get across the border.. but kawasaki should’ve checked.. top form!

      1. all the news reports said it was just left there on a work bench in the back of the truck, there was no attempt to conceal or hide it. Presumably this is because motor sports trucks are rarely stopped, something customs admitted and said would now change.

        1. Guess the F1 truck people are happy to have most stuff already in Turkey, but they won’t like having to make time in their schedules for regular border controls again.

  5. That V8 crash was quite amazing, in a number of ways.

    Firstly, check out the onboard footage… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjIEjBOf1bU

    Secondly, the team that Karl Reindler, the driver that was hit, drives for ended up winning the race – their first ever win after over a decade of racing. And their other car came 3rd. Talk about a mixed day!

    The driver that hit Reindler, Steve Owen’s team boss is Paul Morris, who was involved in a very similar incident when he was driving 11 years ago. ghttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fco_TT2XjcA
    I was actually at that race, and all I could see from the last corner was the top of a fireball, and plumes of smoke…

    Obviously this is a freak accident, but there are always lessons to be learnt. Currently the fuel tanks are made of aluminium, but maybe with the new Car of the Future coming for 2013, kevlar could be considered, as used in F1. It may be expensive, but it is a good insurance.

    Maybe some work could be done to develop anti-stall technologies, as F1 has done. We haven’t seen a full grid stall in F1 for quite a few years.

    Steve Owen said that he couldn’t get out of the car because there were flames on both sides, and he had to wait for the marshalls to extinguish the flames. Several team members also jumped over the fence to help out.

    The other driver involved in the aforementioned 2000 accident is now a pitlane commentator, and gave a great analysis of the damage to the car and the racesuit. Reindler’s seat and cockpit was all burnt, as was the outside of his racesuit, but the inside layer of the nomex was clear of burns. There is a firewall inside the back of the car, but the force of the impact breached it.

    1. apparently in the COF, the fuel cell will be located in front of the rear axle, which should prevent it from igniting too easily.. but if it does ignite, it’ll be basically under the car, so not really sure if that’s the right idea..

      it was also good having larkham providing some expert commentary on the event!

      theres a call that the fire marshalls weren’t fast enough, but i think thats pretty tough to say.. you can see as soon as the green flies, the starter has the board out, and yellows are waving.. just a freak accident

      and that carrera cup crash was mental! this was a good weekend, for the destruction derby enthusiasts…

    2. jsw11984 (@jarred-walmsley)
      2nd May 2011, 4:45

      It was definitely a massive crash, I think it shows how well insulated the suits they were are as he only suffered minor burns

      1. When I saw that crash on the coverage on the week end it was just so surreal. It was like it happened in slow motion. The onboard footage tells the story of just how quick they were going. Reindler is lucky his car didn’t flip over other wise he would have been stuck in that fireball.

        As for the marshals being to slow, I think they did a fantastic job.

      2. Very glad to see no one got hurt in those accidents. That on board footage is just plain scary, imagine seeing that live!

  6. Amazing that no one was hurt in those accidents. Seeing as yesterday was 17 years after motorsport lost one of its naturally talented drivers, it shows how much safety has improved and that we should appreciate that we can watch our favorite sport knowing that drivers are rarely injured or killed.

    1. *best naturally talented drivers. my last comment should say

  7. Good news that none is hurt in those incident.

    Drugs in WSB team?? Were they trying to film Torque 2?

    1. Work hard…play hard

  8. Coulthard did a Red Bull demo run in Singapore last weekend.

  9. FYI for people in the US, the Senna documentary has magically appeared on Netflix Instant, so you can now legally watch it! I have to say, despite all the hype it lived up to expectations, and was particularly intense to watch on May 1st. I can’t wait to see it on the big screen in August. That footage will be incredible.

    1. Great news, good to see the producers want it to be watched!

      1. I guess they don’t actually want it being watched. After being available yesterday, it’s now disappeared and says “not available.”. Glad I watched it yesterday! I’ll still see it on the big screen regardless.

  10. Beat PM again!!! It seems like most teams are trying to maximise driver performance. Massa at test. Senna at Spa and now Alquersari and Webber at Turin.

  11. Ralf also managed to score his first DTM podium yesterday…

    1. Stunning news, I never thought he had it in him!

    2. DTM will be brilliant net year once BMW join, I hope they can compete with the Audi and Mercedes teams. It will be M3s right?

  12. I was actually luckily enough to be at the track for the v8 crash and i’ve got a video on my phone to prove it. We were sitting between turns 3 and 4 and it was actually quite a shaking moment. After the explosion there was all the, “Holy ****!” cries and then just this eery silence. With everyone hoping the two blokes were all right :/

    Other then that was a pretty great day I have to admit.Even though Barbagallo has the worst facilities of all time, it still puts on a great weekend!

  13. Scary crash at Imola. Has that circuit changed since the F1 days? They didn’t go through the final chicane, it looked like a flat out turn very close to the pitwall.

    Is that really how they make Imola safer :S

    1. It’s a strange piece of circuit design that puts a flat-out kink in a straight with the pit wall on the inside.

  14. @Jon S Last year the buses cost 5 Lira (2.50 euro approx) and I’d leave about two hours for the journey out to the circuit.

  15. If this is anything to go by, it will be Alguersuari replacing Webber – his burnout was much better.


    Also nice to see the Italian authorities aren’t as inane and petty as their Victorian equivalent.

  16. The second crash was enormous! Luckily he was able to walk away.

  17. That Porsche crash is “flippin” awesome. (Only because there were no injuries.

    1. I love the Porsche with the purple bonnet..

      It seems as if he crashes just to fit in with the other two and does it completely on his own.

      He doesnt appear to be hit at all and halfway through he just turns straight for the pit wall.. Watch him in the slow motion part..

      Quite funny I think

  18. Incredible accidents… thank goodness all were unhurt. Safety must always be a priority and I hope they look into some redesign issues with the V8’s…

  19. Terrible crash videos above :( Absolute tribute to the safety of motorsport these days. To come away unhurt is one thing but to actually walk out of the vehicle yourself, wow.

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