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As the film Senna makes it debut in the USA, what better subject to feature in the latest F1 Fanatic Quiz?

Tackle these 20 questions on Ayrton Senna and see how you fare against other F1 Fanatics:

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    42 comments on “Ayrton Senna: The F1 Fanatic Quiz”

    1. I am exited, but at the same time know I know far to few facts of Senna to get a top score, especially compared to some F1Fanatics! Ah, well here goes

      1. Seems I didn’t even do to bad with 13/20 I am currently rated 2nd!

        1. I had the same score, after running out of time on my first try, and thought I wouldn’t have had a chance to improve.

          1. I did it on the third go (my son interrupted me with some question about installing his LEGO game on the second).

    2. Keith, is there a way for user-contributed quizzez to be submitted?

      1. I guess its through the same as wanting to write articles. Good question, I figured you might want to do one.

      2. Not yet. It may be something for the future, but due to various complications it’s not something that’s going to happen soon.

    3. Rats, disappointed with 14! Loving the quizzes Keith, keep them coming!

    4. 12 out of 20 : I’m quite satisfied, considering I was a very small kid during the Senna years :)

    5. I need to study before taking these quizzes, I got a score of 3 on the Schumacher one. I feel ashamed.

      1. I think if you study it’s a bit like cheating, I have scored badly but i know if i studied I would get near perfect scores. Also i am finding the spelling error help isn’t working and I think I am getting zero for those ones…. also the timer doesn’t display… Multiple choice with well thought out red herrings would work much better I think

    6. 17/20 – not bad, as with the Schumacher one I was aided by having read “The Life Of Senna” very recently (an excellent book btw).

      Real shame it doesn’t tell us which ones we got wrong though…Keith, is this something you have looked at?

      1. Yes but it’s not available at the moment and I can’t say when it will be.

    7. Ι’m the leader!!! Ηahahaha!

    8. Ι’m the leader!!! Ηahahaha!

      1. I’m on your trail! (As are a few others, too.) :D

    9. 3/20. Better than I expected, since Senna died before I was born!

    10. 4/20!!! blast! I literally know nothing about the details of his career.

      1. hey we got the same score. I thought i would have atleast 5 right :) . Anyway these quizzes are hard. Can’t believe people get more than 16 questions right on these quizzes while going from the top of the head.

    11. 15/20 : not bad for a guy born in 1984 !

    12. 10. Disappointed! Interestingly on the leaderboard it says I’ve done 5 quizzes, when to my knowledge I’ve only done 4, and there only are 4! I may be wrong though! I love this feature. I’d like to think some people are cheating – I thought that was very difficult and think most people would struggle to get the 18/19 that some people claim to get! It’s only yourselves you’re letting down… ;)

      1. There’s a glitch in the table that’s being cleared out. If you check it again you should see you have the correct figure now.

        1. Great :) it wasn’t bothering me – just to make you aware!

    13. 4/20 – Senna died three weeks after I was born, and I’ve never taken a great interest in his career.

      1. You should. I was only 13 when he died and as a Mansell fan never liked Senna. Then I saw the film recently and it woke me up to how brilliant he was (not just as a driver, but in getting the team around him etc) so I borrowed “The Life Of Senna” from my Dad and it is a fascinating read.

        If I hadn’t just read that book then I wouldn’t have had a clue about a lot of the questions..!!

      2. 17 out of 20

        And he died before I was even born, but I’ve taken huge interest in his career because he truly is, F1’s greatest ever.

    14. As a fanatic of anything Senna, I am disappointed with 18/20 lol. I was sure I got 20, oh well. Great quiz Keith, I wonder if Peter Windsor takes these quizes, I wonder what his score would be since his Knowledge is very impressive to say the least.



    15. 17.

      Really would like to know which ones I didn’t get though!

    16. Man, 18/20. Quite a few of those questions were “I know this, I know this, just hold on…”

    17. 16! I’m actually very pleased with that! I’d love to know which of the ones I guessed the answer to turned out to be right! :P

    18. Damn, only 9! I guess my excuse can be that he died 5 months before I was born! lol

    19. can anybody tell me what race track and curve it’s the one that ayrton drives flat out at the beguining of the documentary, when he is leaving the two cars on the left seating still?
      It looks the fast one at the jerez circuit, but i don’t see the paddock on the left so it must be somewhere else.

      1. Isn’t the first scene Ayrton participating in a karting championship? Unless you guys got a different cut.

        If you could share a clip, that would be great.

      2. If we’re thinking of the same scene, then yes, it is Jerez. (It’s not the very first scene, but it’s near the beginning).

        1. yeah keith. What year is it? 1991? He is going for it with no room for error. The essence of f1.

          1. I think it’s 1990 but can’t be sure without seeing the clip again.

    20. I got 20/20! Thats what Im talking about! :)

      1. Congratulations, mate! ;) Only 19 here, and I’m really confused, as I have absolutley no idea what was my only wrong answer. Maybe the Monaco or home GP related ones, those made me think and count very hard :)

    21. Will do this one after I see the movie this afternoon. Finally, its here! 3 hours to go…

      1. I think I got a couple of my answers off there.

    22. I am pretty sure I have scored higher than my results show. It would be good to see the correct answers after you have submitted because I suspect some “no scores” could be down to spelling or providing full names, will need to check the rules more as well just in case there is something obvious I have overlooked. Overall am loving th Quiz and having to rack my brains for some of the answers.

    23. 6/20.

      Considering I missed a couple of answers out due to the time constraint and the fact I’m a relative newcomer to F1 i’m quite happy with that! Certainly better than I did for the Alonso and Schumacher quizzes.

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